Jack learns Dina exposed the company’s confidential files to Graham

Candace Young

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Monday September 11, 2017: Tessa’s plan falls flat, Phyllis interrupts Billy and Victoria, and Scott and Sharon decide to pursue Alice’s car.

Jack learns Dina exposed the company’s confidential files to Graham image

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At Crimson Lights, Scott senses that Sharon’s torn about following Alice. They share a kiss. After, Abby arrives seeking cookies. She updates Scott on Zach’s horrible behavior and admits he was right about office romance. Scott shrugs that she should give the guy a second chance. Sharon appears and wonders why Abby was thanking him.

Outside Alice’s house, Mariah warns Tessa to be careful. Inside, Alice tries to reassure Crystal that she’s a favorite and everything will be fine. Tessa rings the doorbell. Alice tells Crystal to go upstairs, but she doesn’t, and is overwhelmed when she hears her sister’s voice, as she tries to con Alice into letting her in. Alice closes the door on her. Tessa rejoins Mariah and reports Alice only opened the door a crack – she’s definitely hiding something. They pull away, as inside, Leon the thug arrives for Crystal, who doesn’t want to go.

While driving in the car, Tessa worries to Mariah that now Alice knows what she looks like.

Back at Alice’s, she reassures one of the prostitutes who’s worried about Crystal having been taken away, and shares that she once had a little girl of her own who died.

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At Jabot, Jack chortles about Dina turning out to be quite an asset. Ashley counters, “She’s turning out to be quite a threat.” She updates him on Dina giving Graham access to the confidential Jabot files. Jack isn’t happy. They speculate on Graham’s possible agenda. Ashley complains that Dina spoke to Abby about Brent Davis.Billy-Victoria-spray-YR-CBS Jack feels if Abby knew the truth, she might understand Ash better, but then apologizes. Ash sighs – she wishes she could get past it. They reflect on the improvement in their relationships with Dina. Talk turns to Ravi, and Ashley leaves Jack to speculate alone. Down at Brash & Sassy, Billy tells Victoria the Fenmore’s sales are better than projected. She points out their numbers are still flat everywhere else. When Billy deems their body spray a ‘babe magnet’, Victoria flirtatiously says it depends who you spray it on.

In the Club dining room, Lauren enthuses to Phyllis about the competition between Jabot and Brash & Sassy. Phyllis doesn’t think the latest sales numbers can be right. Lauren thinks she’s upset because Brash & Sassy’s not failing, and pleads with her to abandon her plan. Phyllis argues that Victoria’s not playing fairly and takes off. Abby-Zach-smooth-YR-CBSUp in Dina’s suite, she thanks Ravi for his help, and worries about Ashley doubting her. Ravi reassures her, and learns Graham is away. In the dining room, Zach is relieved that Abby called. She wants to know what was so important he acted as though he didn’t care about her. The smooth operator manages to talk her around with a sob story and flattery. They indulge in a public display of affection. Upstairs, Dina tosses and turns in bed as she flashes to Ashley lashing out at her over Brent Davis. She dials Graham’s room, but remembers he’s away.

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At Jabot, Ravi updates Ashley on his chat with Dina, who mentioned Graham went to Paris. He reports that Dina’s worried Ash won’t forgive her. In Jack’s office, he questions Lauren about Brash & Sassy’s strong sales. Lauren lays into him about bullying Phyllis into joining his vendetta against Billy and walks out. At Brash & Sassy, Phyllis interrupts Billy and Victoria’s strategy session and after she leaves, they worry about whether she heard anything. Phyllis appears in Jack’s office, and reveals Billy and Victoria are planning something big – she’ll use her unique skill set to find out what.

At home, Sharon opines to Scott that Alice may be telling herself that she’s helping the girls instead of exploiting them. They get a notification that Alice’s car is on the move and is headed for the airport, and decide to go after her.

In Alice’s car, Crystal looks nervously at the thug.

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Victoria is really glad Billy was there to help. Billy tells Victoria they make a great team.

Phyllis says to Hilary, “I’m the outsider, I’ll never have what they have, and I’m going to fix it.”

Jack asks Dina, “What has this man done to deserve undying loyalty from you?” Dina replies, “Alright. I’ll tell you.”

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