Phyllis Has a New Cellmate!!!

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Lauren can't take it anymore, Phyllis gets a new cellmate, Gloria fears being exposed by Jeffrey

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Sharon discuss Maggie’s visit the night before and her discussion of the timing of Ji Min’s death. Jack starts to read the newspaper and finds he is front page news. He finds an article about Sharon and hands it to her. Sharon reads it aloud “Secrets of a Senator’s Wife. Sharon Abbott, wife of Senator Jack Abbott stands by her man during his fraud scandal and why wouldn’t she want to protect her investment, her only real skill seems to be moving from one high profile marriage to another. The model grew up in poverty and was pregnant in high school. Mrs. Abbott’s support of her husband reeks of a desperate woman trying to hang on to the money she married into. While busy securing her fortune, her own daughter Cassidy was killed in a car accident after a night of partying.” Jack is stunned as Sharon declares “Oh God, Jack”.


At the Baldwin home, Michael and Lauren arrive home with Fenmore as Gloria greets them joyfully and welcomes them, asking Lauren how her Mom is. Lauren doesn’t look happy, but replies “Fine.” When Lauren leaves the room to put the baby down. Gloria senses the tension and tells Michael his wife’s mood has “Joanna” all over it. He tells her its not her mother's fault,it is his and asks if she’s released any illegal recordings lately. She tells him no and he refutes that everyone, everywhere is talking about Ji Min and Jack. Gloria tells him “Victor released it.” Michael guesses he got the DVD from Gloria. She tells him Victor promised her name would never be mentioned. Michael states “That’s reassuring, except that now Victor has something on you. He did not keep your name out of it because he finds you charming. You listen to me, I know that man better than you do. You sleep with one eye open.”

Gloria tells Michael she’s going to see her grandson, but Michael advises against it until Lauren comes out in a better mood. Gloria asks him what he did and Lauren enters the room and pipes up “He didn’t ship you back to Detroit when he had the chance.”

Back at the Baldwin’s, Lauren gets off the phone with Nikki about a meeting for Fenmores and Clear Springs. Lauren tells Gloria “Remember that project, the one that’s going to pay for Fenn’s college, the one you may have sunk.” Gloria tries to reassure her but Lauren yells, “Why thank you for being so reassuring. Let me tell you what I didn’t sign up for. When I married Michael, I did not sign up for the Baldwin/Fisher scheme of the month club. I am so sick of it; you just don’t understand how your actions affect other people you are just so concentrated on yourself! I should not be the one to have to tell the two of you to grow up.” Gloria tries to tell Lauren their names will never be connected with the evidence, Lauren tells Gloria she wouldn’t believe a thing either one of them would say.

Later , Lauren prepares to leave for her meeting. Gloria apologizes and tells her she never meant to hurt her, that she adores her. Lauren doesn’t accept her apology. Michael tries to say goodbye to Lauren as she’s leaving, she just glares at him and storms out. Gloria tells Michael that she “tried” to apologize. She continues on about Jack and her vendetta against him and Michael tells her “that is what keeps me awake at night worrying about you”.

At the Club, Victoria greets Victor. They discuss the baby, the live interview being given on Clear Springs and Nikki trying to fix bad publicity. Victoria tells him it is not easy when Jack’s screw-ups are a daily occurrence in the news. Victor tells her there is nothing he can do about it. Victoria jokes, “Have I ever told you how happy I am that I don’t have to go home to someone with the last name Newman.” Victor jokes back “A name can be a burden sometimes can’t it.”

Brad walks up to Victoria and Victor telling Victoria he thought he would come and check on the “little one”. Victoria gets up to leave “Well, how nice, my father and ex-husband have so much in common, concern for my baby and making Jack Abbott suffer.” Brad tells Victor that Victoria always did know how to make an exit. Victor quietly tells Brad without looking at him “Why don’t you demonstrate yours.” Brad walks away to sit down and picks up the paper only to see Sharon in the headline.


