Victoria's blood pressure rises!

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Neil and Karen make love, Lauren has a panic attack, Victoria's blood pressure is on the rise!

Victoria's blood pressure rises! image

At Indigo, Karen and Neil rest and enjoy spending time together, feeling great about the charity event for Clear Springs and the spirit of giving from everyone! Karen admits her heart melted seeing Enrique Iglesias sing.

Heather watches Paul, Maggie, Lauren and Michael laughing and having fun together recalling the conversation she just overhead with Paul about Sheila’s kidnapping and crime! Cane comes back and asks her if she wants another drink.

Lauren invites Maggie and Paul to go home with her and Michael and while the ladies go to the powder room, Paul wonders if it’s a good idea considering Lauren’s panic attacks.

At Newman, Victor remembers the conversation he had with Neil about the mining accident, it weighs heavily on his mind. He is heartbroken over his daughter and the tragedy with everyone.


Nikki and J.T. both speak to Victoria, keeping her company at her bedside All of a sudden alarms go off on her monitor! The nurse comes in to check her blood pressure, which is normal and lets them know it was most likely a malfunction. Thanking her, J.T. admits he can't take much more, while Nikki says her heart almost stopped when she heard the alarm.

Back at Indigo, Lily asks Cane what he thought of the concert and questions him about a song sung by Enrique Iglesias. Cane takes a look at Heather and excuses himself, leaving Lily to feel lonely as she looks at Cane and Heather as well as her dad and Karen having so much fun.


Colleen and Adrian visit Victoria in the hospital, bringing Nikki and J.T. some food. J.T. doesn’t even know if he could eat after what happened as Nikki fills them in on the blood pressure machine going off, scaring them to death. The nurse comes back in, Victoria’s blood pressure is fine but Nikki demands to see a doctor. Adrian tells everyone how Victoria gave him hope while they were trapped under the rubble.


At the Baldwin home, Lauren, Michael, Paul and Maggie enjoy themselves. During a conversation, all of sudden Lauren feels cold, as Michael goes to get her a sweater, she worries about her behaviour and Fenn. Both Paul and Maggie tell her everything will be fine. Michael leaves again to get some warm milk for her and Lauren starts to behave strangely! She starts tugging at her buttons as Paul and Maggie joke around, then start to notice something is wrong. Lauren starts freaking out over her sweater and the buttons as Michael runs out to help her. She can’t breathe!

Lauren breathes into a bag and has taken medication. Paul takes her hand to help her, while Maggie and Michael look on curiously noting his ability to calm her. Lauren apologizes to everyone and Michael tells her to stop beating herself up, while Maggie asks what caused the attack. She explains she felt claustrophobic and thought about the building collapsing and not getting to Fenn. She continues to worry and mentions the collapse. Paul informs her the collapse was brought on by a mining accident. She wonders who was responsible for drilling and is told it was Victor Newman, she’s shocked!


At Indigo, Cane notices something bothering Heather and she explains she just found out that a very good friend she’s known for years and trusted committed a very big crime. He mentions her accountability level, being a District Attorney and she agrees.

As Cane and Heather leave, a disappointed Lily watches and turns her attention to Neil and Karen asking if they need help. Karen invites Lily to stay and to go out after with them, but she declines.

Neil and Karen dance seductively to music, he’s happy they found each other. They passionately and slowly kiss, falling into each other’s arms, breathless. She tells him he can take his time and there is no pressure. He passionately kisses her again as they start to undress and make love!

They wake up later as they talk about everything including Dru and his kids. He admits to Karen that he hasn’t been this happy in a long time, his life isn’t over and he doesn’t want to spend it alone.

Adrian speaks to Victoria at her bedside calling her his “disaster buddy” letting her know that he is looking after things for her with the restructuring of Clear Springs and the committee she’s on, ensuring that her vision is kept. Nikki appreciates it, while Colleen worries that J.T. isn’t looking after himself. J.T. walks Adrian and Colleen out while Nikki stays with tears streaming down her face. As Victor arrives, Nikki tells him about the blood pressure scare, he leaves to get the doctor immediately.


At home, Adrian discusses Victoria to Colleen and Adrian blames himself for getting hurt and not being able to help her more, as Colleen explains it is not his fault. His heart is breaking for the family and Victoria’s unborn child. He brushes Colleens forehead and lets her know the whole time he was trapped in the concrete underground, he prayed he could look in her eyes again and hold her in his arms as they kiss each other. Lily suddenly knocks on the door, apologizing and confessing that she feels really alone, everywhere she looks all she sees is couples.


In the car, Heather invites Cane upstairs for a cup of coffee but he declines because of work early the next morning. She kisses him on the lips before she leaves.


Upstairs in her apartment, Heather calls the office and asks all the files to be pulled on Sheila Carter first thing in the morning!

Back at the Baldwins', Lauren checks on Fenn and Michael admits to Paul and Maggie that for months Lauren was doing so much better and now she’s right back where she started. He blames Victor and the collapse for her panic attacks.


While at Colleen and Adrian's, Lily receives a call from Cane with the answer to her song question from earlier and she’s ecstatic to hear from him and is thrilled he thought of her and called. She leaves and Adrian jokingly calls her a “fruitloop”.


Victor joins Nikki and J.T. back in Victoria’s room at the hospital, while J.T. notices Victoria’s hands are swollen all of a sudden, Nikki agrees. The doctor arrives, checking her vitals as Nikki, Victor and J.T. worry and wait. Her blood pressure has risen and the doctor won't speculate! Each one of them is frantic with worry...


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