Mariah and Tessa put themselves in danger trying to get to Crystal

Candace Young

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Friday September 8, 2017: Devon confronts Jordan, Abby sees another side of Zach, and Nick extracts a promise from Sharon.

Mariah and Tessa put themselves in danger trying to get to Crystal image

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At the Athletic Club, Abby snipes at Scott – she came there to get away from work…and him. Scott wonders if she’s as rude to everyone she works with, and spar verbally. Abby goes on a rant about Sharon’s history. Scott counters that Abby’s no longer the Naked Heiress. He senses she’s in a mood and guesses Zach has stood her up. Abby defends her boyfriend, and Scott heads out.Hilary-Devon-gym-look-YR-CBS Nearby, Hilary spots Devon furiously pumping iron and asks if he wants to talk about it. They discuss his business and exchange intense looks. Talk turns to Cane disappointing his family, and then to Jordan dumping Hilary. She warns Devon not to be concerned about her, but about Lily, who is susceptible to ‘opportunist’ Jordan. Devon gets worked up about someone using the family’s pain to get close to his sister. Hil walks off as Jordan appears. Devon confronts him about ‘playing all the angles’ by dumping Hilary as soon as Lily had marital trouble. Jordan insists he and Lily are friends. He won’t apologize, and if it becomes more, there’s nothing Devon or Cane can do about it.

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At the Ashby house, Cane lets Lily know he saw Jordan at the gym, and asks how her shoot went. Lily-Cane-congratulations-YR-CBSLily says it felt strange without him there. Cane misses them living and working together. Lily knows deep down he’s a good man. Cane plans to make things right, and reveals the prenatal tests were negative. Lily learns Juliet’s having a boy, and congratulates him. Mattie arrives, and Cane invites her to dinner. She isn’t happy about Reed, but agrees. Cane and Lily smile over the ‘small victory’. Talk turns to Reed. Cane says he’s not the kind of boy he wants dating his daughter.

In Crimson Lights, Tessa’s feeling impatient about Crystal. Mariah reminds her they need to heed Nick’s warning and reflects on never knowing her sister, Cassie. Mariah asks about her and Crystal. Tessa reveals they grew up among the gang activity in Chicago; their mother was an addict and their father was an abusive drunk. She left, and promised to get Crystal out. Mariah assures her they’ll find her.

Zach arrives at Alice’s place, where she assures him ‘Rainbow Girl’s’ attitude is much better now. She calls Crystal in to meet him. Zach muses that she’s had a lot of people concerned about her. He speaks to the girl alone and tells her he knows she went to see her sister, Tessa, whom he knew from Chicago. Zach warns Crystal if she tries to contact her again, she will pay the consequences. Alice reappears, and Crystal’s sent out. Zach orders the blonde to find another place for Crystal; he wants her out of the house by tonight.

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In The Underground, Sharon and Nick discuss Alice’s car remaining in the same spot for a while now. Sharon announces she’s going over there. Nick protests. The debate about Alice reignites. Sharon can’t ignore her instincts. “Scott says…” Nick interrupts - Scott may be willing to let her put herself in danger, but he’s not. Nick-Sharon-hug-YR-CBSHe talks up Sharon turning her life around, and all they’ve gotten through since the Alice days. Nick couldn’t handle it if something happened to her. Sharon promises not to put herself in harm’s way. They hug as Chelsea arrives. Sharon goes, and Chelsea remarks on the one year anniversary of Adam’s death. Talk turns to painful memories and Nick reveals someone turned up from his and Sharon’s past. He fills her in on Alice, and explains he can’t ignore the feeling Sharon has about her.

Zach joins Abby at the Club, apologizing for being late. She checks his hands for ailments that prevented him from texting her, and lectures until he concedes, “You’re right.” Unimpressed, Abby gets up to leave. Zach snaps, “Don’t walk away from me!” He wants to explain, but Abby exits. Meanwhile, Devon joins Hilary at a table and vents about Jordan. She thinks someone will have to make Lily see what he’s doing.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon updates Tessa and Mariah on tracking Alice. Mariah looks at the app on Sharon’s phone while Tessa questions Sharon. After seeing a snapshot of Alice, Mariah and Tessa take off. Scott arrives, and Sharon brings him up to speed. He figures Alice is at a sex ring safehouse and wants to check it out. Sharon balks - Nick made her see it would be irresponsible to put herself at risk. Scott agrees.

Mariah and Tessa arrive at the location from the tracking app. Mariah is worried Sharon would kill them for being there, but Tessa is gung ho to go up to the house. Pointing out that Mariah looks like Cassie, Tessa exits the car to go alone.

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