At Newman in Nikki’s office, both Nikki and David discuss the article on Sharon. Nikki tells David “it’s the most offensive thing I have ever read.” David admits the article was pretty rough. Nikki declares, “the part about Cassie is totally misleading, she should not have been included”. David agrees that it was beyond inappropriate. Nikki suggests there are plenty of derogatory things to say about Sharon without including the children. David tells her its Jack that is the real problem and that every time Jack and Clear Springs are mentioned it is usually negative. Nikki discusses the live interview and letting people know that they won’t be associating with Jack. David reminds Nikki not to forget that he has the “perfect” plan to separate them from Jack.

Later, both David and Nikki discuss the meeting and who is attending. Nikki questions David about the plan about Jack, he tells her he’s working on it. David applauds Nikki for sticking with the project despite everything and envisions her successful future.

In Jail, Phyllis is trying to call someone without success, turns around and is startled by an exhilarated Jana who tells Phyllis she’s so glad she knows someone there, that its fate and they are so much “alike and both of us are nuts, but gosh, both of us are going to be such great friends!” Phyllis tells her she isn’t “crazy”. Jana tries to follow Phyllis who is trying to get away from her. She tells her she’s going to look at a magazine. Jana goes on about magazines and Phyllis outright tells her “I’m not looking to make any new friends.” Jana continues talking to Phyllis telling her how much alike they are and being friends including the same sense of humour, Phyllis disagrees. Jana tells her the greatest part is “we both know what its like to love a man so much that we would go to extremes for them”.


At the Abbott mansion, Jack is speaking to Ben about the unacceptable article about Sharon and tells him his wife is off limits to the press. Jack leaves the room to get a phone number and Sharon’s cell phone rings. Brad is on the phone and they discuss the article. He tells her they didn’t write about the Sharon he knows and offers support. She lets him know his call really helped but she has to go, as Jack enters the room again.

Later, Jack gets rid of the newspapers. Sharon is really upset and doesn't want Noah to see the articles. Jack lovingly supports Sharon and tells her he is going to start looking out for her and Noah, building the family they both deserve. She tearfully hugs Jack for his support.


At the Club, Brad glances at the article and remembers his discussion with Sharon about their relationship. He walks back up to Victor and tells him Sharon is getting hurt in all this. Victor tells him “she should have chosen a different husband”. Brad tells Victor whatever affects Sharon affects his grandson. Victor tells him blandly he’s touched by his concern. Brad leaves.

Victor notices the reporter who wrote the article on Sharon and asks to speak to her. She tells him she’s honored. He tells her he just read her column and she asks if he’s a fan. Victor tells her “if you mention Sharon Abbott’s name one more time in one of your columns, it will be your last assignment, you got that?” She tells him she understands he continues to tell her that Jack is not off limits and to write whatever she wants about him.


Back at Nikki’s office, Lauren tells Nikki, David and Victoria about the reluctance of people wanting to get involved with Clear Springs with Jack attached to it. Victoria agrees. Lauren argues that one the major stores backed out and is worried about her store. Nikki tells her Fenmores will be the “main attraction” and that a huge marketing campaign will be put in place. Lauren is still sceptical, but then David tells her that Saxton’s have agreed to be part of it only if Fenmores is. Lauren tells them if Saxton is in, then she will still be part of it.


In Jail, Phyllis speaks to the warden about wanting to be moved because of Jana. The warden tells her that Jana had told him they were friends. Phyllis advises they are not and had only met each other at a few social functions. The warden tells her he will consider her request. Jana continues to try to be friendly with Phyllis, talking to her about books and confesses her love for serial killer books. Phyllis excuses herself. She gives money to another in-mate in exchange for another phone card as the warden looks on.

Later, the warden talks to Phyllis about moving her to her new cell. Phyllis is thrilled. He tells her that her new cellmate will be there soon. He tells her this will be a reminder that she doesn’t receive special privileges and tells her purchasing other inmate calling cards isn’t allowed, neither is carrying cash. He tells her “I’ve let you slide on a few occasions, but that ends today.” Her new cellmate arrives and its Jana!

