Near Misses!

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Cane and Lily nearly kiss, Victor nearly walks in on David and Nikki, Daniel doesn't miss - he hits Heather's car!

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As Nikki talks through the window to the baby, David comes up behind her. She asks if he's ready to leave - she's staying at Sharon's house. David is surprised, but Nikki explains she is close to Victoria but not with Victor!... Meanwhile at the ranch, Victor has a discussion with the nurse, then laughs as Zapato chews Nikki's shoe, "You miss mommy, don't you?!"

J.T is trying to get Colleen to leave, but she insists that he go out with her to get something to eat - he needs to take care of himself. He refuses to go at first, but when Colleen takes a call from Lily and insists they meet her at the Club, J.T. grudgingly goes along...While Colleen goes to the Club to meet Lily, however, J.T. changes course and goes to the hospital. Colleen decides they will bring him food there!


When Amber, dressed as Marina, comes into the apartment, Daniel apologizes if he upset her by not helping her enter the contest. She forgives him and shows him her new video camera. He still won't help her though! They decide to go out to the Club to eat. After they arrive, Daniel comes in from parking the car and tells Amber and Gina he hit another car in the parking lot! Gina says she'll check the members database to see who the license number belongs to, and she finds out it's Heather!


Nikki and David are at Sharon's house - he has run out for staples to cook dinner and brought her flowers. Nikki's phone rings - it's Victor letting her know he is going to the office so she can come up to the ranch and see Victoria while he's out. Nikki goes up to the main house, and David decides to wait for her. When Nikki arrives at the ranch house Victor is still there on the phone - he tells her there was a change in plan!


Amber goes off with Gina as Daniel prepares to tell Heather what he did to her car. As he launches into a long explanation, she asks how bad it is. He tells her he'll pay for the damages. When it turns out his insurance card is expired, things aren't looking good! When Heather goes outside, Amber is outraged to hear that she wants Daniel to pay to have her car fixed at an expensive dealer. She tells Daniel she knows of a guy - he'll be alot cheaper!


Meanwhile, at the hospital, Cane drops by and he and J.T. share a conversation about fatherhood. Cane mentions he's not ready for that yet! He'd have to find the right lady first! They each have had experiences with near-miss pregnancies in the past, and as they continue to talk Lily and Colleen arrive and go to take a peek at the baby. Colleen tells J.T. that they can't stay long because Lily has to get back to schoolwork, but Lily, having spied Cane, has changed her mind! "I can stay! I can stay!" she says to a knowing Colleen.

At the ranch, Nikki comes downstairs from seeing Victoria and discovers that Zapato has chewed her good shoe! She tells Victor the baby looked better when she was at the hospital earlier. Nikki asks if he's heard any news on the DNA test yet - she hopes it will resolve a lot of tension! Victor says he hopes the father is J.T.!


Lily and Colleen discuss how it would be weird if the baby was her little brother and if she had a child, the infant would be it's uncle! As Lily starts to gush over Cane, he comes over to talk to them. Colleen beats a hasty retreat and Lily and Cane sit down together. He asks what she is doing for Christmas and invites her his place! Lily says she would love to, but can't - she is volunteering at the place where her mom did, and she wants to go hear stories about her. He offers to come along if she needs help. Nearby, Colleen and J.T. discuss the baby as they watch through the window. She asks if he'll be okay if she goes. He says he will and promises to eat. Colleen asks Lily if she is ready to go. Lily, still with Cane, ends up leaving with him when he invites her to get a bite to eat!


Nikki plays piano at the ranch as Victor stands on the landing listening, as she finishes he wipes tears from his eyes. Nikki tells him Casey sent a Christmas card - she is doing well and hopes Noah will come back and see her soon! They discuss Christmas plans - she says Phyllis will do something special at the tack house, and Victor offers for everyone to come to the ranch. They begin to reminisce about other holidays with the grandchildren. They agree on the holiday plans and Nikki leaves. Victor says, "She has no idea Zapato, does she? Guess I'm going to have to tell her."


Nikki returns to Sharon's house, where David has a delicious smelling meal cooking. She tells him Victor was surprisingly calm!...Meanwhile, up at the main house, Victor is thinking about a past Christmas that he shared with Nikki. Suddenly, he decides to take Zapato and go down to Sharon's house to bring Nikki her mail! Meanwhile, David is sitting with Nikki on the sofa. She gives him a hug to thank him for his support in the past few weeks. They begin to kiss. Suddenly, Victor and Zapato approach the door. Victor looks in the window and takes in the scene. His face hardens, he turns and leaves. Zapato barks and Nikki jumps up and goes to look out the door, but she sees no one.


Daniel and Amber sit at the bar. Amber is talking to 'Vladimir' who is going to give Heather a good deal! When Heather comes in and says the car is not bad at all, Daniel says he'll take her car in to 'Vladimir', as Cane and Lily come in and overhear. Cane says he knows the guy - it's a front for a chop shop. A ticked off Heather says she'll take her own car in to her dealership - she thanks Daniel for wasting her time! A ticked-off Daniel takes it out on Cane, so he and Lily decide to go somewhere else! Amber apologizes to Daniel. He is not up to forgiving her right then. He says he'll walk home he needs the air! Gina comes over and tells Amber she's the last customer. Amber points to a man in the corner - Gina says he's waiting for her! Amber says, "Alright! Go Gina!"


J.T. is in the NICU taking pictures of the baby. When he comes out Colleen is still there to keep him company… Across town, Lily is at Cane's office with him. She finds the file he is looking for and they nearly kiss. When the sound of a vacuum startles them, Lily pulls away and says they should go.

David leaves Nikki and she suddenly notices the packet of mail Victor left on the porch. She is flustered as she realizes that Victor must have seen her with David. She calls the ranch and leaves a message thanking him for bringing the mail. Victor sits listening with an angry look on his face and a drink in his hand!

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