Sharon schemes to expose the truth about Alice

Candace Young

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Wednesday September 6, 2017: Cane and Lily carry on a family tradition, Hilary advises Phyllis, and Juliet and Cane get the baby’s test results.

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At the Club, Juliet tells Hilary that she and Cane will get the results from the prenatal tests today. Hilary feels he’s only concerned about the test results, not her. Juliet exclaims, “Screw you.” Hil apologizes, but warns that Cane is still all about getting Lily back. Juliet realizes that she’s now concerned about Jordan’s interest in Lily. In the gym, Noah asks Tessa about Crystal as Zach enters. He listens as she talks about her sister. Noah notices him and asks about the app. Zach makes the interaction short and sweet. Tessa goes back to talking about her hopes that Crystal would go to college. Noah hopes she’ll heal and then live the life she wants.

At the Ashby house, Cane and Lily are together for the tradition of the twins’ back-to-school breakfast. Lily-best-wishes-YR-CBSCharlie and Mattie join them for waffles and the conversation is stilted despite Cane and Lily’s efforts. The twins decide they should go. Mattie and Cane have words while Lily helps Charlie find a charger. She’s irritated when he mentions Reed. Once alone, Lily urges Cane to keep trying. He appreciates her support. Talk turns to his job hunt and finances, and Lily mentions going into work later. Cane reports he has to meet Juliet for the baby’s test results. Lily wishes them the best and asks him to let her know what happens.

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At home, Phyllis and Billy discuss Jack cracking down on Jabot’s cyber-security before canoodling.

Nick chats with Alice at The Underground and Sharon soon appears. “Alice, you have no idea how glad I am to see you.” She has Alice’s credit card and pretends to have trouble locating it in her purse in order to ask about Alice’s job.Alice-stops-short-YR-CBS When she produces the card, Alice makes a beeline for the door, but stops short when Sharon loudly mentions the name ‘Crystal’ to Nick. Alice covers, and then announces she’s headed back home…to Madison. After, Nick mocks Sharon’s contention that Alice is working with the sex ring. Sharon reveals that Crystal is Tessa’s sister and she won’t fail her again. She updates Nick on Alice’s house in Genoa City with a ‘niece’ that visits. Nick agrees something’s off. Sharon informs him that Alice will be back soon. Nick wonders how she knows that. Sharon says her car won’t make it very far.

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At Brash & Sassy, Reed argues with Victoria about her disapproval of Mattie. She cracks that it will give him song material. He’s not amused, but hugs her before leaving as Billy arrives. Billy wants to discuss the kiss, and Victoria says it’s forgotten. Billy brings up Hochman but Vikki doesn’t want to talk about the sleaze. She reports that Victor advised her on making company changes, and strategize. Billy will get back into Jabot’s server. He won’t make a habit of it, but it’s for a good cause.Hilary-Phyllis-warning-YR-CBS Up at Jabot, Hilary finds Phyllis while looking for Jack. Talk turns to Victoria’s footage. Phyllis congratulates her on a job well done. Hilary supposes Victoria’s fighting her for Billy and asks, “How bad is it?” Phyllis thinks he’s overcompensating, Victoria’s manipulating him, and he can’t see it. Hilary agrees that men are blind, and advises Phyllis not to give Victoria an inch. Phyllis won’t. Later, Hilary runs into Lily on the elevator. They bicker about Jordan. Hilary points out what Lily is doing to her husband and kids. “You’re a big, fat hypocrite.” She lets Lily know that Cane confided in her, and Lily insists that Jordan’s a friend. Hilary warns that Juliet is more than willing to take Cane if Lily pushes him away.

At the hospital, Juliet agonizes to Cane about the test results. He sits beside her and takes her hand as he assures her that they’ll go through this together. The doctor appears and announces the test was negative, and asks if they’d like to know the sex. Cane wants to know, so Juliet tells the doctor to go for it. They learn they’re having a boy. Juliet cries with relief and joy. Cane embraces her.

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In the Club dining room, Billy and Victoria have been shopping for Johnny’s school supplies. Phyllis arrives. Victoria apologizes for the elevator scene. The redhead accepts, returns the sentiment, and agrees to join them. Billy tells a funny story about Johnny and he and Victoria laugh. Victoria tells Phyllis, “I guess you had to be there.” In the gym, Zach glances at Tessa and Noah as he gets a text from Alice that ‘Rainbow Girl’ is back and ready to work. He replies that he has big plans for her.

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