Guilty by association!

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Jack comes clean, Tracy supports Jack, Nikki & David release Jack from Clear Springs.

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At Newman Enterprises, in Nikki’s office, Nikki and David are discussing business when interrupted by a phone call. Nikki turns the TV on as David and Nikki listen to the damaging DVD on the news. Nikki exclaims “Oh my God!” David states “The office must have been bugged.” Nikki wonders “How much damage can that man do.”

Nikki claims “I stood by that man’s side while he lied to the public.” David tells her that her position will be that she had no knowledge, but Nikki tells him she is “guilty by association.” Nikki worries about the investors and informs David “All because my selfish husband had to release that footage. Victor has Jack exactly where he wants him.”

David convinces Nikki to takes some time to see what Jack does. Nikki confesses “David, I invested every dime I have in this project, its part of why I left Victor, I have to protect it!” He comforts her “I understand okay and I’m trying to protect you, if you let me.” Nikki cries “I know, I know you are.”


At Newman in Victor’s office, Victor is on the phone when Neil knocks. Victor ushers Neil into the office as Neil closes the door. Victor asks Neil “Did you see it?” Neil responds “Did I see it, Victor, I can’t believe it, Jack is cooked!” Victor tells Neil “More like roasted, don’t you think. I wish I had been there when Jack saw the news, I would have loved to have watched his face.”

Neil mentions its bad for Nikki, Jack’s name is all over the development. Victor informs Neil “She made her choice, let her deal with the consequences.” Neil tells Victor that Nikki could lose everything. Victor tells Neil “As I said, she made her choice. I’m covered, I have fulfilled my responsibilities to the shareholders.” Neil asks if Victor wants to go ahead with the drilling and Victor tells Neil “You bet, I want it to coincide with Jack Abbott’s downfall.”


At the Abbott mansion, Jack listens to the TV announcer state “Another politician has lied to us, unfortunately it’s the name of the game people and Senator Abbott doesn’t play the game very well.” Noah wonders what is going to happen now. Jack tells him “I am sticking with the plan, a really great kid in my life taught me its always best to tell the truth.” Sharon asks if he is sure and he tells her he is going ahead with the press conference.

Later Jack is on the phone arranging not just a press conference, but a town hall meeting. Sharon tells him she’s proud of him. He tells her “Its time to tell the truth.” Sharon wonders if he is calm about this footage and he tells her “it couldn’t have happened at a worse time.” Jack tells Sharon “My question is, who the hell was taping my private meetings at Jabot!”


Phyllis watches the coverage in jail. Eventually after having some trouble making a call, she calls Jack. They banter back and forth in conversation and she asks him if he knows who “beat him to the punch” yet. He tells her he has a few people in mind. Phyllis consoles Jack by telling him “John Abbott would be very proud that you are taking responsibility for all this.” Jack wonders aloud to Phyllis about that, but tells him she knows. Her time is up and she hangs up.


At the coffeehouse Kevin and Gloria discuss the TV coverage of Jack. Gloria tells Kevin “Jack treats us like dirt and now its come back to bite him in the butt.” Kevin tells Gloria to lay low and they discuss that only Victor knows about their DVD and he won’t say anything to implicate himself. Gloria states “Its all good, its all very very good.”

Gloria goes on to tell Kevin she wants Jack to lose his senate seat, for Sharon to file for divorce, his self-respect and his fortune to be gone. She hopes the government takes millions and millions of dollars from him and then sends him for a nice long stay at a maximum security prison. Kevin laughs. Gloria tells him what she really wants is “all of his fine clothes balled up and thrown into garbage bags and locked outside the Abbott mansion, just like he did to me. Then Ashley and Tracy can sue him for damaging the Abbott name, he can’t use it anymore. He will be a nobody.”

Jana calls Kevin from Jail. He’s thrilled that she has called. She didn’t know what she was thinking by pushing him away. She tells him she has been transferred to jail. Kevin is surprised, but she tells him she will explain later. She just wants him to come visit.

Later Kevin visits Jana in jail and they embrace, trying to kiss, but not allowed to. She tells him she was found competent to stand trial. She tries once again to tell him not to come back but he refuses.


At the Club, Colleen tells Tracy that Jack is going to “totally freak” when he finds out she’s here. Tracy tells Colleen “Well, maybe, but as much as he objects he can use all the support he can get today.” Colleen discusses how Jack helped her when Brad kicked her out and made her pay for school. Tracy defends Brad on his decision. Colleen tells her she is living with Adrian anyway. Tracy asks how that is going and she tells her Mom its going great “her and Adrian are doing better than ever” with Brad “let’s not go there”.


