Victor releases the DVD anonymously!!!

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Jack prepares to give a public speech, Nick confronts Victor, Victoria may be ready for a commitment with J.T., the DVD of Jack and Ji Min is released to the press!

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At the Abbott household, Jack and Sharon practise his touching public speech to the press to be made later that day. He recites the history of Jabot and John’s valuable contribution as well as what the scandal to the company did to him. John was “horrified”. Jack repeats to Sharon “I promised there and then I would do everything in my power to return my father’s dream to its former glory and to save it from bankruptcy. When he died, it meant all the more to me to protect his legacy and to make him proud.”

Sharon pretends she is the press and asks him about his personal gain. Jack relays he didn’t gain financially, just the opposite. He does regret that much was done in “secret” and apologizes for this. He asks that the public understands that it was his efforts to honour the “most decent and honourable man he’s ever known”. “Pop, if you are there listening, I hope you can forgive me, as I hope the people of the state of Wisconsin can forgive me. Thank you.”

Sharon tells Jack she liked it, he asks her if he sounded sincere and tell him “I hope you are sincere.” Jack replies “I am, thanks to you.”


At Newman Enterprises, Victoria is working away in her office, J.T. walks in and tells her she works too hard and should play hooky that Nick and Neil can cover for her. He tries to convince her that it may be the last time they can be alone together before his involvement with Clear Springs. Victoria is very tempted but is interrupted by Karen and Neil with questions about business.

While J.T. lingers in the background, Victoria, Neil and Karen discuss business. J.T. texts Victoria with “You should take off some of your clothing.” Victoria is shocked as she reads the message. She continues to discuss business with Neil and Karen. J.T. texts her again “You are making me wait over helicopter photos, May Day, I’m about to crash and burn.” Victoria starts laughing out loud. Karen and Neil wonder what’s so funny. Victoria dismisses it and tells them she will look over their work that night and have Nikki do the same, while trying to keep a straight face.

Victoria exclaims “Bad Boyfriend!” J.T. replies “Bad…bad…, wait until I get you home, I’ll show you bad.” Victoria still tells him she has too much going on and can’t leave. J.T. leaves with a joke and a grin on his face. As he is walking to the Newman elevator he encounters two Newman employees who are whispering about him and his relationship with Victoria. He overhears and a concerned look crosses his face.


In Victor Newman’s office, Nick is there and overhears Victor letting go of someone over the phone. He tells his father “I bet you wish you could dismiss your family as easily as you do your employees.” Victor retaliates “I’ll forget you said that all right, you are taking this all way to personally son.” Nick discusses the fact he doesn’t like Victor playing mind games with Phyllis. Victor insists he is trying to help her by setting her up with a prison release program.

Nick argues that is only by doing what he wants and tells his father “Do you know how sick that sounds?” Victor continues to say he is trying to help Phyllis. Nick wonders why he even needs Phyllis’ help. Victor states “Jack Abbott told her flat out that he owned Jabot. I want her to relay that to the Ethics Committee, what is wrong with that?” Nick tells Victor that Phyllis is loyal and trusting. Victor also tells him she is missing her children. Nick states “Desperately, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to roll one of her friends under the bus just because you pressure her.” Victor continues to argue he just wants to help Phyllis and for her to tell the truth about a senator who’s lied. Nick argues back “Dad, you don’t give a damn about the people of Wisconsin, this is about you and him.” Victor tells Nick he thinks he can help Phyllis and one doesn’t depend on the other. Victor reminds Nick “This is the same woman who swore she didn’t blackmail Brad Carlton, now do you still think you can trust her!”


Back at the Abbott mansion, Sharon is advised that Noah has been in a fight about Jack by the principal. Jack is distraught. Sharon lets Jack know he’s been suspended for two days. Sharon gets ready to pick him up, but Jack wants to do it saying “My problems have become Noah’s problems, its time for me to step up and do something about it.”

Noah is home and Sharon tends to his injured eye. Noah explains that he defended Jack when another kid said Jack did things he told him he didn’t do. Sharon prompts Jack. Jack sits down, and tells Noah that the things the kid was saying to him were true. Noah doesn’t understand why Jack lied. Jack explains that sometimes the wrong things are done for the right reasons. He tells Noah he made a mistake, a big one. “I’m telling everyone, but I’m telling you first because I love you.” Jack is hoping everyone will understand and forgive him, like Sharon has. Noah yells “I’m never going to forgive you, never!” and runs from the room.

Sharon goes to Noah to try to convince him to forgive Jack, that everyone makes mistakes. Jack walks in and tells him he has “every right to be angry with me”. Sharon leaves them alone to talk. Noah asks Jack “Aren’t you going to be embarrassed telling everybody you lied?” Jack tells him “Nothing could feel any worse than hurting you.” Noah lets Jack know “Its cool. I still love you.” He gives Jack a hug.


