Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Scott sorts out his love life

Candace Young

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Tuesday April 18, 2017: Ashley meets with Traci, Abby has news for Victoria, and Nikki hires an assistant.

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At Victoria’s place, Billy tries to argue Victoria’s position on the car to Reed. The teen feels his mother’s back to being uptight and wants Billy to try and change her mind. Billy agrees to try. Later, Zoey arrives. Reed’s relieved that she’s not too upset about the car and agrees to cut school and hang out. As they watch TV, Zoey brings up the idea of emancipation. Reed just wants Victoria to stop nuking his joy. He fantasizes that Kendall’s uncle could put him on tour making big money. They make-out.

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Nick joins Sharon at Crimson Lights. She’s surprised to hear that he moved Faith out of the ranch and wants to go back to their old routine. They discuss Adam’s murder before talk turns to being glad they’re in such a good place. Nick and Sharon clasp hands. He’s proud of her and she wants him to be happy.

At the ranch, Nikki reads a note from Victor, who has gone away for a while and figures she’ll be pleased. Tessa arrives. Nikki hires the girl to be her assistant for the foundation gala and reveals she remembers what it’s like to work for tips. Tessa-learns-Nikkis-past-BB-HWTessa is taken aback, yet impressed, to learn Nikki was an exotic dancer. Nick arrives and is introduced to Tessa. In a moment alone, Nick and Nikki discuss Faith, and complain about Victor. Nick questions how well Nikki knows Tessa. Nikki rejoins the young woman, who notes how different she is from her intimidating husband and thanks her for her kindness. Later, Nick finds Nikki looking thoughtful and wonders if she’s having second thoughts about Victor. She assures him she’s not, but once alone, she flashes to a good memory and cries as she smashes a framed photo.

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In New York, Ashley greets Traci at the restaurant. Ash quickly works Ravi into the conversation and Traci notes she’s clearly a fan. Ravi joins them. He’s fascinated to hear Traci’s a famous novelist and enthuses about getting a galley copy of her newest book. Ravi leaves and Traci grills Ashley about their relationship. Ash demurs that he has a crush on her. She fills Traci in on her disastrous dinner with Ben Hochman. Traci opines that, for Ashley, no one has been able to live up to John Abbott. She suggests Ash change things up, and start by going on a proper date with Ravi. Ash admits they’ve plans to go to the Met. Traci laughs. “Rejoice in the world and have a wonderful time with Ravi tonight.”

Scott drops in on Phyllis at Summer’s apartment. They rehash their near hook-up and Phyllis proposes they stay friends. Scott agrees - it’s a little weird since she’s his mom’s best friend, also, there’s someone else he is hoping to get to know better. Phyllis wishes him luck.

Victoria strides into Victor’s office at Newman Enterprises and shouts, “How dare you…” She cuts off when she spots Abby, who says he’s out of town and made her acting CEO while he’s gone. Victoria shrugs that he had to appoint someone to run the company. Abby retorts that he’s grooming her to follow in his footsteps and is thrilled with her work. Victoria advises her not to put their father on a pedestal; he turns on a dime with people. She plunks down a key fob and tells her sister to give it to Victor.

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At Brash & Sassy, Billy updates Victoria on Lily’s schedule before turning the conversation to Reed being confused. Victoria is terse. Billy insists she tell him what’s going on with her and Victor. When Billy starts guessing it’s to do with him, Victoria snaps that she doesn’t want to be involved with him romantically – she’d be insane to go there again! Later, Nick arrives. They compare notes on Billy, Faith, Abby, and Victor. Victoria plans to make things up to Billy.

Scott arrives at the coffeehouse to see Sharon, who shares the good news about her daughter. Scott encourages her to do something nice for herself and then asks if she’s free tonight. Sharon asks, “For what?” Scott grins. If she accepts, she’ll find out. On the patio, Phyllis runs into a fuming Billy, who reveals that getting back together with Victoria isn’t happening. He’s beyond frustrated. Phyllis counsels that he shouldn’t waste his time on people who aren’t sure they want him around. She leaves, but forgets her phone.

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Billy comes to Phyllis’ door with her phone. She invites him in for coffee. As they talk, Billy reveals it would be nice to have something a little more consistent. She knows what he means. Billy is about to exit, but then decides to kiss Phyllis. He kicks the door closed as they move into the apartment kissing and undressing.

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In the movie theatre, Mariah calls out, “Sharon?” Sharon and Scott turn around to look behind them. Kevin asks, “Scott?”

Nikki asks Victoria, “Is that what you want?” Victoria replies, “Yes. I want Billy back.”

Billy and Phyllis are intertwined on the sofa naked and kissing.

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