Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Ashley threatens to take over Jabot

Matt Purvis

Friday, February 10th, 2017

Monday February 13, 2017: Cane begs Jill for some leeway, Ashley threatens Jack's position, and Ravi's Valentine's Day plans don't pan out.

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Cane drops by Jill's to confront her about selling Brash & Sassy to Victoria. He informs his mother that Victoria is cutting everyone else out. This outrages Jill. Cane complains about how irresponsible and useless Billy is. He doesn't know how he can compete with all of these born millionaires. She can't give him the money or extra time. He's willing to go into debt. After some begging, she gives him until the end of the day to put the cash together.

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Billy walks into Victoria's office at Brash & Sassy and they talk about their recent squabbling. She's eager to get things settled with Cane and Jill. "I am going to own this company again," she says. They take some business calls until Lily arrives and asks them where her husband disappeared to. After she takes off, he pops some champagne and they toast to her buying the company. Later, Jill arrives and asks to speak to Victoria alone. They call Jordan in and introduce him to Jill. Meanwhile, Cane shows up in the lab, making calls in an unsuccessful bid to raise cash. Lily strides in to kiss. They join the others for the corporate photo shoot. When that's done, Jill corners Victoria and lectures her for making unilateral decisions. She'd like to see the company in the hands of someone with integrity like Cane. Victoria whips out a check. When Jill leaves the office, Cane admits he may need another day or two. She shows him the check. He can't compete. Jill assures him he can keep his job and leaves. He exchanges a glare with Victoria. When he joins her in the office, he tells her how much he wanted to be her equal. She's promised to keep him on. Billy listens as they argue about this and then steps between them.

Michael and Lauren are having dinner at the club. She tells him about the great advice Phyllis gave her for dealing with Jack. Lauren brings up Gloria and how much she's been meddling in her business. She's disturbed that Jack gave her a job and suspects something sinister must be up. He suggests she leave Jack to deal with Gloria. They discuss her children and she says they have it all.

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Ravi is eager for Valentines Day-cd

Jack walks into the Jabot office and finds Gloria waiting. There are flowers for Phyllis on the desk. He acts like he doesn't care. Once he leaves, Phyllis picks up the note with the flowers but leaves them behind to join Jack in his office. They go over business and then have an awkward moment about the flowers. He's glad she's moving on. Sniping over Billy commences and she insists he'll only ever love Victoria. Later, Lauren joins them to go over some details. He demands that they not keep him in the dark about the new app. In the reception room, Michael bickers with his mom about her new job. She's got big plans. He wonders how Jack figures in that and assumes she's blackmailing him. In his office, Ravi writes a note to Ashley. When she shows up, she's shocked to see the Valentine's hearts all over the room. She tells him how much she hates the holiday. He quizzes her about why so she tells him how empty it is, even if she still likes romance as a concept. She suggests that he make some plans for the holiday and strolls out. He drops the gift he got her in the trash. Meanwhile, Ashley joins Jack in his office and informs him that she is taking control of the company. She doesn't like the choices he's been making. He won't stand for a coup. His sister thinks he's letting his personal life get in the way of their father's legacy. If he can't get it together, she's taking over. Ash storms out. Back in the reception area, Jill arrives and is bewildered to see Gloria there. When she goes in to see Jack, she lectures him for hiring Gloria and gives him an offer he can't refuse. Down the hall, Phyllis goes into Ravi's office for a meeting but he's gone. She calls Troy and tells him she doesn't want to see him again. When she gets off the line, Ravi is there. She tells him that looking for love online isn't too great. He encourages her not to get discouraged. They decide to grab something to eat before getting to work. As Ravi and Phyllis get on the elevator, Ashley spots them. Gloria pops up and tells her it's their first date. By the stairway, Lauren has been trying to get reception to hear Scott. That doesn't work. Michael joins her.

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"Valentine's Day isn't over. I could drive you home," Billy tells Victoria.

Cane complains about losing out at Brash & sassy. "Does it mean more to you than our anniversary?" Lily asks.

"I have been disrespected and disregarded. That ends now," Jill declares.

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