Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Billy finds himself torn between two women

Candace Young

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Wednesday April 19, 2017: Jack fishes for information on Victor, Sharon and Scott are surprised on their date, and Devon and Neil seal the deal.

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At Brash & Sassy, Victoria tells Nikki she’s at odds with Reed again, due to returning the car to Victor. Nikki clucks that she’d like to try and help. Victoria complains the situation with Victor has damaged relations with Billy too. Nikki wonders if she’s concerned as an employer or ex-wife. Victoria reveals that they kissed and it felt like something they could build on. “I want Billy back.” Talk turns back to Victor. Nikki beats herself up for enabling him, but can no longer ignore his actions. She has to accept he’ll never change, but urges Victoria to make up with Billy by using the car as her reason for losing her temper.

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Phyllis and Billy are naked, lying wrapped in a sheet together on her sofa. They admire what each other is ‘wearing’ and agree they’ve missed being together as they kiss. After, they sit up and chat about their respective situations. Billy opines that he thought reconciling with Victoria was what he wanted. Phyllis jumps up and tightly suggests he go get that then – now that they’ve got this out of their system they can move forward. Billy wonders if she actually believes that. He can be himself with Phyllis and is tired of not measuring up to some invisible standard. Billy admits there were ‘moments’ with Vikki but she repeatedly pushed him away like he was nothing to her. Phyllis is sorry. They start kissing again. Later, dressed, they share a kiss goodbye as Billy heads to work.

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In the movie theatre, Sharon and Scott are looking forward to sharing an extraordinary experience. Sharon-Scott-movies-YR-HWBehind them, Mariah and Kevin call out, “Sharon? Scott?” Sharon explains her new connection to Mariah, as Kevin checks in with Scott, who assures him the ‘moment’ with Phyllis has passed. As the film begins, Mariah notices Tessa enter alone.

Jack meets Abby at the Top of the Tower and she shares her news about becoming acting CEO. Jack feels the Mustache is positioning her to step in full-time. They bicker about Victor and Abby reveals even Victoria was complaining about him. Nearby, Michael gives Neil and Devon the paperwork for their new corporation. Neil questions them each owning 50% when Devon’s putting up most of the money. Devon counters that his father is bringing experience. Neil thinks he’s doing it out of guilt. Devon denies it. They go back and forth until Neil accepts what’s being offered. They embrace. After, Devon tells Neil he’s enjoying dating the ‘honest’ Mariah. Abby appears and congratulates them on the new corporation. They are excited for her recent promotion. Neil advises her to follow her gut. At the bar, Jack joins Nikki, who assures him she’s drinking club soda. Jack fishes about Victor’s retirement plans. Nearby, Michael notices something has put pep in Phyllis’ step. She swears him to secrecy before revealing it’s Billy. Michael is leery. Phyllis points out they’re free to do as they like now. Michael questions if she’s sure Jack has really moved on. Phyllis replies, “Definitely…with your mother.” Michael chokes on his drink. Once he recovers, Phyllis adds that things weren’t working out with Billy and Victoria, so she’s going to go for it. At a table, Scott tells Sharon dining there is a perk of writing Victor’s memoir. Sharon says his choice of film showed he thinks a lot of her. Across the way, Nikki notices the pair and tells Jack that Scott is writing Victor’s life story. Jack thinks he should talk to him. Nikki takes him over and he offers Scott the inside scoop. After, Nikki says to Scott, “About that book.”

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Billy arrives at Brash & Sassy, where Victoria apologizes and blames her anger at Victor for her behavior. Billy accepts, but declines her invitation to dinner. On opposite sides of the office door they each sit lost in their own thoughts.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah worries to Kevin about Sharon dating Scott, who’s not her typical traditional family man. She walks over by Tessa, who is bragging about working in the rich Newmans’ ranch on the phone. Tessa disconnects and explains to Mariah that she’s Nikki’s assistant. Mariah teases her about sneaking into the movie, and then introduces her to Kevin. They scramble to assure Tessa they’re just friends.

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Victoria snaps at Billy, “Is there a problem? Because Juliet says the idea’s solid.” Billy retorts, “Is it? Or is this just a power play because I didn’t jump back into your arms?”

Phyllis says to Jack, “Victor always comes out on top.” Jack replies, “This time he won’t have his family backing him up.”

Scott says, “This isn’t some general anxiety about the past. What are you trying to hide, Nikki?”

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- Candace Young

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