Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Jill receives shocking news on Valentine’s Day

Candace Young

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Tuesday February 14, 2017: Chelsea helps Nick out, Ravi and Phyllis go out together, and Lily becomes frustrated with Cane on their anniversary.

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At Brash & Sassy, Billy tells Cane to get on board with Victoria or get out. Lily appears and leaves with Cane. Billy grouses that Lily has always deserved better than Cane. Victoria upbraids Billy for interfering with her staff. Billy seats the ‘boss lady’ at the head of the table and promises to be a ‘cog’. He begins to remind her about last Valentine’s Day. Vikki irritably recalls that he proposed…again. Billy suggests they have dinner together, but she turns him down. He grouches she sees him as immature and immoral. Vikki knows he regrets the things he’s done. She prefers to think about how much the kids love him. They agree they can build something good together at work. Billy offers to drive her home. Vikki reiterates she doesn’t want to date him. They continue to go back and forth until Billy agrees she’s a stone cold as Reed said she was. He leaves, returns and looks in at Victoria, and then walks out.

At Jabot, Jill needles Jack about not having a controlling interest in Fenmore’s, and makes an offer to take it off his hands. Jack says her money’s no good there, but Ashley appears and disagrees. Arguing ensues as Ashley questions Jack about how acquiring Fenmore’s helps Jabot. Jill invites Jack to give her a dollar amount. He writes down his final number. “Take it or leave it.” Jill rages that he is trying to empty her bank account over something he doesn’t even want. She storms out. Ashley informs Jack that Fenmore’s will be an albatross around their neck. Jack thinks Jill will return with the money. They complain about Valentine’s Day. Ash thinks Jack misses having someone in his life. Jack doesn’t miss the pain. Talk turns to Ravi. Ash says he’s out with Phyllis. Jack grouses about employees dating and the age difference. Ashley scoffs, but she agrees the right woman for Ravi is not Phyllis. After, Jack texts someone that he needs to see them, and Ashley finds Ravi's gift to her in the trash in his office.

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In The Underground, Nick thanks Chelsea for meeting him there and mentions Noah has plans with Marisa. Ravi arrives with Phyllis, who wants to hear all about online dating. Ravi notices Nick looking at them. Phyllis explains he’s her ex-husband. She doesn’t have as many as Ashley, but there’s still time. Phyllis makes introductions, and asks about Nick and Chelsea’s plans. They deflect. After, Ravi counsels Phyllis to be brave when making a match. He mentions Ashley again. Nearby, Nick learns his bartender is sick. Chelsea dons an apron – she’s tended bar in all kinds of dives – and starts making drinks. She makes Ravi a Burmese Banshee and Phyllis invites him to dance. Billy arrives and spots them. Phyllis and Billy lock eyes before she turns and walks away. Nick and Chelsea share a slow dance.

At the Club, Lily smells the red roses beside the champagne, and Cane gifts her with an elegant pair of earrings in a wooden box. Talk turns to him losing Brash & Sassy. Lily reminds him he still has a place there, but he feels it’s unfair and wonders when it’s his turn to be a success. He knocks his glass off the table and is further peeved. Lily tries to get the evening back on track, but he rants on about Victoria. Lily tells him to stop; this is not romantic. He’s offended. She asks him to just go – she’ll find her own way home. At the bar, Jill meets with David Sherman, who counsels her to leave her personal accounts alone, but Jill wants those Fenmore’s shares whatever it takes. Sherman warns she’s risking her retirement funds. Jill insists she’ll put them back later. Later, Lily sits alone at the bar.

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Jill arrives at home to find Colin’s set the scene for romance. Esther serves snacks and disappears. Jill admits Jack didn’t react well to her offer, but doesn’t want to discuss work. She thanks her husband for reminding her what matters most. Esther appears with coffee and Colin grimaces. Jill urges Esther to get drunk on champagne…they’ll lock up. Esther listens as Colin calls her a lurker, and Jill argues she’s family. They decide to adjourn upstairs. Colin goes up, and Jill takes a call from David Sherman, who informs her there isn’t enough money in her accounts to buy a dress; they’ve been depleted. Colin calls out and Jill realizes he’s the only one who had access.

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Jill says to Colin, “Just waiting for you, my angel.” She then slaps him across the face.

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