Mi Casa Su Casa!

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Lauren and Michael learn a few things about Gloria and Jeffrey, Danny arrives in town and Katherine has a generous gift for Amber.

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Katherine arrives at Restless Style Headquarters and is greeted warmly by Amber. When Katherine presents Amber with an exceedingly generous check, Amber is left speechless. She shows Daniel the check.

Nearby, Patrick goes over the guest list with Nick and Phyllis. He says he's trying to land a socialist type such as Victoria to come to the opening so Nick agrees to ask her. Phyllis comments they need more booze and panics that they also need a valet. A calm Nick reassures Phyllis that he has it under control and will do whatever it takes to make this a success! Later, Danny Romalotti calls and accepts Phyllis's invitation to perform at the grand opening. He asks after Daniel and is told Daniel's doing really well. Phyllis doesn't get into detail and after they hang up, Patrick and Nick are happy Danny's coming but Nick worries about how it will affect Daniel. Phyllis tries to tell him right away but can't find him. She finds out that Amber and Daniel have left the office.

Elsewhere in the building, Nick thanks Katherine for her support and Katherine hopes one day that he and Victor will have a reconciliation.


Victoria arrives at Victor's office and witnesses Victor throwing out his invitation to Restless Style's grand opening. She tries to get him to change his mind and go, without luck.


Victoria, Sabrina and J.T. fawn over Reed in the coffee room and when Victor arrives, he holds the boy while Victoria discusses business with Adam. Nick calls and asks Victoria to help him promote the magazine. She agrees to it as long as she can promote some stuff of her own! She talks Sabrina into coming along!

A moody Michael enters Crimson Lights and a shocked Kevin realizes Lauren never came home last night. Michael refuses to discuss it.


Gloria reads the morning paper when she's interrupted by an amorous Jeffrey who complains that she fell asleep before they could make love. Gloria reminds him that with Lauren sleeping in the next room, she was uncomfortable!

Lauren tip toes down the stairs with a glass of water in hand. She splashes the water on her face, feigns crying and goes into the dining area where Gloria is. She rants about Michael and their fight and Gloria offers her to stay as long as she wants - with Fen, much to Jeffrey's chagrin! Gloria tells Lauren, " Mi casa su casa!," and Lauren goes off to dress.

Jeffrey makes a quick call to Jack to tell him he needs to get over here and handle this now! Lauren walks in on him and asks what that was about so Jeffrey makes something up about trying to protect Gloria.


At the club, Jack and Sharon find an actor - Alistair, who looks like John. They decide they can hire him to portray John's ghost! Sharon calls him and leaves a message.


Amber and Daniel share drinks at Crimson Lights and Amber realizes that the amount on the check that Katherine gave is the exact amount they needed. "You talked to her!" she accuses, with a grin.


Gloria arrives at Crimson Lights to see Michael, who is in a meeting. Michael apologizes for the interruption and his guest leaves while Gloria plunks herself down and asks about his fight with Lauren. She says she thinks Lauren's there to spy on her, and doesn't think they've had a fight! Michael tells her she's dead wrong and they did have a fight. Gloria offers to help but Michael wants her to let them solve it on their own. In the meantime, Gloria wants him to rush things so she can sign the papers to the house. Nearby, Phyllis leaves a message with Kevin to request that he get a message to Daniel to call, if he sees him.


Back at Newman, Adam dashes after Victoria and Sabrina. He needs her signature on something but she's too busy for that. She's on her way to Restless Style, she says. She'll deal with the signature later.

Sabrina and Victoria arrive at Restless Style and Patrick talks Sabrina into modeling dresses. Phyllis takes Sabrina off to try on a dress while Victoria gushes to Nick about the opening. She admits she tried to talk Victor into coming to the party but Nick doesn't want Victor there.


Lauren arrives home and right into the arms of an awaiting Michael. Kisses ensue and Lauren says their fight was fun! Michael calls it unnerving but she says it's all in the name of discovery. She didn't find much out but she thinks if she stays a few more nights she'll find out more. Michael hates to have to do without her for that long. Lauren says she saw tension between the two and she walked in on his private phone call with Jack Abbot. Michael and Lauren agree they're working on something behind Gloria's back.


Gloria arrives home and blasts Jack and Sharon for being there. Sharon says they're there to pick up a few things and are leaving. Gloria urges them not to drag their feet. Jack tells Gloria he can't believe she can sleep with "this idiot" in the same bed she slept with his father. Once they leave, Jeffrey tells Gloria to do what she has to do to get Lauren out of the house - soon.


Sharon and Jack dine at the club and Sharon is finally able to reach Alistair. When he inquires about the acting job, she gets creative and tells him that the job is of a dignified gentleman and an interactive role. She makes plans to see him. Once she hangs up, she tells Jack he's interested in the role. Jack's thrilled!


Victor hands some notes to Adam in his office and Adam asks about Danny Romalotti. He thinks he should go to the opening but though Victor tells him he can go, he won't be joining him. He stares at old photos of Danny and Phyllis!


Danny arrives at Crimson Lights and greets Nick happily. Danny's looking forward to seeing Daniel and as they're walking out, they bump into Daniel and Amber. "What the hell are you doing here?" Daniel asks, surprised. Kevin wanders by and tells Daniel his mother called earlier, trying to reach him. Daniel is upset at seeing Danny and tells him he's not interested in seeing him or hearing anything he has to say. He wants to know why he wasn't told about this and Nick explains that this was sudden and Phyllis tried to warn him. Daniel says not to expect him at the office today - or at all. He takes Amber away and Danny worries about his son. He grimly goes off to find Phyllis.


Lauren and Michael play with Fen and Jack calls to request a meeting with Lauren. Michael doesn't want her to go but she says it's good publicity for her store. He'd prefer to make up. They kiss.


Jack stops by Victor's table at the club and gives Victor his invitation. He gloats that Eric Forrester is rethinking his position on Restless Style and leaves with Sharon. Later, Adam finds Victor at the club and has a seat.


At Restless Style, Victoria, Phyllis and Sabrina try on dresses. Phyllis says Nick's under pressure and she wishes he could lighten up. Victoria thinks taking him out to lunch will help.


Gloria takes a call from Lauren and invites her to come back whenever she likes. Jeffrey kisses Gloria and wants to make love but Gloria stares at a photo of John. Jeffrey places the photo face down and goes off to get a bottle of wine. When he's gone, Gloria spies an old coat of John's. She sniffs it and runs upstairs, yelling!


Alistair finds Jack and Sharon and introduces himself. They're shocked to find he looks so much like John!

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Alistair comes out of the bathroom, arms stretched wide, showing off… he looks exactly like John! Jack is astonished."Dad…"

Phyllis tells Danny, "Daniel is really upset." Danny retorts, "Yeah, cause you blew it!"

Daniel tells someone, "I think you're right. They are up to something."

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