Victoria throws Cane out of her house after he confronts Reed

Candace Young

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Wednesday September 13, 2017: Abby puts a plan in motion, Phyllis questions Billy, and Mariah and Devon meet to talk.

Victoria throws Cane out of her house after he confronts Reed image

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At Brash & Sassy, Victoria and Billy oversee testing of the new Sassy Mask, which is very positive. Jack-Phyllis-manipulated-sales-YR-CBThey plan to launch immediately and catch Jabot off guard. They rehash using Phyllis’ computer to access the server. Billy assures her no one will find out. Up at Jabot, Phyllis updates Jack on Brash & Sassy’s curious sales figures. He believes they’ve been manipulated and thinks Billy’s behind it. Jack muses about getting inside information about their strategy. A reluctant Phyllis bustles off saying she’s clear on what to do.

At Sharon’s place, Tessa and Mariah debate Crystal’s whereabouts. Mariah takes a call from Devon, who wants to talk. Noah arrives to support Tessa, so she agrees to meet. Mariah is clearly thrown by Tessa and Noah kissing as she leaves. Inside, Tessa confides that Mariah and Devon have things to work out. Noah shares that a music promoter is coming to town to check her out, and asks her to be the opening act for his Ann Arbor club. They kiss.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Zach phones Alice to confirm Crystal was taken to the airport, then talks about the sex ring business. Abby overhears him alluding to luring some people and discouraging others, and questions him. Zach covers. They discuss the app. Abby wants to get rid of some of the ‘low rent’ ads and drags him off to marketing meetings.

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At Victoria’s house, Mattie is making out with Reed as her phone buzzes with a missed call from Cane. They slow things down and discuss their parental issues before kissing again.

In the park café, Cane disconnects from trying to reach Mattie and worries to Hilary that his daughter’s cutting school. He speculates that she’s acting out because he said she couldn’t see Reed. Hilary wonders if he thinks they’re together. When Cane steps away, Hilary contacts Mattie.

At Victoria’s place, Reed and Mattie discuss Hilary’s ‘red alert’ that Cane knows she’s not at school. She phones her dad and lies that she and her friend got a flat tire.

At the café, Cane updates Hilary that Mattie flat out lied to him. He leaves as Hilary asks where he’s going.

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Mariah-Devon-apology-YR-CBSAt the Club, Devon apologizes again to Mariah for ditching her to hang out with Hilary, but Mariah says it’s about more than that, and complains that Hilary rubbed it in her face that they fought. Devon thinks she should ignore Hilary, but Mariah feels she might be right. What if there’s someone else out there for each of them? Devon insists Mariah’s the person he wants to be with, and they agree to try and fix this. They kiss and hug, but Mariah doesn’t look overly happy.

Abby and Zach arrive in Jack’s office and make a pitch for Jabot to advertise on their app. Jack speaks to Abby alone and reminds her she backed out on their partnership. He can’t believe she’s back asking for money when it benefits Victor, and refuses to advertise. Abby and Zach take their pitch to Brash & Sassy. After a comment from Zach, Victoria deduces that Jack already turned them down, but Abby talks her into signing on. Later, Vikki opines to Billy that Zach seems a little slick for her. Phyllis appears and Victoria exits. Phyllis and Billy talk about being busy, and she reveals Jack is making noises about Brash & Sassy having a spy upstairs due to their inside information. Billy wonders whose side she’s on, and bristles at the suggestion Victoria hired a spy. He walks out. Upstairs in Jack’s office, he and Hilary spar verbally about her helping him out over champagne.

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Back at Crimson Lights, Zach compliments Abby’s handling of her sister. She chews about him slipping up and mentioning Jack – he’s too smart for that. Zach insists he didn’t try to sabotage the ad meetings on purpose.

Cane bursts into Victoria’s house looking for Mattie. He spots her headband and tells Reed she was a good girl, but she’s not anymore thanks to him. Victoria arrives and asks what the hell Cane’s doing in her house. She sends Reed to school, and upbraids Cane on coming into her house this way. Cane argues that Mattie’s a minor. Vikki throws him out and holds her head.

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Nick says, “This is Victor Newman. He doesn’t play by the book.” Noah replies, “Well the book isn’t working for us right now, okay?”

Cane tells Lily, “I don’t care who his mother is, I care that he’s trying to pressure our daughter, and you should care about that too.”

Victoria says to Reed, “Cane is going to make it impossible for you two to see each other ever again.”

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