Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Nikki ends Victor’s reign as king

Candace Young

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Wednesday April 12, 2017: Lauren tries to play cupid, Jack and Gloria are caught in an embrace, and Victoria and Nick debate with their mother.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor finishes watching Chelsea’s televised plea for Chloe to come home as Chelsea appears. Victor remarks on what Chloe has put her through. Chelsea wishes she’d never come back to town. “Think of all the pain we could have avoided.” She rants at length about Chloe’s ability to dupe her. Victor replies that she fooled all of them. He assures her he loved Adam and wanted them to have a happy future together. Chelsea knows. They hug.

At Victoria’s house, she and Billy discuss the news about Chloe and Adam and Billy agrees to take Reed for his driver’s test. Vikki leaves – she’ll be back for the party. Reed appears. Billy senses he’s nervous. Reed learns his mother has gone and asks to go practice parallel parking one last time.

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At the ranch, Nikki informs Nick that Victor slept in the guestroom and left early. They discuss Chelsea’s on-air plea. Nick hasn’t said anything about Victor’s role yet. He vows they won’t let Chloe get away with murder. Victoria arrives and mentions Reed going for his driver’s test. Nikki sighs about forgetting the boy’s birthday. Nick is hell bent on informing Paul of the latest developments but Nikki stops him. She blames herself for not seeing what he and Chloe were up to. She’s not forgiving him anymore, but says going to the authorities would affect all of them. Nick snarls that Victor is just as guilty as Chloe for killing Adam. Nikki intones, “And no one can ever know about it.” They debate about Victor needing to be punished. Nikki assures her kids he will be, but warns them to wake up - if he goes down, they go too. After she describes what that might look like, Victoria and Nick agree to keep quiet…for now. Victoria talks to Nikki about keeping this from Billy despite rebuilding their trust. They will keep Abby in the dark too. After, Chelsea shows up and embraces Nick. She launches into plans for finding Chloe, but Nick talks her down. She agrees to focus on him and Connor.

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Phyllis arrives at Lauren’s place. Lauren doesn’t want to focus on her family’s situation and turns the conversation to Phyllis’ love life. Lauren presses her about being single too long. Phyllis quips that she’s a treasure – the longer that treasure stays buried, the more valuable it becomes. Lauren dangles the idea of her dating Scott and Phyllis balks. She heads off to work after assuring her friend she and Scott will both find partners – without a nudge from his mom.

In Jack’s office, he reflects about Adam being murdered. Gloria shares her opinions on Chloe and her voice cracks as she exclaims she’s worried about Kevin. When Gloria expresses sympathy for Victor, Jack tells her to save it - his family members are just possessions to him. Jack-caught-YR-HWHe worries about Abby trying to prove herself to the Mustache. Talk turns back to Glo’s sons – she tried to protect Kevin. Jack knows a bit about falling for someone who is not who you think they are. Gloria hopes Chloe stays lost so Kevin can finally be free of her. She worries her catty comments pushed them together and starts to cry. Jack is holding her in his arms when Phyllis appears. Gloria reveals they were acting when she saw them at the Club, but then their chemistry kicked in. Phyllis makes a crack about pigs flying. Jack pipes up that he and Gloria are single and not hurting anyone. Later, Phyllis and Jack work together, but she can’t get over him hooking up with Gloria. He tells her it’s called having fun – someday she’ll remember how.

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At the DMV, Reed assures Billy, in the back seat, that he’s got this. The uptight female instructor gets in. Reed attempts to charm her and is firmly shut down.

At Crimson Lights, Billy congratulates Reed on passing his test as Vikki appears. She’s distracted as Reed asks about his party. Once alone, Billy wants the lowdown from Vikki about the stress at the ranch.

Nikki surprises Victor in his office. He knows she’s angry – he’s angry with himself. She learns he had a visit from Chelsea and scoffs when he admits he didn’t come clean with her because he had to protect Connor and the family. Victor hollers about his pain over Adam, but Nikki intones that he’ll get no sympathy from her. She is done with forgiveness and will never enable him again. “Your reign as king of the Newman family ends today.” Nikki informs him they’ll present a united front in public, but behind closed doors he will no longer be a member of their family.

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Nick says to Victoria, “Who knows how long it’s going to be until she cracks and starts trying to get us to forgive Dad?”

Victor warns Nikki he won’t allow her to poison his grandchildren against him.

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