Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Nikki clashes with Scott over Victor’s book

Candace Young

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Thursday April 20, 2017: Phyllis and Jack discuss getting revenge on Victor, Victoria takes Juliet out drinking, and Kendall kisses Reed.

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Nikki clashes with Scott over Victor’s book image

At the ranch, Scott tells Nikki that Sharon understood him cutting their date short for work. Nikki says Victor is out of town and needs protecting. Scott wonders who could be a threat to Victor Newman. Nikki thinks he needs protecting from himself. They discuss the memoir. Nikki feels it could damage the family and the book must die. “The true story of Victor Newman can never be told.” Scott presumes Victor has no idea she wants him to back off. He feels there’s something specific she’s trying to hide. Nikki denies it. They debate about the ramifications of the book until Nikki tries to pay him off. Scott won’t take it – the book is the only way he can repay his debt to Victor. Nikki turns mean and intones that it wasn’t a request. Scott questions what Victor will say. Nikki informs him that Victor will comply with her wishes - she rules this family!

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Phyllis arrives home and happily texts Billy, "You’re right. Life’s too short, call me." The doorbell rings – it’s Jack wanting to discuss Victor. Phyllis-revenge-talk-YR-HWHe feels they have an opening to take the bastard down since something’s off with the Newman family. Phyllis is reluctant but Jack convinces her they deserve justice. They muse about his strange absence and the opportunity of ‘green’ Abby in charge of the company. Jack points out that this time, Victor won’t have his family backing him up. Phyllis wants details of his plan, but Jack can only say that he felt a change in Nikki, who can put Victor off his game like no one else. Phyllis points out that Victor targeted them personally. Jack agrees – forget about Newman Enterprises, they have get to him through his family. They speculate about Nick and Victoria. Jack muses that Billy might know something. Suddenly, Phyllis changes her mind – Jack will have to go it alone.

In New York, Ravi’s eyes pop out of his head at Ashley’s skintight gold gown. They’re about to depart for the opera when Ben Hochman appears wanting to make things up to her. Ashley tells him she already has plans. Hochman is floored she’d rather go out with Ravi. Ashley reassures Ravi and they head for the opera. Later, Ashley gushes about the passion of the performance. Ravi explains the storyline and talk turns to caring what others think. He walks her to her hotel room door, where they hug goodnight and end up kissing.

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At home, Reed plays the blues and then phones Billy for an update on the car. Billy tells him the car’s history and he’s just his mother’s employee. Reed wonders what happened between them and urges him to pursue a reunion.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy disconnects from Reed and receives Phyllis’ text. Nearby, Cane and Juliet talk business with Victoria. Juliet has a proposal regarding the teen line. Billy joins them and snarks about the idea. He’s outnumbered and heads into the office. Vikki follows and insists the idea is solid. Billy questions whether Vikki was just making a power play because he didn’t fall into her arms. They argue. Meanwhile, Cane gives kudos to Juliet, who feels Billy doesn’t like her. Cane reassures her – he’s a hothead. Victoria reappears and takes Juliet for a drink. Cane looks unsettled. Billy appears and teases him about not getting invited to ladies night. Billy snaps at Cane for making assumptions about his personal life. Cane keeps bugging him. Bill packs up and leaves as Cane smirks.

At Crimson Lights, Kendall learns Zoey spent time with Reed earlier, but has to study for a test tonight. When Zoey steps away, Kendall grabs her phone and makes a movie date with Reed.

In the movie theatre, Kendall tells Reed that Zoey had to stay home. The movie, "From Here to Eternity" begins and they munch popcorn. When it gets to a romantic part, Kendall kisses Reed, who participates avidly. After, they agree not to tell Zoey and shyly talk about the kiss being ‘insane’.

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At Top of the Tower, Victoria talks to Juliet about her complicated life. Juliet sees a strong businesswoman and role model. Victoria tells Juliet she can talk to her about anything, even a man who’s driving her crazy. Juliet insists she’s too busy to date. Vikki urges her to keep it that way – men take up too much time and energy. She rants about trust and boundaries as Juliet gapes.

Juliet goes home with Victoria, who introduces her to Reed. Once alone, Reed notices his mother is ‘wasted’ and laughs. He teases her.

At Phyllis’ place, she tells Jack she is getting her life together and can’t go back to obsessing over Victor. Her phone rings and the doorbell sounds. Jack volunteers to answer the door…Billy stands outside.

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