Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Colin’s deception leads to Jill’s hospitalization

Candace Young

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Wednesday February 15, 2017: Ashley remembers John, Jack texts with an unknown person, and Nick and Chelsea get closer.

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Colin’s deception leads to Jill’s hospitalization image

At Jabot, awkwardness ensues when Ravi finds Ashley unwrapping the Valentine’s Day chocolates he threw in the trash. He understands her curiosity since her name was on them. Ashley retreats to her office and flashes to her father telling her she has the business in her blood, and being impressed by the numbers on her teen line. Ravi interrupts. He insists she keep the chocolates. Ash feels horrible for dumping all over Valentine’s Day. She won’t accept them unless he shares them with her. When Ravi says he discussed dating with Phyllis, Ash chokes. He clarifies she didn’t want to date him. They talk about family and Ash shows him a picture of John. Ravi sees the same kindness in their faces and feels John would be proud of her. Ashley has another flashback of her dad, and shares that he called her ‘My Beauty’. She feels sorry for dampening Ravi’s romantic view of life. He reassures her, and wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day before leaving.

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In The Underground, Phyllis accuses Billy of looking to make Victoria jealous – it’s sure to get back to her through Nick. She supposes something happened with his ex. They talk about him always feeling the world is dumping on him after he admits Victoria turned down his offer of a ride home. Billy offers Phyllis a ride home. She says she’s better than that and feels it’s time he realizes he is too. At the bar, Chelsea shuts down a flirtatious customer by talking about her kid's puke. Nick’s impressed. Billy approaches Nick and asks him to remind Victoria why she left Newman – she’s acting like Victor and won’t listen to him. Nick gets defensive, and reminds him Reed is also none of his concern.

At the Club, Victoria wonders why Jack wanted to see her. Jack talks about the coup she pulled at Brash & Sassy and mentions Jill wanting to buy Fenmore’s back. Vikki assumes he’s holding out for more money. They speculate on Jill wanting to teach Lauren a lesson. Jack wants to know if Victoria’s fired Billy yet. Victoria says she’s set boundaries. Jack quips, “Been there, done that.” He warns Billy won’t change – she doesn’t need that personally or in her business life. Jack apologizes for being heavy-handed, and then gets a text asking, “Where are you?” Victoria and Jack discuss going head-to-head. He gets another text from the person asking, “Where the hell are you?” He texts the person to sit tight. Vikki asks again what the point of their meeting is. Phyllis appears. Jack tells Vikki he knows what she’s up against and wanted to ensure she took a moment to enjoy the success. She thanks him. Jack receives another text and heads upstairs to the suites. Phyllis asks Vikki what that was all about.

At the Chancellor mansion, Colin approaches Jill and calls her angel but she slaps him across the face hard. Jill informs him her accounts have been drained. “How did you do it?” Colin admits you don’t become head of a crime syndicate without learning a few things. Jill calls him a thief. He explains a business opportunity came his way and he planned to replace the funds once he sold the stock. Jill clutches herself as she realizes he’s done it before. Colin soothes it was more borrowing than stealing. Esther appears and starts dusting. Jill becomes increasingly upset while confronting Colin. Esther intervenes as Jill’s acid reflux is clearly acting up. Jill rips off Colin’s robe and pushes him out the front door naked. Colin covers himself with the welcome mat and hollers. Esther worries about Jill’s condition as the yelling continues. Jill orders Esther to turn on the sprinklers as she holds her gut. Esther calls Billy.

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In Chelsea’s penthouse, Nick apologizes for them not even having dinner. Chelsea teases him, and says he can make it up to her. Over a drink, they talk about how far Chelsea has come. Nick says he should go. They hug…and then kiss tentatively. Chelsea thanks him for a lovely night and he goes.

Billy arrives at the Chancellor mansion and Jill complains about him letting Colin back in. Billy evaluates the situation and decides she needs to go to the hospital. Jill wails that he took all her money as Billy and Esther get her coat and usher her out the door.

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Vikki tells Lily, “If your husband is going to be on my team, he needs to be on my team. That’s the only way this is going to work.”

In her hospital bed, Jill hollers, “I am fine now, and I am going home!”

Billy informs Colin, “My mother had a heart attack…because of you.” Colin is taken aback. “A heart attack?”

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