At the club, Michael observes Victor coming in. He tells Victor “Working off some of that aggression against your wife?” Victor tells him to “watch his tone”. Michael discusses the release of the tape with Victor and tells him that its also hurting his wife too. Victor tells him “Don’t you come here and talk to me this way, it is your evidence that forced Ji Min to expose Jack Abbott, you didn’t mind my tactics then when you allowed Jabot to be sold to Kay Chancellor without my knowledge, you left me no alternative, you got that.” Michael asks if this is about payback because he couldn’t stop that deal. Victor continues, “you have shown me no loyalty and I will show you none. Remember one thing, I will not protect your wife’s investment nor will I protect your mother nor will I protect you. End of conversation.”


Back at the Baldwin home, Gloria opens the door to Jeffrey who brought the items his brother sent to him. They talk about family photos, William’s childhood letters to his parents. He doesn’t want her to touch them with her bare hands in order to preserve them, but then offers her a pair of latex gloves so she can read them. This brings back memories for Gloria and the contaminated cream. Gloria is going through William’s childhood letters with Jeffrey. The baby starts to cry and she excuses herself. Jeffrey leaves.

In Jail, Phyllis is on the phone with Michael at the Club talking about Jana. She tells him about her conversation about serial killers and that it creeps her out. She wants him to talk to the warden about moving her. He tells her he will and has to go - Lauren just arrived. They discuss Clear Springs and Gloria. Lauren tells him they should be able to discuss anything, what kind of marriage do they have if they can’t.

Victor, back in his office at Newman watches the live coverage with Nikki and Victoria regarding Clear Springs. They try to sidetrack from questions about Jack and tell people how great Clear Springs will be.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack turns off the TV after watching Nikki and Victoria and gives her props for sidetracking questions about him. They discuss going to work, Sharon has reservations but Jack reassures her.

Back in Nikki’s office, Victoria, David and Nikki discuss the live coverage. Victoria thanks him for supporting her Mom. Victoria leaves and Nikki and David discuss how well the coverage went. He has something he has to do but suggests celebrating at his room at the club. They plan to meet later.

At Newman, Brad runs into Sharon. She’s uncomfortable being at work and he discusses all of Jack’s faults and things he’s done. Sharon tells him that Jack is Senator and she needs to support him and be seen supporting him. She tells him she is doing it because she wants to, but he thinks she is doing it because Jack told her to. Sharon retaliates, “Brad, I get enough criticism from the press, I don’t need to come to the office and get it from you too, I’m just trying to do the right thing.” Brad tells her that Jack is sucking out her soul and she doesn’t realize it. While Sharon isn’t looking Brad presses the speaker phone button so that Jack can overhear his next conversation with her.

Brad talks about the article with Sharon and how vicious the press are, she tells him that Jack will stop them. Brad tells her “Well, I just hope they don’t find out about Nick, no else knows do they?” She tells him, “What, about the kiss?, No, I only told you.” Brad continues to talk about the kiss with Nick. When Jack comes in, she switches the subject to Noah quickly.

Back at the Baldwin’s, Gloria talks to Michael about Jeffrey’s visit, the photos, not being able to touch them without gloves. Lauren defends Jeffrey, but Gloria tells them they were like the ones she wore when she went to Jabot. Michael brings up the point of when she played “chemist”. Lauren can’t believe this is happening. Gloria reveals “He knows Michael, Jeffrey Bardwell knows that I contaminated that cream.”


Nikki walks into the Club and runs into Victor. He congratulates her on her interview. Nikki tells him she was happy with it, but he doesn't think it will do any good with Jack’s reputation. Nikki says they are going ahead with the new marketing campaign. Victor tells her “Pride cometh before the fall you know.” Nikki says him she is proud and no one including him will bring her down. He replies, “Your failure will be my success. When I met you, you had nothing, that’s exactly what I’ll leave you with.”

At the Coffeehouse, David meets with a reporter. He brings up Jack’s possible involvement in the death of Ji Min.


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Brad warns Jack that if he tries to isolate him from Sharon she will only end up resenting him. Jack warns “Stay away from my wife!”

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