Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Victor’s offer leaves Abby on cloud nine

Candace Young

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Monday April 17, 2017: Cane is wary about Lily’s trip, Ashley becomes disillusioned, and Victoria has bad news for Reed.

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Abby arrives at the ranch and figures her father must be reeling over this whole thing with Chloe. Victor doesn’t want to discuss it and says he asked her there because he wants to appoint her acting CEO of Newman Enterprises. Abby is floored. She gasps excitedly as he says he values her loyalty and accepts his offer with an enthusiastic embrace.

At Brash & Sassy, Juliet is talking with Jordan and Lily about a shoot in Philadelphia. Cane enters and Lily enthuses that she’s going to do a hockey tie-in shoot and leaves tonight. Cane mentions Billy being responsible, but Lily credits Juliet for setting this all up. Cane eyes her up and down. After, Lily and Juliet gush over the hot hockey players. Juliet lets her know she’s available 24/7, and Lily assures her she’s low maintenance. In the lab, Cane warily watches them laughing, and then asks an amazed Jordan what a Philly cheese steak is. Jordan senses something is weirding Cane out. Cane mutters about different time zones and drinking too much. Jordan assumes this is about the stalker and assures him he’ll keep Lily close. After Lily and Jordan have left, Cane confronts Juliet, accusing her of sending them on a trip because of what happened between them in Japan. Juliet insists she has no ulterior motives and can’t change the past. Cane softens; he’ll do his best to forget it ever happened.

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In New York, Ashley is thrilled with how Ravi impressed the people at the conference. They talk shop for a bit. Ashley’s so happy she brought him along. There’s nowhere else he’d rather be. Ash wants to get drinks and celebrate, but Ravi has a better idea – head downtown for dumplings. They get up to go when Benjamin Hochman greets Ashley and asks her to talk business over dinner. She accepts to Ravi’s chagrin. He warns her Hochman is recently divorced. Ash thinks he’s being silly and takes off. Ravi’s deflated, but gets someone on the phone. “You free right now?” After, Ashley joins Hochman, who relates his tale of meeting Gloria in the sauna before stepping away to take a call. Ash encourages the waiter to fill her glass. Hochman returns and tries to charm Ashley but is repeatedly distracted by his phone until she dumps him. Elsewhere, Ravi’s friends, a guy and a girl, have joined him. They quickly realize he’s ‘into’ his boss, Ashley. Suddenly, Ash appears. Ravi sees his friends off and declares Hochman is a rich idiot when he hears what happened. He revisits the dumpling idea, but Ash elects to retire for the night.

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Outside The Underground, Billy warns Reed this is a lot of car for a new driver. Zoey whoops in the backseat with Kendall. Inside, Victoria and Nikki hiss to each other about Victor manipulation in gifting Reed with the car. They decide Vikki can’t let the kid keep it. They head outside, where Kendall is taking photos of Reed and Zoey with the car. Vikki asks Billy to ride home with Reed.

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At home, Reed enthuses about his new ride. Vikki blurts that it kills her to do this, but he can’t keep the car. Billy-Victoria-shut-out-YR-HWShe assures Reed that it’s not him she’s punishing, but he cries and storms off upstairs. Billy wants her to tell him what’s going on. He shrugs that Victor tries to buy all his family members loyalty, but Victoria argues it was aimed at her. Billy asks why she thinks that. Victoria says it’s not his business and tells him to go. He does.

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Nikki arrives at the ranch, where a very happy Abby thanks Victor and leaves. Nikki isn’t surprised he sealed her loyalty by promoting her. She confronts him about trying to do the same with Reed and the car. Vic denies it. Nikki snaps, “Oh go to hell you lying sonofabitch!” She insists the move was retaliation toward Victoria and storms upstairs. Nikki reappears and thinks it’s best that Faith moved out. Victor complains about the punishment they’re inflicting upon him. Nikki snarks that ‘victim’ isn’t a good look on him.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Scott asks Sharon, “Are you free tonight?” Sharon asks, “For what?” Scott replies, “Say yes and you’ll find out.”

Reed says to Billy, “Mom and I were getting along so well. What’s wrong with her?”

Victoria arrives in Victor’s office and asks Abby, “Where’s Dad?” Abby beams, and says, “Out of town. And you’ll never guess what he did before he left.”

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