Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Lily diffuses a tense scene at the hospital

Candace Young

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Friday February 17, 2017: Faith struggles after seeing Nick kiss Chelsea, Colin needs a favor, and Victoria supports Billy.

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Lily diffuses a tense scene at the hospital image

At home, Reed isn’t amused when Victoria insists he come to the family dinner.

Nick and Chelsea arrive at the ranch and find themselves alone. Nick kisses her as Faith appears. Victor and Nikki enter after her. Faith keeps to herself as the adults make polite chitchat about cousins Connor and Christian. Chelsea speaks to Faith, who cuts her off and asks Nikki if she can invite her mother to dinner. Nikki tries to dissuade her, but she won’t be put off. Faith texts her mom that she needs her at the main house…now.

At Crimson Lights, Cane is upset that the news about Brash & Sassy has gone viral and there’s no mention of him. He’s gung-ho to give someone the real scoop, but Lily advises him to focus on other things. They decide to go check on Jill.

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In the hospital, Colin is frustrated Jill’s doctor won’t update him. Billy is with Jill, who learns it’s time for her echocardiogram. Billy calls Victoria, who complains he’s late to watch the kids. He explains Jill had a heart attack and is in the ICU. Vikki agrees not to tell anyone. Billy disconnects and rejoins Jill. On route to her test, Colin tries to speak to her, but Billy intervenes and says Jill is done with him. Colin refuses to leave so Billy updates him. He is in the process of throwing him out when Cane and Lily arrive. Lily takes charge – she, Cane, and Colin will leave and Billy will keep them informed. Billy agrees on the condition Colin stays away from Jill’s home.

At The Underground, Abby and Noah talk about him missing dinner because it’s open mic night. They discuss Nick and Chelsea dating, and Abby closing a huge deal at Newman. Abby tells Noah she’ll use her social media following to promote his event if he comes to dinner. He agrees, as long as she comes back there afterward.

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Noah and Abby arrive at the ranch. Faith tells Nikki that Sharon’s having dinner with Mariah. She talks to Nikki about her dad and Chelsea. Nikki wonders how she’d feel if they became more than friends. Faith shrugs. “Fine.” Nick calls Faith over. She goes, but shoots Chelsea a snide look. Victoria and a moody Reed join the group. Abby asks Victoria about Brash & Sassy. Vikki tells her half-sister she can rest well knowing she won’t come after her job at Newman, but then adds, “Or will I?” After, Abby confronts her about it. Vikki won’t take her job, but warns her about Victor, who will build her up to tear her down. Abby assumes he did that to her and Adam because they weren’t the right fit. Across the room, Faith grimaces as Chelsea enthuses over a cute video. Victor announces he wants to celebrate his daughter’s accomplishment. Abby beams, but Victor calls Victoria to his side. “To the new owner of Brash & Sassy!” After, Victor praises Abby for her unbelievable and unexpected success at Newman, before refocusing on Vikki launching her new men’s line. Noah senses Abby’s disappointment and tells her he gets it. Abby mentions the open mic night to Reed, but Noah warns his mom’s not on board. Nearby, Victor asks Chelsea if she’s dating Nick. Chelsea squirms. They rehash the secret they’re keeping from Nick. Victor says they must move on. Meanwhile, Victoria confides that Reed is upset because he’s grounded, and Billy’s a wreck because Jill’s sick. Nikki urges her to go visit. Elsewhere, Nick asks Chelsea if Faith seems ‘off’. Faith admits to Victor she would like her mom and dad to get back together. Victor thinks it would be all right if Nick and Chelsea became more than friends, and tells Faith they’ll figure it out together. At the piano, Reed plays for Nikki, who asks if Victoria knows he can play so well. Reed replies she knows nothing about him. Nikki and Reed play together as the others listen. Nick tries to get close to Chelsea, who says they should get going.

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At the hospital, the doctor tells Billy and Esther they found an anomaly during Jill’s test and had to remove another blockage. She will have to make lifestyle changes and attend rehab sessions. Esther leaves Billy with Jill, who is still unconscious. Victoria enters as Billy tells Jill how much they all need her, and he doesn’t want to lose her. If she stays healthy, he promises to be a better son.

At the Club, Colin complains about Billy not letting him see Jill. He wants Cane and Lily to plead his case. He insists he loves Jill and his life would be unbearable without her.

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