Party Preparations!

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Victor's stubbornness where Nick is concerned continues, someone causes a headache for Jack and Sharon, and Lily loses her temper!

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As Jack prepares for the Restless Style party he receives a call from Jeff, who tells him that Gloria was terrified when she saw Alistair. Jack tells him another sighting will soon follow.... Meanwhile at Crimson Lights, Gloria admits to Kevin that she believes she saw John's ghost... Back at his hotel, Alistair is getting stir crazy and finds his way into the mini-bar. Patrick approaches Jack and Sharon and tells Smilin' Jack he needs to work on his opening speech. Sharon asks Jack what is going on with Gloria and Jack assures her the plan is working. Sharon worries she'll have a heart attack or something, but Jack reminds his wife what Glo did to Noah's dog - they need to get her out of the house! Down at Crimson Lights, Gloria tries to convince a skeptical Kevin that it was truly John's ghost she saw outside the house. Jana approaches and earnestly tells the pair that she believes in ghosts. Gloria is relieved that someone is taking her seriously and recounts everything that has happened. As Kevin rolls his eyes, Jana insists that they need to hold a seance!


As Phyllis prepares for the party, Danny comes in and gripes that he still wants to connect with Daniel. Phyllis suggests that he tell Daniel that - not her. Sharon sees the coverage Nick and Restless Style are getting in the newspaper and is impressed. Across town, Victoria and Sabrina also see the newspaper article and Vikki phones Nick to congratulate him. Back at the warehouse, Amber urges Daniel to give Danny a chance, but Daniel continues to resist, saying he's not his real father. Nick approaches and also urges Daniel to talk to Danny. Suddenly, Daniel finds himself face-to-face with Danny and they exchange greetings. Nick spirits Phyllis away and tells her that something Amber said got through to Daniel. Cane and Lily meet at Crimson Lights and he tries to calm her nerves and get her to eat, but she refuses. Cane asks if Lily would like him to get Chloe to back off.


At Newman Enterprises, Adam knocks and enters Victor's office and they discuss the coverage Restless Style is getting in the newspaper. Adam asks Victor to join him in checking out the party, but Victor isn't interested. Adam goes to the break room and discovers that Sabrina and Victoria are going to the Restless Style party as well. He comments that the newspaper article featuring Nick came across as somewhat arrogant. He mentions that Nick wouldn't be where he is if he weren't a Newman, and Victoria replies that neither would Adam! Victoria heads to her father's office and urges him to take the first step and reach out to Nicholas by attending the launch. Victor bluntly tells her to save her breath - he won't be going there! Later, Victoria's babysitter cancels and Sabrina agrees to look after Reed that night. Before Adam leaves Newman Enterprises he stops to ask Victor one last time if he will join him that night. Once again, Victor declines. Later, at Victoria and J.T.'s house, Victor turns up to visit the baby and is pleasantly surprised to see Sabrina babysitting for Reed. He comes inside and they gaze at the baby together.


Nick and Phyllis, back at the pre-party, are doing battle with Patrick. Nick is worried that all of the press is going to center on the "father/son" thing and Phyllis tries to reassure him. Nearby, Jack gets a call from Ashley that she and Felicia Forrester are on the way. When Amber hears and mentions that she knows Felicia, Jack appoints her the official schmoozer for the night. After he walks away, a sheepish Amber admits to Sharon that Felicia actually doesn't like her that much! Outside, Danny and Daniel feel each other out. Danny tries to explain that he came when Phyllis called because he thought it would be good for Daniel, not for his career. Daniel and Danny recall some good times they shared together in the past. Danny tells him that even though he's not his biological son, he wished so much that he was his son - and he still does. Daniel admits that biology doesn't make a dad - it's much more than that. Danny replies that he hopes that's true. As Danny decides it's time to set up, Daniel offers to help. Danny happily accepts. Later, Daniel plants a huge kiss on Amber and thanks her for her advice about Danny - he followed it and it felt good!


At Jabot, Lily and Chloe argue as the make-up artist works on Lily's face in preparation for the Restless Style party. Cane tries to step in, but Lily says she can handle it herself. Chloe informs Lily that she is having a couture gown flown in for her, but Lily says she liked the original outfit they had chosen! Chloe snarks that a girl as lucky as Lily shouldn't be complaining all the time. When the dress appears, though, Lily is impressed. But when Chloe tells her it's a size 0 and she'll need to suck it in, Lily goes off on her. They say that they hate each other, but then cool off. Cane comes over and Chloe leaves. He asks if Lily has eaten today, but she just wants an energy drink. Later, when Lily comes out dressed in the white couture gown, Cane is stunned by her beauty.


Having stopped at Crimson Lights, Jack and Sharon are shocked to see Alistair stagger drunkenly into the doorway, narrowly missing being seen by Gloria, Kevin and Jana. They hustle him out as a confused Kevin looks on. Back at the hotel, Alistair informs Jack and Sharon that it is cruel to keep him in the room. Jack reminds him what they are paying, and says the rule is that he stays put and stays out of the mini-bar! Alistair asks who the ravishing woman was that he saw. Meanwhile, back at the Abbott mansion, Gloria arrives home and is spooked to see John's boots covered in mud inside the house. Jeff, who planted them, holds her as she becomes upset. As Gloria and Jeff sit down for tea and cookies, Jeff wants to know what's going on, and Gloria admits the truth - Kevin and Jana are coming over - to have a seance! Back at the hotel room with Alistair, Jack and Sharon are irritated by his questions about Gloria and leave, warning him to stay in the room. After they are gone, Alistair picks up the phone and orders two bottles of whiskey! Back at the mansion, Jana and Kevin have arrived and Jana starts to prepare. Alistair meanwhile, drinks and talks to a picture of Gloria. He decides to go looking for her and leaves the hotel room!


Back at the warehouse, the time for the launch party draws near. Patrick is thrilled with Phyllis's dress, as is Nick. Sharon and Jack come in and the two ladies compliment one another's outfits. With growing excitement, the foursome all take a final walk around to check on the details.

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Sabrina asks Victor to come to the launch party with her and make a gesture to Nick.

Alistair turns up at the Abbott house, causing Gloria to faint!

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