Gloria exposes Jack to Victor!

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Gloria gives Victor damaging evidence against Jack, Phyllis receives visitors, Brad makes a startling confession!

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At the mansion, Sharon and Jack wake up holding each other in each other’s arms. They discuss how he is going to “tell the world” he owns Jabot. Sharon notices the smile still on his face. He tells her he is lucky to be her husband and that in the next few days “people will say the truth set Jack Abbott free. The real truth is, YOU set me free. They kiss and embrace one another.


At Kevin’s, Gloria and Kevin discuss the DVD. She tells him she phoned Victor and wants his opinion. Kevin tells her there is a senate investigation going on, she retaliates “Who know’s how long that will take.” She states they have proof that Jack owned Jabot. Kevin admits that Jack never came out and admitted anything. Gloria pleas “Kevin, help me bring that SOB down, Victor will never know where I got the DVD. This is our chance to pay him back for everything he’s done to us.” Kevin tells Gloria that his name is never to be mentioned.


Victor and Cane have a breakfast meeting at the Athletic Club. Victor asks Cane how Jill is doing and Cane admits she is its been rough on her. Lily walks in, saying hello to both. Victor’s cell phone rings, its Gloria, wanting to meet him later. Michael wonders why Gloria is calling Victor, guesses its about the DVD, which Kevin confirms. Michael tells Gloria this is a major felony, Kevin retracts, “Its not traceable.” Michael agrees “It is my firm desire to see that man get everything he so richly deserves.” Gloria replies “Which is exactly what we are going to do.” Arguments continue about the DVD, Michael opposes, especially in light of Kevin’s charges already and Gloria finally declares he is right and she won’t risk Kevin getting in trouble. Later, Michael helps Kevin destroy evidence.


At Newman Enterprises, Nick and his assistant Becky plan his day. Brad walks in asking for Victor. Nick advises he is at a breakfast meeting at the club. Brad mentions he wants to see him before sunrise, before Yom Kipper begins. Brad exits, the phone rings, its an excited Phyllis who has all her privileges back. They profess their love to each other and hang up. Nick tells Becky to cancel all his morning meetings.

Back at the Abbott household, Noah, Sharon and Jack are discussing school with Noah. Nick arrives to let Sharon know Phyllis can have visitors. Summer is in daycare, Sharon agrees to let Noah take time off school and will go with Nick and Noah to visit Phyllis.

Cane is reviewing reports at the Athletic Club, Lily looks on as Colleen, who is working, encourages her to talk to him. Lily sits down with Cane, they have coffee. She admits she is nervous and they joke around. Cane asks Lily to a concert and finds out she is only 19! He is stunned.


At Newman, Brad apologies to Victor for all his wrongdoings. Victor is curious, but then realizes that Yom Kipper starts soon and understands why Brad is apologizing. Brad is happy he doesn’t have to “hide” anymore, thanks to Victor’s help. Victor tells Brad “You show me your metamorphosis is real and perhaps I’ll change my mind about you.”

At the Club, Brad asks Colleen how living with her “boyfriend” is going. She retorts that all he is trying to do is break them up. Brad tells her that’s in the past and he is trying to respect her wishes, he just didn’t want to let her go. Colleen tells her father “Dad, I’m already gone.” Brad wants Colleen to accompany him to the synagogue for Yom Kipper, but she argues “Its not how special one day is Dad, its not going to change you.” She walks away. Colleen later apologizes and agrees to go to the synagogue.

At the Jail, Sharon, Noah are cleared to see Phyllis, Nick isn’t. Nick argues with the Warden. Nick explains to Noah he broke a rule and not to tell Phyllis he is there. Phyllis and Noah discuss jail conditions and then hug each other. Phyllis thanks Sharon, who thanks Phyllis for what she said to Jack the day before. Phyllis senses something is wrong with Noah and he admits Nick is there.


Nick meets with the Warden once more who is ready to dismiss him. Nick relays the plane crash he was in and how he remembered nothing of his life for the past two years, not his daughter dying in a car crash or his new baby with his new wife. Phyllis stood by him. Nick declares “Something amazing happened the night before she had to come here (as Sharon steps in silently), I fell in love with her all over again. We had one night together, just one night.” He pleas with the warden “I’m asking you if you have ever loved a woman the way I love my wife then please just let me see her one time.” Sharon listens, crushed. Nick explains to Sharon that he loves Phyllis, but also remembers their past. He wishes he could live two separate lives, but they both admit he can’t.


Phyllis and Nick embrace, Sharon leaves them alone, hurt and confused. Phyllis is overjoyed and asks about Summer. She mentions Victor’s visit to Nick and his proposition to help get Phyllis out of jail on prison release probation. Nick is thrilled. Phyllis then tells Nick about the condition of turning on Jack. Nick is stunned “are you kidding me.” She didn’t want to tell him, but he’s glad she did. “But he could get me out, he could get me out.” Phyllis states “If he could do it, trust me, he’s going to do it.” Nick replies.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon, Jack and Noah discuss seeing Phyllis. Noah is worried and having trouble at school. He brings up the question if Jack were to do something wrong and Jack looks troubled but doesn’t say anything. Jack takes Noah to school, Brad comes in and speaks to Sharon. He tells her he regrets marrying Victoria after Sharon told him she loved him. Sharon is stunned and walks away.


At Newman, Victor asks Jack if he is there to accuse him of the audio tape. Jack wonders and jokes if there is a taping device hidden somewhere taping their conversation. “I notice the camera that caught your wife kissing another man is gone.” They discuss business and the loss of a lucrative contract with Granville Global. Jack denies its his fault, he doesn’t have that much power. Victor laughs “You underestimate your power, the senate ethics committee wouldn’t investigate if you had no power.” Victor waves his finger at Jack and warns “be careful, be very careful”. Jack is walking down the stairs of Newman setting up the live remote press conference.


Back at Newman, Gloria tells Victor “Jack has gotten away with too much for far too long.” Victor asks what he can do. She presents the DVD. Victor guesses its about Jack. He asks Gloria where she got it and she casually states “it found its way to her”. Victor knows it was her son, but they both agree that her sons know nothing about it. Victor starts listening to the DVD, Nick walks in and demands “If you can get my wife out of prison, then do it NOW!”


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