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A superstitious Phyllis won't let Jana discuss her appeal - in case she jinxes it! Adrian recalls the discussion with Victoria when they were trapped when she discussed her superstitions where the pregnancy was concerned! The Newmans continue to debate the life or death decision that must be made!

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Outside Victoria's hospital room, Dr. Webb warns Nikki and Victor that they need to agree on a course of action - soon! Nikki feels that Victoria would never agree to a c-section, knowing that the baby wouldn't survive, but J.T. and Victor both want to save Victoria. Nick tries to be a voice of reason, but Dr. Webb steps in and reminds them that his recommendation is that the surgery be performed immediately! A defiant Nikki tells them to unschedule the surgery, while Victor shouts at her to come to her senses! Victor gently tells Nikki that even though they're both scared, they have to decide for Victoria! Dr. Webb interrupts once again, to stress how important the timing is in a situation like this. Victor begs Nikki to let them do the surgery. Nick asks how they're supposed to make a decision like this! Victor is becoming angry again, asking Nikki how she can live with herself!


Colleen is at Crimson Lights talking to Brad on the phone. He tells her he's heading to the hospital. She let's him go when Adrian walks in - they decide to go to see Victoria as well.


In prison, Phyllis is working on the dollhouse. Jana sits down and tells her it's beautiful. She replies that it keeps her mind off of the appeal. Jana notices that her hands are shaking. Phyllis explains that she's worried about the 'men in black robes' deciding whether or not she gets to be free! As Phyllis becomes more agitated, Jana tries to calm her down. She offers to help with the dollhouse, but says she'll muck it up. When she mentions the appeal, Phyllis shushes her, "You'll jinx it!" Phyllis tells Jana she's unable to focus, "I'm going nuts!" Phyllis relates to Jana that when Victoria stopped being superstitious about her pregnancy, she wound up where she is now! So, she tells Jana, no more talk about judges, or appeals, just ssssh!


Back at the hospital, the debate continues. Dr. Webb is called over to list the consequences for Victoria if the surgery doesn't go ahead. Nikki refuses to consent. Victor goes off the handle, "Every second we debate, Victoria's life and the baby's are at risk. You're position is totally indefensible!" Nick tries to mediate, trying to imagine if it were Phyllis and Summer in there. Adrian and Colleen arrive, and J.T. tells them Victoria's blood pressure isn't going down, she and the baby might die! Colleen phones Brad and tells him Victoria and the baby are getting worse. Adrian asks J.T. if there's anything they can do, and J.T. replies, "No. It's up to her mother if she lives or dies!" Adrian and Colleen discuss what the Newmans must be going through. Adrian decides to go to the chapel, and Colleen remains in the waiting area to wait for Brad. Meanwhile, NIkki is telling Nick that she is so scared she doesn't know what to do. She feels she is trying to protect what Victoria would want. Nick says his gut reaction is the same thing, but he can't stand the thought of not having his sister around. Nikki wonders if they wait a little longer maybe there would be a chance that the baby would be strong enough to make it. Nikki tells her son that Victor is playing God! J.T. and Victor are in the room with Victoria when Brad walks in. He speaks to Victoria, "Hey sleeping beauty, it's Brad, time to get your lazy behind out of that bed!" Brad and Victor move outside the room, and J.T. settles at her side.


Outside the hospital room, Brad asserts the fact that it could be his baby, and he should have a say in the decision. Victor tells him it's his and Nikki's decision only. When Brad argues. Victor asks him what he would do if it were Colleen in there, "Would you let her die?" Brad moves away to speak to Colleen. He tells her that Victor and Nikki can't agree. He confides that if it were her in the bed, he'd make the same decision as Victor. He tells Colleen that he still loves Victoria and that he believes in his heart that she would want the baby to live - but what he thinks doesn't matter. J.T. comes out of the room and Nick asks him what he thinks. J.T. just wants to save Victoria - they can try for another baby! Any option is better than losing her! Nick says everybody has an opinion, but nobody knows what Victoria would really want! Nikki encounters Brad. He tells Nikki he agrees with her - Victoria would never allow anyone to terminate her pregnancy! Nick goes in to see Victoria. He begs her to wake up and tell him what she wants!


Back outside the hospital room, Nick speaks to Victor. Victor says unless they perform a c-section immediately Victoria will most likely die. Nick wishes he knew what she wants. Nikki is by Victoria's bed, she tells her that if she wakes up, they'll move her to a room with a TV - then they can watch Lucy! J.T. looks on as Nikki tells her she has decided to pass down her rocking chair to her - the same one she used for her and her brother! She begins to sing a lullaby and J.t.'s eyes fill with tears. Adrian comes into the room as Nikki begs Victoria to wake up! Adrian says he saw how strong she was when they were trapped together. Victor comes in and says he'll sit with her. Outside, Nikki asks if Victoria spoke to Adrian about the baby when they were trapped. He says she had the baby's whole future mapped out!


Still at the hospital, Nick is on the phone with Phyllis, he is telling her how confused he is about what decision should be made. Phyllis urges him to be strong and they hang up. Phyllis turns to Jana and fills her in, when the guard comes over and tells Phyllis there's a problem. The Warden is on the way to see her - contraband's been found in her cell! Phyllis protests, "Not my cell! This is a mistake. Are you kidding me?!" She abruptly turns to look at Jana accusingly. She asks if she's holding out on her. Jana swears she has nothing in there. Phyllis tells Jana if she screws up her appeal, she'll wish she was never born! The Warden appears and tells Phyllis she has a dollhouse and a picture frame in her cell - you're only allowed one craft! Phyllis claims it's not hers, and Jana jumps in and says it's belongs to her! The Warden suspects Jana is covering for Phyllis, since she's not even in craft class, but goes ahead and suspends Jana's visitation rights as punishment. Phyllis is quiet.


Back at the hospital, Brad tells Nick that he spoke with Nikki and he agrees with her. Nick tells him that he knows his sister better than anyone, but even he doesn't know what she'd want! Brad tells him there's nothing Victoria wanted more than this baby - talk to your father! Nick says that would be to condone letting Victoria die, and he can't do that! Victor approaches Adrian and asks if he spoke to Victoria about the baby. Adrian says they talked about their futures, theirs and the baby's. Adrian excuses himself as the memory becomes painful. Nick and Nikki join Victor as the time has come to make a decision. They want Nick to be part of the decision, but he opts out. He can't imagine life without Vick, but he also knows she wouldn't hesitate to put the baby's safety ahead of her own!


At the hospital, Colleen and Adrian hope that they'll never be faced with a decision like the Newmans have to make. Brad joins them and expresses his frustration that Nikki and Victor are the sole decision makers. Victor asks the nurse if there is any change in Victoria's condition - the answer is no. Brad goes in and joins J.T. at the bedside. They commiserate over how powerless they feel. Outside, Dr. Webb has been summoned and Victor tells him to perform the surgery immediately. Nikki refuses. Dr. Webb says they'll bring in a mediator. Victor shouts that that will take too long - it's ridiculous! Nikki promises to fight him every step of the way! Victor says if they continue to wait their daughter could die, "Can you live with that?!"

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