Ashley confronts Dina about sharing confidential information with Graham

Candace Young

Monday, September 4th, 2017

Tuesday September 5, 2017: Victor and Nick square off, Victoria senses a turning point, and Phyllis comes clean with Billy.

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Victor hits the punching bag at the Athletic Club while Nick works out. Victor sidles up to needle Nick about paying his own dues. Victor-Nick-spar-YR-CBSNick chides him about doing the right thing the other day. Vic makes it clear he sent the furniture for Faith, not him, and complains about Nick moving his financial assets. Nick figures he’s just upset Dean can’t spy on him anymore - he can succeed without him. Vic intones, “Don’t come running to me when you go broke.” In the dining room, Lily informs Devon that Hilary and Jordan broke up. Devon puzzles that Hilary didn’t mention it when he was reconnecting with her. Lily sighs, “Here we go again.” They bicker about whether Hilary has her sights set on him. Lily urges him not to let her ruin things with Mariah. Devon opens up about not telling Mariah he loves her yet. Lily hopes she’ll wait. They sigh over their dishonest spouses.

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At Brash & Sassy, Victoria updates Nikki on her run-in with Phyllis. She figures Nikki also put Jack on notice. Nikki admits it. Victoria reveals she shared a ‘moment’ with Billy – it felt like a turning point. Up at Jabot, Ashley confronts Dina about sharing confidential company information with Graham. Dina thinks she should be thanking her for utilizing Graham’s skills for free. Ash argues he could sell the information to the highest bidder. Dina snaps that Graham would never do that to her. Ash wants to know what information he’s had access to, but Dina remains indignant – Graham cares about her. Ravi enters. Ash dismisses Dina, and then rants to Ravi about her mother finding nothing wrong with sharing confidential files with Graham. Ash doesn’t trust him, and wants to find out everything about him.

Billy arrives at home, where Phyllis, assuming Victoria told him she pushed Hochman in her direction, comes clean. Billy says it’s the first he’s heard of it, and rants about the damage that could have been done to the company if Victoria had taken Hochman’s loan. Billy-embrace-Phyllis-YR-CBSHe told his ex that Phyllis wasn’t trying to bring down the company, but now he’s not so sure. Phyllis points out she didn’t know Victoria needed a loan; she was losing her lover to a needy boss and wanted him back. She wants Billy to hold his ex-wife a little bit accountable for her actions. Billy knows Phyllis didn’t mean to mess up; it’s not entirely her fault. Talk turns to Jack’s plan to undermine Brash & Sassy at Fenmore's. Phyllis assures him Lauren will keep selling their products. They embrace. Phyllis knows it’s over with him and Victoria. Billy says, “Do you know how much I love you? Only you.” They kiss and begin undressing.

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In the GC Buzz studio, Hilary updates Mariah on her break-up with Jordan. “I am a free agent, but probably not for long.”Mariah-Hilary-pals-YR-CBS Mariah doesn’t care. She reminds Hil that Devon divorced her and she’s history. Hil smirks about Mariah and Devon being ‘great pals’ and walks away. After, Mariah shows off photos of her and Devon together. Hilary snarks that she and Devon don’t need artificial events to feel close and reminds her she got ditched the other night. Hilary thinks Mariah seems closer to Tessa than Devon, and muses that perhaps they’ve peaked.

Nikki and Victoria arrive at the Club and learn that Nick got the bedroom furniture from Victor. Nick chews that his father wants him to fail. Vic appears and complains that Nick won’t listen. Victoria suggests they all share a meal. Nick’s out, and Nikki sniffs it’s too soon. Victoria and Victor sit. She apologizes for over-reacting when he offered a loan, but disagrees with him kicking Nick out. Vic’s glad she got the money from Neil. Victoria wants business advice, and Victor advises her to change her message and be pro-active. He wants to put the tension behind them. Up in Dina’s suite, she updates Graham on her confrontation with Ashley, and he suggests they return to Paris. He reveals he has to go back to deal with his apartment. Dina wishes him luck. He’ll be as quick as he can. Once alone, Dina pours a scotch and frets, “What am I going to do?”

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At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Nick discuss having minimal interaction with Victor. Nikki counsels Nick to stop fighting with Victor on his terms. “Live your life and be pro-active.”

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Hilary asks Phyllis, “Are you winning or are you losing?”

Billy says to Victoria, “I think there’s something we should talk about.” Vikki replies, “It’s fine.” Billy counters, “You don’t know what I’m going to say.” She says, “The kiss.” Billy nods. “Okay. You know.”

Sharon approaches Alice and says, “You have no idea how glad I am to see you.”

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