At the Club, Jack prepares for his speech and is approached by Katherine. Katherine tells Jack “You need to publicly state that I had no knowledge of your owning Jabot.” Jack retaliates “I need!” Katherine demands “I bailed you out when you had nowhere else to go, now return that favour.” Katherine tells him “You owe me!” Jack retaliates again “I owe you nothing, you bailed me out, you practically got the company for free and now you want to dictate what I say and do.” Katherine wonders to Jack if he has heard of such a thing as being honourable. He angrily tells her “As honourable as you were filming me in the boardroom!” Katherine advises she didn’t know anything about it. Jack tells her “Of course you didn’t.”

At the Club, Sharon speaks to Noah about his homework but he prefers to watch Jack on TV. She hangs up as Brad walks up to her. She tries to escape, but he continues to talk to her about the press conference. Sharon tells him he should go. He informs her he won’t get in the way but won’t let her go through this alone.


Colleen and Tracy walk up to Jack at the Club. Jack is surprised but touched. Sharon and Tracy tell Jack they are there to support him. He tells them how much he appreciates their support. He tells Tracy to “take a page from Ashley’s play book, distance yourself from me.” He tells Sharon “you have been my anchor for the last few days, I love you for supporting me at a time when no one else would support me, but its got to stop now, I am not going to have everyone scrutinize my wife and my family. I am going to that podium by myself.”

Brad watches from a distance.


Back at the coffeehouse, Gloria speaks to Katherine about the press conference. Gloria tells Katherine “I just feel so badly for you Katherine.” Katherine thanks her for her concern. Gloria also tells her “No, No, it’s a lot more than concern, I feel like we, I don’t know, are kindred spirits, really. We have both been wronged by the most dishonest man I have ever known. He tried to erase me from my husband’s life and now he’s dragging you and Jabot into this scandal.” Katherine tries to change the subject, but Gloria continues “Yeah, I hear what you are saying, talking about Jack Abbott is like throwing salt in the wound.” Katherine studies Gloria.

Later Katherine asks Gloria where Michael is. She wants to find out about her liability with all that is going on. She also tells Gloria that she needs to find the man who’s wife was killed after she used the contaminated cream, its exactly what started it all. Gloria is horrified to hear this, but keeps quiet.


Jack is at the Town Hall at the podium. Victor listens from Newman, Gloria and Katherine watch from the coffeehouse, Sharon, Colleen watch from the club. Phyllis watches the coverage from jail, Nikki and David watch the coverage at Newman and Tracy watches as Jack gives his speech.

He confirms his involvement with Jabot, along with Ji Min, that they were alone in their dealings. He signed the agreement in good conscience. He brought up the history of his family. He advised Jabot is now profitable and flourishing, he did not profit from anything. He sold Jabot to Chancellor. He admitted to violating his agreement. Jabot is now doing well under the umbrella of Chancellor. He did the right thing and he has acted in the best interest of the voters since his election.

Jack ends the press conference and asks for the questions. Some of the reporters ask about the fraud, if he will do it again and Clear Springs. One also asks “Will you resign if the Ethics Committee investigation results in criminal charges?” Jack responds “I will co-operate fully with the Ethics Committee but I think it is premature on their results right now.” Another asks “Senator, the question of impeachment has been raised.” Jack relays “Not by me it hasn’t, I intend to serve my full term.

Victor walks to the front of the crowd in full view.

Jack tells the reporters that he had scheduled a press conference before the release of the tape. Laughter and disbelief is heard throughout the room. Sharon steps up to the podium to support Jack and gives a speech backing him up.


Back at Nikki Newman’s office, she receives a phone call. She tells David and investor doesn’t want to “be affiliated with a corrupt project”. Nikki & David reword a statement to remove Jack from Clear Springs. David tells Nikki “You are the face of Clear Springs now. We have to cut him loose.” Nikki tells him to release it.


After the press conference, Jack, Tracy, Colleen, Sharon all gather around together. Gloria drink in hand, orders another to be sent to Victor, walks right up to Jack and discusses the press conference. She also tells him “You recognize the suit Jack? You should, I was wearing it the night you threw me and all of my clothes out of the Abbott house, out of my home. It just seemed kind of fitting to wear it here, you know what I mean.” Jack and Sharon decide to leave. They see Gloria go to Victor and toast with their glasses as they walk out the door.


As Phyllis is watching the aftermath of Jack’s press conference in Jail, Jana shows up and hugs her!


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