Y&R Recap: Devon is questioned when Hilary disappears

Friday, August 21st, 2015

Phyllis confronts Marco, Dylan goes after Harding, and Sharon grills Summer and Mariah.

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At the honeymoon suite, the police officer tells Devon a woman near the peak told him she heard a scream and he then found their room key. "I think your wife may have fallen." Devon gets panicky and asks questions. The officer tells Devon he was the last one to see his wife before she went missing. Devon explains what happened as the officer asks questions. He asks if they argued. Devon becomes frustrated. "Can you please just help me find her?" The officer gets a call - an eyewitness saw his wife arguing with a man at the summit. Devon asks, "Do you think it was me?"

At the cabin, Marco works to convince Marisa that Victor will never let her be with his grandson Noah. "You're as expendable as I am." He asks her to untie him and he'll get her somewhere safe.

At Newman, Jack tells Victor that Marco is at his family cabin and is being closely guarded. Victor wonders if he'll kill him. Jack says he deserves to die. Phyllis eavesdrops as Victor warns Jack it would be a bad idea to kill Anicelli. Jack orders Victor to pick up the phone. "I want Marco gone." Phyllis leaves and Victor and Jack keep arguing. Victor doesn't want Marco alive - he killed Austin and Courtney. Jack wants something done tonight.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah tells Kevin and Dylan that Noah went after Harding. Summer says she's certain she saw him at the cabin. Dylan worries Noah will tip Harding off, and Kevin thinks Noah is in danger. They exit as Sharon arrives. She grills the girls and realizes Dylan went off to investigate a break in the case. Summer says it doesn't involve her. Sharon reminds her she was framed. Summer blurts, "We know who the killer is." They fill her in about Harding. Summer laments not remembering sooner. Sharon worries Harding will now be more dangerous than before. Sharon leaves Dylan a voicemail that it's too big of a risk to go after Harding and then leaves. Summer and Mariah follow.

At the station, Noah tells Harding he knows he killed Austin and Courtney. He rants that Summer saw him. Harding argues that she was drugged. They argue and Noah grabs him by the collar. Harding pulls his gun. Noah wonders if he'll kill him like the others. Harding says he didn't hate Courtney and he misses her too. Harding tells another officer to watch Noah. After, Noah tells Kevin and Dylan that Harding denied everything. He had to look him in the eye and find out why he did it. Dylan intends to find that out.

At the Club, Christine is impressed by Paul's healthy choices, but confronts him about using Dylan to keep tabs on what's happening at work. Paul protests that Dylan wants to help people and argues that he's working less with Dylan as his eyes and ears. Paul says Dylan wants to be a cop. Harding appears. He complains Noah Newman just accused him of being a dirty cop. Paul will talk to him. After, Chris tells Paul that his investigation could be compromised if evidence is gathered by Dylan, who is a civilian. Paul gets a call from Dylan. He tells Paul there is an eyewitness who can place Harding at the cabin. Paul tells Chris he will explain in the car. They go.

At the cabin, Marisa pretends to untie Marco and then spits on him. She'll enjoy watching Jack kill him. Phyllis appears. "So will I." Marco tries to convince Phyllis he's Jack. She doesn't buy it. She tapes Marco's mouth and asks Marisa what they should do with him. Marisa makes a speech to Marco about how he used her and was going to eliminate her. She talks about what he did to Phyllis, who has a knife. Phyllis muses, "An eye for an eye. Or in your case..." Jack arrives outside and listens as Phyllis talks to Marco. She won't give him the satisfaction of slitting his throat. "You will never take anything from me again." Jack enters and takes the knife. Marisa yells, "Jack don't!" She and Phyllis talk him out of killing Marco as Victor arrives.

At the station, Dylan hangs up from Paul and tells Kevin and Noah they don't know who is loyal to Harding there. He'll handle this on his own. Paul and Chris arrive. She gets called away. Paul asks where Dylan went.

At the Dive Bar, Dylan catches Harding hollering into his phone at someone to get there with the passport. "Planning a trip?" Kevin and Noah listen as Dylan tries to get Harding to name who he was working with.

Mariah, Summer, and Sharon storm into the station and see Kevin and Noah watching Dylan and Harding on the surveillance camera. Harding holds Dylan at gunpoint. Paul appears, gun drawn. "Drop the gun, Harding!" Harding tells Paul the only way Dylan gets out alive is if Paul lets him go. Dylan grabs Harding's arm and a shot rings out. Sharon screams.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Abby tells Stitch she doesn't need a bodyguard anymore.

Marco tells Victor, "Those people are dead because your plan had to be protected at all costs." Victor warns, "Don't you lay the blame at my feet." Jack interjects, "That's exactly where it belongs."

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