Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Scott and Phyllis' evening takes a sexy turn

Candace Young

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Thursday April 13, 2017: Victor issues a warning to Nikki, Devon and Mariah square off with Hilary and Jordan, and Faith witnesses something upsetting.

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Scott and Phyllis' evening takes a sexy turn image

Phyllis arrives at Lauren’s place and is met at the door by Scott…wearing nothing but a towel. He informs her Michael and Lauren have gone out of town. They discuss Chloe’s disappearing act and speculate if she had help getting away. Phyllis is surprised to learn he’s helping Victor write his memoir. Scott wants to get her take on Victor - on the record. Using the Mustache’s words, she says it ain’t going to happen. Stiff drinks are poured and re-poured. Phyllis reveals that his mother suggested she date him – she said she couldn’t do it. Scott slurs that she’s trying to keep him in town. Phyllis gasps loudly at Lauren using her and they laugh tipsily. When Scott spills scotch on ‘the sexiest woman in the room’, they end up in a drunken passionate kiss.

At Victoria’s place, she and Nick complain to each other about the difficulty of fulfilling their promise to Nikki. They can’t imagine playing happy families. Victoria rationalizes that they’re protecting the family as Nick whines about lying to their loved ones. He observes that if Chloe gets caught, all those people will call them self-serving hypocrites, and they’ll be right. He wonders how long it will be until Nikki cracks and asks them to forgive Victor. Vikki’s never seen her more determined.

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Reed plucks at his guitar on Crimson Lights’ patio and Tessa arrives. Kendall appears and asks Reed to take her for a drive. Reed doesn’t have wheels. Kendall hopes maybe they’ll have reason to celebrate if her uncle likes his music video. They take a birthday selfie but Kendall’s irked when Zoey calls and interrupts. After Reed leaves with Tessa, Kendall advises Zoey not to mind Reed’s wicked witch mom – she should walk into the party like she owns the place.

Victor arrives at the ranch wanting a follow-up discussion with Nikki, but she’s not up for negotiating and reiterates that they’ll put on a united front, but privately he is alone. Vic feels she’s over-reacting. Nikki defends her position – she won’t make the mistake of forgiving him again and is ensuring the happiness of her family. Nikki announces he’s not invited to Reed’s birthday party. The room is rife with tension as Faith enters. She reveals she’s doing a project on someone she admires – Grandpa! Nikki grimaces. Once alone, Nikki suggests Victor change Faith’s mind about the essay. Victor hollers that he won’t let her poison his grandchildren against him. After, Tessa and Reed arrive and Nikki decides to sit in on their lesson. Reed invites Tessa to his party later, and Nikki reveals Victor can’t make it. Reed will really miss him. In the stables, Victor hammers a punching bag. Faith appears. They share a hug as Nick enters. Faith is dispatched to the house and Nick tells Victor he and Victoria are backing Nikki. Victor warns him not to come between him and Faith. Nick reminds him one call and he’ll go back to prison. They argue over respect and debate whether Victor’s suffering. Vic invites Nick to hit him. He does…as Faith reappears and screams.

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At GC Buzz, Devon and Mariah watch Hilary instructing Jordan as he places a new poster of her on the wall and wonder what she’s up to now.Hilary-rebranding-YR-HW Mariah confronts her about changing the name of the show to ‘The Hilary Curtis Hour’. Hilary points out the fine print where it says ‘featuring Mariah Copeland’. They bicker at length and Hil reminds Mariah she is in charge there. Devon thinks it’s classic Hilary, who can never have enough. Jordan makes a crack about Devon holding her back. Mariah feels it’s a power play because she’s dating Devon. Hil insists she’s too focused on the show to play games. Once alone, she thanks Jordan for stepping up. He asks if their hook-up was a one-time thing. They step out and canoodle. Hil talks about romance amid silk sheets. “Does that answer your question?”

At The Underground, Noah talks to Victoria about his dad and Chelsea being rocked by the Chloe thing. Vikki murmurs, “You have no idea.” Nikki arrives, and Noah is intrigued to hear that Tessa has been invited. Vikki and Nikki whisper conspiratorially about Victor being kicked out of the family. Soon Reed and Tessa appear and Noah makes a beeline to greet them.

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At Devon’s penthouse, he balks when Mariah puts herself down. He agrees that Hilary is punishing her for dating him and gives her a pep talk. They kiss, and soon Devon wants to go upstairs, but Mariah doesn’t feel they’d be the only two people in the bed. She suggests they take the night off for a ‘Hilary cleanse’ and Devon agrees to wait as long as she wants.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin hollers, “Whoa! Sorry, sorry, oh yike!” as he walks in on Scott and Phyllis drunkenly making out half dressed.

Victoria says to Billy, “I know you didn’t work with Chloe, that’s not who you are.” Billy asks, “So why don’t you tell me what’s going on?”

Nick says, “Faith, there’s nothing to worry about.” Faith exclaims, “Then why did you hit Grandpa?!”

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- Candace Young

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