Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Billy gives Phyllis news after a near-miss with Jack

Candace Young

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Friday April 21, 2017: Ravi defends Ashley’s honor, Chelsea is upset about Paul’s update, and Scott has a secret.

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Billy gives Phyllis news after a near-miss with Jack image

Outside Ashley’s hotel room in New York, she and Ravi finish their kiss and part ways awkwardly. Later, they meet in the restaurant, as neither was ready to turn in. Over drinks, Ravi shares that he doesn’t know what that kiss meant, but he enjoyed it. Hochman appears and questions why Ashley would opt to go out with Ravi and not him. He joins them, uninvited, and Ravi points out he didn’t treat Ashley with the respect she deserves. Hochman laughs and makes light of Ravi’s job, after which Ravi makes a fool of him and calls him a pompous ass. After he’s gone, Ash tells Ravi he continues to surprise her and thanks him for standing up for her.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Nick that Faith came to her upset about him having hit Victor. Nick claims they were just sparring, but Sharon wonders if something happened between them and that’s why he didn’t want Faith living there anymore. Nick denies it – it was time Faith was back with them. Nick leaves, and Scott arrives with the news that Nikki wants to kill Victor’s memoir. He can’t reach Victor and feels it’s a bit sketchy. “Do you think there’s more going on?” Sharon muses with Victor, anything’s possible. Scott turns his attention to dessert and shares he knows how to cook. He wonders if she has any secrets. Sharon opens up that it’s only been a few months since her husband left and they agree to take it slow. Mariah-questions-date-YR-HWMariah joins them and Scott entertains them with a story. He and Mariah make nice after the tension between them at Kevin’s wedding and she asks him for pointers. Scott gets a text while the women chat and looks pensive. He exits. Mariah questions Sharon about dating Scott and says she likes him, though she barely knows him. Sharon coyly admits she likes him, especially that he seems honest. “What you see is what you get.”

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Chelsea arrives at the station, where Paul says he wanted to update her on the search for Chloe. Chelsea wants that woman brought back there now. Paul laments that there’s been no trace of her. Chelsea rants about it taking money to disappear. Paul assures her they’ll find her and won’t give up. Chelsea marvels that she defended Chloe when she was a heartless monster. Paul opines that she’s mentally ill much like Patty. Chelsea feels Chloe is dangerous, and worries they’ll never get justice. After, Christine tells Paul a big assignment fell into her lap and it’s intimidating. Paul laughs that she’ll do just fine.

At Phyllis’ door, she loudly pretends Billy’s a solicitor. Once Jack has left, Billy returns. “That was close.” Phyllis explains Jack wanted her to join his campaign against Victor, but she elected to sit it out. Billy tells Phyllis he couldn’t just call her, he needed to see her. Over takeout, Billy reveals that Victoria changed her mind about him and he told her they should stay with the status quo – co-parents with no romance. Phyllis asks if that’s really what he wants and observes that his head must be spinning. Billy says he can’t be with Victoria, though he’s glad she admitted to screwing up. He came because he wanted to be with Phyllis, but offers her time to consider. Phyllis feels that they’re single now and this thing may be complicated, but she doesn’t want to give him up this time. Billy whispers, “You don’t have to.” They kiss and fall back on the sofa.

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At The Underground, Nick leaves a message for Chelsea to call him. Jack shows up and fishes for information on Victor, and whether he’s gone looking for Chloe. Nick says it’s just a business trip. Chelsea arrives, complaining about Paul having no leads on Chloe. Nick and Jack are supportive. Talk turns to Victor being out of town. Chelsea assumes he’s devastated. Nick excuses himself and Chelsea fills Jack in on how Nick came to suspect Chloe. Jack wonders if she thinks Nick blames Victor for what happened to Adam. Chelsea shrugs that it opened up old wounds. After, Jack asks Nick to express his condolences to Victor. Nick says, “Mom, Victoria and I will get through this in our own way.” Jack walks away looking thoughtful.

In a car, Christine meets with Scott, who snaps at her to cut to the chase. “What do you want from me?” After, agitated, Scott says he has a normal life for the first time in years and Special Agent Maxwell can go to hell – what could he even do? Chris urges that the people at the top don’t want to lose him. Scott argues that they didn’t rescue him and he doesn’t owe those jerks anything.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley asks Jack, “What exactly have you accomplished since I’ve been away?” Jack grins. “I’ve learned some intriguing information.”

Kevin and Billy both get letters from Chloe. Billy’s reveals that she stole a sample of his sperm and Bella may be his daughter.

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