Enrique Iglesias sings at Indigo!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Michael convinces Lauren to go to Indigo, Heather overhears a conversation with Paul, Enrique Iglesias performs at Indigo!

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At Newman Neil and Karen leave the office to go see Enrique Iglesias. After Devon announces to go meet Roxanne at Indigo, Neil promises Karen his kids will behave this time.


While at Crimson Lights, Maggie and Paul get ready to see Enrique Iglesias. Being a huge fan, she gets up to put her coat on and experiences a pain in her side where she got shot. Although Paul suggests getting it checked out, she doesn’t want to.

Daniel, Amber and Kevin prepare to go to Indigo, Amber dreams about doing a duet with Enrique. She also recalls being trapped and how she felt about it, now re-evaluating her life. She is really sorry for the trouble she caused him with his marriage to Lily, he’s her bestfriend.


At the Baldwins’, Michael and Lauren relax, laugh and joke around, spending time together. Michael mentions Enrique Iglesias, who she loves! Though Lauren isn’t sure she wants to go out, Michael eventually convinces her to go.


In the backroom at Indigo, Colleen and Lily discuss Cane, and how she wants to avoid him, just as Devon arrives with his date Roxanne.

Amber and Daniel arrive at Indigo and start scouting out possible hook ups. He really likes one woman from the back and is about to go talk to her when she turns around and they discover its Heather. Amber laughs and tells Kevin that Daniel has the hots for the Assistant D.A.


Paul, Maggie, Neil and Karen arrive at Indigo. Neil brags and makes jokes about Karen’s kickboxing. Paul and Maggie also make jokes about fighting with each other. Neil brings up Dru, while Karen becomes uncomfortable.

Later, Neil, Lily and Devon spot Daniel, Amber and Kevin at the club and Neil gets up to ask Daniel to leave, but Lily stops him.


Lauren receives a call from Gloria about Fenn. Paul gives kudos to Michael for getting Lauren to come out. Paul and Maggie also mention Victor’s involvement with the collapse. Michael freaks out about Victor and leaves the table.

Michael enters the back office of Indigo confronting Neil about Victor. Neil defends Victor and Michael guesses he knew about the mining the whole time. Karen interrupts and also lets Michael know that everything was done by the book. Michael states that the “book” almost killed his wife.


Cane, Heather, Paul, Maggie and Lauren share casual conversation when Maggie has a pain in her side again. After she admits it's an old gunshot wound from Sheila Carter, Heather is curious, making Lauren uncomfortable at the mention of Sheila. Before leaving the table Heather mentions lunch with Paul to which Paul lets Lauren and Maggie know he will be telling Heather the truth then.

As Cane takes a call, Kevin compliments Heather on her dress and asks her what Jana's chances are of getting out of jail. When Kevin defends Jana and her actions, Heather advises that it's possible she could be let out if she finds a good lawyer. He then asks Heather if he can buy her a drink, while Amber continues to joke with Daniel about Heather.


Although Cane runs into Lily and compliments her on looking beautiful, Heather joins them, causes Lily to excuse herself after saying, "Have fun!"telling them to have fun. Its apparent that Lily is not happy.

Neil finds Lily by herself feeling miserable and wonders about her and Cane, although she tells him they are only friends he knows her feelings go way beyond friendship. He advises her to keep her relationship with Cane as friends and also mentions he is way too old for her. Lily accuses Neil of getting ahead of himself then says he is way too protective of her.


After Heather mentions to Cane that Paul is an old friend of her Mom’s, and that he was really great to her when she lived with Mary for awhile, Cane agrees that Paul is a great guy too. Heather replies, "He's the best."

Paul wonders if Maggie is okay but Lauren is still upset to hear about Sheila. After Michael comes back to the table, overhearing part of the conversation, Paul lets him know Maggie’s gunshot wound is acting up. Lauren quickly gets up to get some air.


While Devon and Roxanne enjoy each other’s company, Colleen and Kevin joke around as Adrian arrives limping.

After Daniel thanks Lily for helping him out with her Dad, knowing Neil was upset, he could tell he was upset, He asks how she’s been to which Lily asks the same.


During a conversation with Amber, Cane notices the brooch Kay gave to her. After Amber expresses how much she loves it, Cane admits it looks very pretty on her.

Experiencing problems with her cell phone, Heather approaches to Daniel wondering if his works. Although he makes a few sarcastic remarks, he then rethinks what he’s said and offers the idea of trying her phone outside for better reception.


When Michael joins Lauren outside, she has a hard time breathing and thinks the walls are closing in on her. He insists Sheila can’t hurt her, but she tells him she can haunt her. After Paul comes out and offers comfort they discuss the time with Sheila, the cage, and Maggie to which Paul wishes he could have protected her more. He also brings up the word “kidnapping” of Sheila. As Paul comments that if he had to do it all over again he would make sure Sheila Carter never escaped, Heather overhears their conversation from a short distance away and goes back inside to Cane - shocked and acting stunned by what she's heard!


Now for the moment everyone's waiting for, Neil announces Enrique Iglesias, who sings Somebody’s Me! After announcing he is there to also raise money for the relief fund for Clear Springs, Paul, Maggie, Devon, Roxanne, Lily, Cane, Heather, Daniel, Amber, Neil, Karen, Adrian, Colleen enjoy his singing. Closing out the song, Lauren and Michael dance on the loading dock, Amber looks at Cane longingly as he glances at her, Neil sits by Lily’s side, and Heather coldly looks at Paul - making Paul wonder why she is looking at him like that!

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