Victor holds all calls, locks his door to watch the DVD. A look of satisfaction crosses his face. He recalls when he played the DVD months ago in front of a shocked Jack and remembers his threat about betraying him.


Back in Victoria’s office, Nick tells Victoria about Victor’s visit with Phyllis and his “bribe”. Victoria is surprised. She also tells Nick “I tell you, never underestimate Dad’s clout.” Nick questions why Victor hasn’t done anything yet, he’s just letting Phyllis “rot in that jail cell, while the rest of us are suffering, like me, Summer and Noah.” Victoria agrees that its “terrible”. Nick continues to question if Victor didn’t “need” Phyllis, if he would just leave her in jail for six years. He wonders that a father should be doing what he can to make his children happy. Victoria agrees. Nick continues to say that he thinks Victor is being selfish instead of thinking about his family. They continue to discuss how their father was in the past, how he is now and about his priorities.

During the discussion about their father, Victoria states “when this baby is born I am going to be 100% committed to him and J.T., Newman will always come second.” Nick is surprised at the reference of commitment to J.T. Victoria tells him its “the real deal” and that “it kind of snuck up on me.” She admits she and Brad never had it easy together like Nick and Phyllis. Nick tells Victoria how he has fallen for Phyllis all over again, even without his memory back. Victoria tells Nick his future could start tomorrow if Victor stepped up to the plate.


At Newman, Neil and Karen discuss business and Jack’s negative publicity. Neil tells Karen “You can’t let Newman become your whole life, if you do, you will go crazy.” Karen later tells him she took his advice and signed up for cooking classes. She invites him over to try out her pot roast and he tells her he will come.


Back in Victor’s office, Victor is on the phone discussing the DVD and informing the person on the phone his name must not be linked to it. Victoria knocks on the door and wonders why the door was locked. Victor casually dismisses it. Victoria discusses Nick and her father’s visit with Phyllis. She tells Victor that Nick is wondering whether Jack is more important than he is. Victor informs Victoria “Oh sweetheart, that’s ridiculous.” Victoria tells him she can’t really blame Nick. She tells him they aren’t a family anymore, especially since Clear Springs. Victor agrees things have to change. Victoria declares “Not things Dad, YOU.” Victoria goes back to her office. Neil drops by and tells her to take it easy, slow down and relax. Victoria rushes out. Over in Victor's office, Victor tells Nick in his office that he knows he is angry with him. He informs Nick he saw Victoria and has made calls on Phyllis’ behalf. Nick wonders why the calls were not made before. Victor tells Nick he had his reasons and he doesn’t want to argue with him. Nick agrees with this.


At J.T.'s place, Paul knocks and walks in. They discuss the staged argument for the sake of J.T.'s undercover assignment for Clear Springs. Paul starts to discuss his relationship with Victoria to Paul and wonders how long it will last. He tells Paul “Victoria could have any guy she wants.” He continues “at some point its going to get old, she’s a Newman, she could do better.” He casually throws darts at the picture of Victor on the dartboard. Both Paul and J.T. play darts on Victor's picture while J.T. tells Paul what he overheard the employees at Newman say. Paul consoles J.T. and tells him not to care what others think. J.T. brings up Victoria having money. Paul warns J.T. that when he is involved with Clear Springs, felons may be involved as well and he must be focused, he can’t be preoccupied with his personal life.

Victoria walks in. J.T. and Victoria have a loving moment. Paul chooses to leave. Victoria notices the dartboard with several darts on Victor’s face and exclaims “Oh, look at that, that’s a nice look for my Dad, he just needs a couple of horns and he’ll be good to go. She tells J.T. she came home early to spend time with him. They make love. Victoria later puts her ringing cell phone in the oven and tells J.T. she doesn’t want to be like her father.


In Victor’s office, Neil meets with Victor to discuss the expenses of Clear Springs. Victor thinks they are too high. Victor is concerned that once the news comes out about Jack, the sales of condos will plummet. Neil advises Victoria already gave the go ahead on Phase 3. Victor is surprised. He then tells Neil “It will be her and Nikki’s loss, if they insist on investing in a losing venture, so be it. I will no long wait. I want my private company to start drilling.”

Back at the Abbott household, Jack and Sharon discuss how great Noah is and delaying his press conference so that he could speak to Noah. Noah bursts into the room telling them to turn on the TV. A reporter on television announces they received a DVD of Senator Jack Abbott and the late Ji Min. Jack and Sharon are horrified. Jack states “If I confess now, everyone is only going to believe its because of the new evidence!”


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