A Bumpy Night!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Noah has a run-in with Gloria. Victoria and J.T. choose their best man and matron of honor. Victor promises to be on his best behavior!

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J.T. comes into Victoria's room bearing a gift for Reed. Victoria opens a little tuxedo! They tell one another it will be the perfect wedding. As J.T. takes Reed out of the room, Victoria calls her father at the office and asks him to come up and see her when he gets home... Meanwhile, at home, Nikki arranges for her dress for the wedding as David listens in. Phyllis and Nick arrive and say they've got a sitter for a couple hours and want to help out! Nick suggests that if Noah is coming they should invite Sharon as well. Nikki says Victor will not like Jack attending! Nick says let's not worry about that and get on with life!


Katherine, who is receiving a home check-up from her doctor, is surprised to see Cane come downstairs. Cane asks what's going on and Kay tells him it's just a routine exam. Cane questions the house call and the doctor quickly covers, telling him that Kay is a special patient! The doctor leaves as Amber comes in. Cane is rude - asking her why the sudden devotion to his grandmother?! Katherine insists that he stop. Amber assures him that she doesn't want anything from him or his family, and she'd never hurt his grandmother. Kay and Amber both urge him to accept their friendship and he leaves for work. Amber asks Kay why the doctor was there - did she have another attack? Kay says her worry just convinces her that she is doing the right thing by not telling Cane and Jill about her condition. She turns the talk to her memoirs, sharing with Amber that she has begun writing down some random memories. She reads her the first few lines. Later, Katherine and Amber share a few laughs as Kay reads out passages about her drunken mishaps. Kay soon tires, and Amber runs to get her a tea. When she returns Kay is asleep. Amber covers her up and leaves.


At the Abbott Mansion, Detective Maggie is preparing to leave. Jack thanks them for a colossal waste of time and Sharon comes in. Gloria and Jeffrey come downstairs and ask why Jack didn't get carted off by the police. He says they didn't find anything to link him to the Ji Min case. Gloria retorts that that doesn't mean he didn't do it! When Gloria and Jeff have disappeared, Sharon comes down and says Noah's got to go - the police are a big deal! She is worried that if Victor is behind this, Jack may get railroaded! Jack assures her that Victor is behind it... Meanwhile, at Newman, Victor takes a phone call updating him on the case.


At Jabot, Jill introduces Lily to a fashion coordinator called Chloe. As they decide to go eat together, Lily asks her if she's been a fashion coordinator for long. Chloe says two years, but she's eaten fashion for lunch forever. Lily laughs and agrees she's been around it a long time too! Cane comes in and Chloe says, "Please tell me that you two aren't dating?" She turns to Cane, "And that you're looking." Lily and Cane don't admit to a relationship and Cane tells Chloe he's not looking. The girls head to the coffee house where Chloe tells Lily she picked up on the chemistry between her and Cane. Neil comes in just then, and is about to join the girls when Cane comes in. Neil excuses himself and makes a hasty exit instead. Cane sits down and when Chloe steps away to take a call, Lily tells him that apparently they don't hide their feelings very well. She confides that she's tired of trying to - her dad is just going to have to deal with the fact that she's falling in love with him! She presses him to spend some time with Neil - life would be so much easier if he liked him! Cane agrees.


At Crimson Lights, J.T. comes in to meet Paul and surprises him by sharing that he and Victoria are getting married tomorrow! He asks Paul to be his best man and Paul happily agrees... Meanwhile, in her room, Victoria is having a visit with Phyllis and Nick. She asks Phyllis to be her matron of honor. She jokes that Nick wouldn't look so hot in the dress! Phyllis says she's moved and Vikki notes that she wasn't very supportive at her wedding, but she has been good for her brother, and she'd be honored if Phyllis would do it. Phyllis sincerely tells her she would love to... Back at the coffee house, J.T. has left and Maggie comes in to meet Paul, she tells him that they searched the Abbott house, but she has a feeling they're not looking in the right direction!


Back at the Abbott household, Gloria pats the sofa next to her and asks Noah to sit! Gloria tells him that Jack's father wanted her to live in the Abbott house, but Noah retorts that he's dead - and why would he want Jack to move out?! Gloria says John isn't very happy with Jack right now because of all the bad things Jack has done. Sharon overhears and tells her to leave Noah alone. Noah complains to his mother that Glo was being mean, then turns to tell her, "You're weird." Once he has gone, Sharon tells Gloria through gritted teeth that if she ever tries to influence her son again she'll go straight to the judge for a restraining order! Gloria tells her to stop being such a drama queen, or better yet, move out. Sharon tells her they're not going anywhere. Gloria glares, "Then fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"


Jack pays Victor a visit and accuses him of being so threatened about his relationship with Nick that he is pulling strings to have murder charges trumped up against him. Victor orders Jack out of the building! Victor heads home to see Victoria who asks him to promise her that he will be on his best behavior at the wedding. He frowns at the guest list, but makes the promise. After he leaves, Victoria tries to get out of bed to walk, but her legs won't hold her. J.T. arrives and finds her on the floor. She is frustrated that she may not be able to walk down the aisle. He tells her he'll be there for her and they kiss... Across town, Nikki and David arrive at the coffee house and he suggests they make it a double ceremony - that would really send Victor through the roof! Nikki notes that Victor has painted himself into a very lonely corner... Back at Newman, Victor remembers Nick walking out of the company. Neil comes in and Victor offers him Nick's job. He will be co-CEO of Newman Enterprises and when Victoria gets better he will share the position with her. Neil thanks him profusely and Victor asks him to hold down the fort - he may be going away for awhile. As Neil leaves, Victor tells him he has been a valuable asset to the company. Victor then picks up the phone and orders the jet to be on stand-by. As soon as the wedding is over he'll be leaving.


Sharon and Noah arrive at the tack house and Noah promptly fills Nick in on the evil lady living at Jack's house. Sharon tells Nick that the police searched the house and she feels that Victor is behind it... When Sharon gets back home, Gloria tells her that when Jack goes to prison she'll be redecorating - and Sharon likely won't want to stay there! Jack overhears and realizes that she may be responsible for the police searching the house. Gloria doesn't deny she'd love to see him in prison!... Back over at Nick and Phyllis's house, Noah tells them that Gloria creeps him out, and her husband spends all day in pajamas! Phyllis looks at Nick, who protests, "I wear sweats! There's a big difference!"... Gloria meanwhile, has joined Jeffrey in the living room at the Abbott house for some loud Korean opera music! Sharon and Jack come tearing downstairs protesting! Later, Jack and Sharon come downstairs with suitcases. They have agreed that they'll get a room while they plan their strategy. As Gloria and Jeff see them out, Gloria tells her hubby she doesn't trust this for a moment. Jeff leers that they are all alone now, causing Gloria to jump backward and take off up the stairs as he laughs loudly!

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Kevin tells Gloria it's time to take the poison!

Victoria and J.T.'s wedding begins.

Jack and Sharon walk into the Abbott Mansion just in time to hear Jeffrey yelling in Gloria's face at the top of his lungs! "I'm getting a little sick of your attitude!" Jack smirks. "Well, well, well. What have we here?!"

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