The walls start to close in on Gloria!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Suspicions arise toward Gloria and Kevin, Jeffrey is back in town with interesting news, Maggie discusses the death of Ji Min with Jack and Sharon.

The walls start to close in on Gloria! image

In Jill’s office at Jabot, Jill and Katherine discuss the surveillance system being installed. Katherine tells Jill “We need to know who did this and we also need to know what other information they got from us.” Jill states “Yeah, what other private conversations we will see on the internet, what copyrighted work stolen and” Katherine finishes “what we are going to do about it.” Jill tells Katherine they need to first examine the hard drives of every in-house computer, Katherine agrees and tells Jill she started doing this one hour before, but didn’t shut down the security system.


At the Abbott mansion Jack is frustrated with a phone call from the press. Sharon reminds him how proud she is of him. Jack tells Sharon how much he appreciates what she has done and said. He tells her “If I get through this, it will be for you and because of you.”

Later Jack calls Paul to set up meeting with him later that evening. Sharon wonders if Paul can help. Jack thinks Paul can do things for him the police can’t.

Sharon tells Jack “If Kay finds any theft of copyrighted material or company secrets she will get the police involved.” They agree if she doesn’t, the police won’t give a damn. Sharon admits to being “creeped out” and paranoid over the hidden cameras and feels very self-conscious.


In Kevin’s office at Jabot, Kevin is on the phone with Jana. Gloria bursts in wanting to talk to him “now”. She tells him they are confiscating all the company computers. Kevin tells her that its standard procedure with a breach. Gloria wants to know if he erased everything they shouldn’t see. He tells her he used his laptop for everything. She tells him “which you happened to leave in the car, you’re welcome!” Kevin freaks “Why, why, why, why, why, I didn’t forget it in the car Mom. I was taking it to get it fixed because Michael spilled water all over it. I left it there because I knew they were taking computers and remember what I said about where I do my personal work! Michael wrecked it before I could finish brush scrubbing the drive. We have to hide this, if they look at what’s here…” He frantically shoves the laptop down his pants and puts his jacket back on. He takes a file, walks out of the office, looks around and goes back to tell Gloria he will do it later when there is less traffic.


Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack and Sharon discuss who would have had the tape. They rule out Katherine and Jill. They believe Victor released the first one, Jack knows he did. Jack doesn’t understand Victor having the second tape, when he would have to “hack” into Katherine’s company. He tells Sharon “even he has his limits”, and then takes it back. He does say that Victor would have far to much respect for Katherine to do it. They question Nikki and Brad and then Jack states “Why was Gloria at the press conference. She works for Jabot and so does Kevin and he’s a computer wiz.” He exclaims “God, I wish the hell I had gotten Ji Min to fire those two while I still could!”

Daniel arrives at the mansion to let Jack know about his research. Jack directly asks Daniel “Do you think your roommate is capable of hacking into a sophisticated security system?” Daniel admits that Kevin is good. Sharon admits to Daniel that Gloria and Jack have had their disagreements, Jack informs him Gloria “hates his guts”. Daniel questions Jack about whether he thinks Kevin would actually hack into the system as a favor to his Mom. Jack tells Daniel “Norman Bates son helped his Mom at Bates Motel in Psycho.” Daniel does admit that Kevin has always had a solution for him or anyone to any computer problems, he’s a resident expert over at Jabot but tells Jack “I haven’t seen anything that would lead me to believe that he did that.” Both Sharon and Jack ask him to let them know if he can think of anything, he agrees with a troubled look on his face.


At the Coffeehouse, J.T. gives Victoria a cassette tape. He tells her he wrote a song for the baby and she can put it next to her stomach. He tells her its not a big deal, but Victoria reaches over to kiss him and tells him she “loves it”. J.T. tells her he wants the baby to get used to his voice “even if he turns out to be an evil little Bradling”. Victoria is shocked at this and tells him “Excuse me!” He apologizes and tells her he was joking. She tells him it wasn’t a joke and to explain. He explains his insecurities about everything and she tells him she’s happy that she has told him that something is bothering him. She explains “that’s when I love you ‘cause I know its you”. They kiss, tell each other they are nervous with everything going on, but J.T. tells her how much he loves babies and everything will work out.


Paul glances at J.T. and Victoria at the Coffeehouse. He receives a phone call, Jack wants to hire him to look into the taping. Paul replies, “The taping, you mean the tape that proves you committed fraud.” Jack tries to tell him its yesterday’s news, but Paul doesn’t buy it. He wishes Sharon the best but refuses to take Jack on as a client.

