Victor is Arrested!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Victor returns to work. Sharon commits to her marriage, but is later spied by Jack as she meets with Brad. After a bonding session, Heather and Maggie learn they have new evidence that will allow them to arrest Victor!

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Victor arrives at Newman Enterprises and greets Neil and Nick who are surprised to see him. Victor explains he got a little stir crazy at the house. As he goes to his office, Neil asks Nick if he and his father are still having problems. Nick replies, "How's Karen?" Later, Victor instructs Neil to sue Chancellor Industries over the shoddy construction materials. Neil and Nick both feel it's a mistake, but an angry Victor tells them both that settling isn't in his vocabulary! As Neil goes to the break room and chats with Karen, he glances into the hall and notices Cane, who has arrived for a meeting. Neil stops him, saying, "Cane. I wouldn't go in there if I were you." Cane sighs. Neil explains to him that Victor feels there is culpability on the side of Chancellor Industries and is considering counter-suing. Cane rolls his eyes. He says he was at Clear Springs - it was the explosion. Neil says he is just carrying out orders. Cane leaves.


Maggie arrives at Heather's office. They discuss the case against Victor. Heather says the blood in the gym bag is key - the autopsy showed Ji Min had broken vessels in places like the nose, which bleed profusely. She theorizes that Victor probably wiped up the blood and stashed whatever he used in his gym bag, thereby transferring the blood DNA to the inside of the bag. Maggie comments that she is eager to move on this, but the case is still largely circumstantial. Heather, sighing, ends up confiding in Maggie that she is suffering insomnia due to the stress and anger she feels about finding out Paul is her father. As she explains that it is dredging up bad stuff about her childhood with her stepfather, Maggie invites her to keep talking and they decide to go for a walk.


J.T. arrives at Crimson Lights and approaches Paul saying he needs to know what he can tell him about David Chow. Paul asks who wants him to pursue this. J.T. hesitates to name Victor, but Paul guesses. J.T. tries to defend Victor's reasons for investigating David, but Paul warns him that Victor has no right to dig in David's background. He warns J.T. that Victor Newman is ruthless, "Don't get in the middle of that divorce!" J.T. listens but admits he intends to continue investigating David. Paul tells him to be very careful - Victor has a lot at stake! J.T. leaves and Heather and Maggie come in. Paul says he was just headed out, but he could stay. Heather and Maggie brush him off, saying they have police business to discuss and he reluctantly leaves. Maggie says, "I think he'd do just about anything to stay here." Heather says to herself, "He's about twenty years too late." Once they are seated with coffee, Jack crosses their path, warning them jovially to act fast against Victor before he goes off to the south of France! Suddenly, Jack gets a call and arranges a meeting for one hour's time - at the Club!


Over breakfast at the Abbott household, Sharon and Jack fill Ashley in on Victor being investigated for murder. Suddenly, Noah comes down and asks Sharon if they'll be returning to Jack's house after school. Sharon replies, "Yes. We'll be coming back to Jack and to this house. And we'll stay." After Jack has left with Noah, Ashley and Sharon talk. Ashley has a heart-to-heart with Sharon, telling her that she is Jack's lifeline. She urges Sharon to fully commit herself to the marriage. Sharon assures her sister-in-law that that is her intention. Once Ashley is out of the room, Sharon calls Brad and asks him to meet her for lunch. Brad says, "Sure. In an hour at the GCAC. Have you made a decision?" Sharon says she has - that's what she wants to talk to him about. As she hangs up, Ashley comes in and tells Sharon to remember to call Jack on his stuff - and not to give him any wiggle room. Ashley then leaves to go see Victor.


Victor has Nick alone in his office and accuses him of taking Nikki's side in their feud. Nick tells his father he is to blame because he called in the loan. Victor continues to refuse to back down and Nick walks out saying, "Have it your way." J.T. arrives and tells Victor that he hasn't been able to find any dirt on David Chow, but he'll keep looking. Sensing Victor's bad mood, J.T. gives him a new photo of Reed and suggests that Victor go to see him at the hospital, knowing it will put Victor in a better frame of mind. Once J.T. has gone, the door opens and Ashley enters. She and Victor embrace happily and catch up. They wryly discuss Jack's role in Victor being implicated in Ji Min's death. Later, all alone in his office, Victor thinks back to his conversation with Nikki during the storm and becomes sentimental as he looks at the photo of Reed.


Lily and Devon are in his office when Cane stops into the doorway. Cane wishes her luck on the Fresh Faces of Jabot contest and Lily flushes with pleasure from his attention - this does not go unnoticed by Devon. As she and Devon approach the elevator to leave, Cane calls out, "There goes Lily, the Fresh Face of Jabot, and she even speaks French!" At Crimson Lights, Devon questions Lily about her feelings for Cane. She gives nothing away. Later, as she sits by herself, Cane comes in and as he watches her from across the room, she pretends not to notice until he leaves. Meanwhile, back at work, Devon is approached by Neil, who wants to know what's on his mind. Devon says he had lunch with Lily and she is still hung up on Cane. Neil isn't pleased and he suggests Devon go ahead and set her up with some other guys.


Back at her office, Heather takes a call telling her that the surveillance discs from the GCAC were tampered with. She shares this with Maggie, adding that everything after Jack's departure from Ji Min's hotel room has been erased! Heather says she has her computer guys working to find out what was erased. Not long after, Maggie takes a call. She tells Heather that Jack Abbott was not the last person to see Ji Min alive - Victor Newman was! Now they have enough for an arrest warrant.


At the Club, Sharon sits down with Brad and tells him that she has decided to stay with Jack. Brad's face shows his disappointment. Sharon assures him she has thought about this for a long time. Brad suggests she should have thought about it longer - he's a lying, cheating egomaniac. Sharon says she and Jack will build a life together - besides she's not perfect either. Brad is sure it won't work, especially if she's doing it for Noah's sake! Sharon says if they are going to continue to be friends they will not be discussing this subject in the future! Brad confesses that he cares so much about her. He reaches out and covers her hand with his, saying, "I just want you to be happy." Neither Sharon nor Brad notice that Jack has walked in and is seeing the hand-holding. He then leaves.


Back at Newman, Victor is in the hallway when Ashley returns with some food. She says she can't stay, and they gaze into one another's eyes, saying how much they've missed each other. They kiss and she leaves. Suddenly, out of the other elevator comes Maggie, "Victor Newman. I have a warrant for your arrest!"

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Victor, in jail, tells Michael Baldwin to get him out of there, "I won't spend a night in this place, do you get it?!"

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