Back at in Kevin’s office at Jabot, Kevin walks back into his office and jokes with Gloria as a technician is checking his hard drive. Katherine walks in and catches him joking around about spying and tells him perhaps he would like to work at the coffee shop full-time instead of Jabot. Kevin tells her “No, Mrs. Chancellor, I enjoy my work here and I am very grateful for the opportunity.” Gloria tries to excuse Kevin’s behaviour by telling her humour is his way of dealing with stress. Kevin then offers to help Katherine. She replies, “I’ll consider it.” She bids them good night. Gloria then worries about Katherine being suspicious. Kevin wants her to stop saying things out loud. Gloria tells him she will tell Kay she will help them. Kevin stops her and tells her they are going home.


At the front door of the Abbott home, Jack and Tracy say goodbye. Jack asks “Are you sure you can’t spend the night.” Tracy would love to but she has a meeting first thing and she has to go. With tears in his eyes Jack tells her “Whatever happens to me, I will not forget that you came to my press conference.” Tracy, with tears in her eyes, reaches out to touch Jack’s cheek “What is family for Jack.” They hug each other and she tearfully leaves telling him she loves him.

Sharon and Jack go inside to discuss that no other tapes have been released. They worry for their safety and for Noah’s safety.

Daniel hands the phone to Jack with a security firm that specializes in bug sweeps. Jack wants his office done in the morning and requests his home be done tonight.


Back at Jill’s office, Kay’s office and discusses Gloria and Kevin. Outside the door, Kevin tries to steer his mother out, but she flies into Jill’s office to tell them Kevin will help. Kevin tells them they have an appointment and have to leave. They leave and Jill tells Katherine no one must view the surveillance tapes. Katherine wonders why, Jill tells her she doesn’t need to know. Kay informs Jill she wants to know. Jill sheepishly tells Kay that she made love with Ji Min in her office and in the boardroom. Kay declares, “Oh, Dear God!” Later Jill is viewing the tapes and missing Ji Min. Katherine tells her they must meet with reporters.

Kay and Jill meet with the reporters who ask them questions about Senator Abbott owning Jabot, spying on employees and the contaminated cream. Kay tells them they knew nothing about Jack owning Jabot when she bought it, they don’t spy on employees, they didn’t record Senator Abbott and they only record with answering machines and voicemail. Jill tells them whoever hacked into their system added the audio comment and tells them security is top priority at Jabot. When the subject turns to the contaminated cream, Kay gets infuriated and tells them it was a meeting about the breech only and grabs Jill and walks away.


At the Club, Kevin and Gloria are enjoying a meal as Jeffrey walks up. Jeffrey tells them he was in Bangkok to pick up a box of personal items his brother William sent to him. Gloria is curious to know what was in the package. Jeffrey tells Gloria he believes his brother had a “premonition” about his death and is convinced he knew he was dying. Gloria tells him “You’re giving me the chills.” Jeffrey replies, “I’m sorry, I thought you would want to know, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Gloria asks Jeffrey what was in the box that left Jeffrey with the impression that he thought William knew he was going to die. Jeffrey tells her about a game they played as kids. When one was in trouble, they would send out special signals so the other would help out. Gloria asks what he sent. Jeffrey tells her “pictures of our parents, a nice photo of you, William’s ID as D.A., some keys, oh yeah, the weirdest item, the cream.” Gloria makes up a story and asks him if she can have the cream. He tells her he will look for it and also tells her “By the way, I didn’t want to tell you this before because I didn’t want to embarrass your son, but I love the perfume you are wearing tonight.”

Still at the Club, Kevin gets a call from Jana. Daniel rushes up to him and wants to talk to him. He ask Kevin “Did you hack into the Jabot network?” Kevin makes excuses and walks away. Daniel calls Jack and speaks to him about Kevin saying “I don’t think he did it, but you know you can never be really too sure with Kevin. I’ll keep my eye on him.”


At the Abbot house, Maggie drops by to speak to Sharon and Jack. She wants a favor from them. It bothers her that with all the coverage given about security, there is no mention of the person who caused the fraud disservices. She mentions to them “One man decided to tell the truth, one man went to the press with the news that you scammed Kay Chancellor, one died before he had a chance to open his mouth.” She continues that he just happened to die before going public. She states, “Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe its not, so just do me this favor. Please contact me if you learn anything that will lead you to believe the timing of his death was not a coincidence.” She leaves, while Jack and Sharon exchange looks.


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Sharon tells Brad she is doing it because she wants to and he tells her she is doing it because Jack told her to.

Victor tells Nikki that when he met her she had nothing and that’s exactly what he will leave her with.

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