Y&R Recap: Rich, Entitled, Monsters.

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Tobias upsets the party, Kevin and Mariah unearth evidence, and Nikki gets drunk.

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Noah visits Cassie's grave. He weeps about Courtney. Mariah watches him tell her about all the time he lost. He vows to get justice for Courtney. Mariah tears up. He spots her and calls her over. Noah assures her that she has every right to visit her sister. She wonders what things could have been like if they'd grown up together. She urges him to call Courtney's parents again.

In Sage's room at the club, Nick tries to talk Sage out of going to the party. She's insistent. Downstairs, Victor orders Tobias to leave. Ashley reminds him that she threatened to have him arrested. Tobias nonchalantly grabs a drink. Yack informs him they don't need any spies. Tobias threatens to tell the guests all of Victor's secrets. When he's commanded to leave, Tobias jumps on the bar and rants about them being 'rich, entitled, monsters'. Ashley declares that he's useless. Neil drags him off the bar and then bickers with Billy, who just wants to dump the interloper in a car. After Billy drags him out, Jack thanks him. Nikki sneaks drinks. Kyle and Summer admit to Yack and Phyllis that they caught Tobias spying on them at Crimson Lights. Abby looks uncomfortable as they discuss this. When her friends approach her, they discuss whether or not Tobias has something to do with the killer. Yack glares over at them. Meanwhile, Victoria and Billy talk about how nice it is to work together again. She spots her brother and Sage walking in. Nick introduces her to his parents. Noah arrives in time to hear the latest mention of the baby. They fill him in and toast. Nikki announces that she doesn't drink and heads off to powder her nose. She bumps into Dylan on the way and starts complaining to him about how her sons are saddling themselves with awful women. Sharon pops up, who refuses to argue on the anniversary of Cassie's death. She advises Nikki not to antagonize Sage while she's pregnant. Nikki accuses her of taking advantage of the family and strides off. Across the room, Sage assures Victor that she's not a gold digger. She walked out on Gabriel's money and she's confident that Nick will be a good father. Sirens start to ring. Lily comes in and says there has been an accident involving a party guest. It was Tobias. Kyle, Abby and Summer decide to run over to the hospital to see if he's doped up enough to spill the truth. Nikki returns. Victor wonders if she's been drinking and she starts slurring her insults of the mustache. She complains about how dirty she feels for following Victor's orders and blames him for driving Tobias over the edge. She storms out and heads to the roof. Neil trails after and finds her getting plastered with some dude. She teases Neil about walking into the party with his son's ex. Neil takes her aside and she tells him that Victor is not winning tonight, she is. Neil asks the dude to step off and gets threatening. Meanwhile, Nick brings Sage back to her room. He advises her to 'duck and cover' when it comes to his dad. They make out. Back downstairs, Phyllis notices that Yack has gone missing. By the bar, Billy and Victoria discuss the pregnancy and start brainstorming their new project. When they stroll upstairs, they catch Neil punching the guy who was with Nikki.

Dylan takes Sharon back to her place. She assures him that she's used to being hated by Nikki. She'll always be attached to the Newmans because of the kids. They talk about him never having kids. She tells him not to count anything out. With that, he decides to go. After he leaves, he returns a moment later for a kiss.

At the station, a cop catches Kevin on Paul's computer and demands to know what he's doing. Kevin claims he's just doing a security check. The cop walks off as Mariah arrives. She worries about him hacking. He's found a file of Paul's suspects. Tobias is on the list.

Kevin and Mariah head to Tobias' motel room. She notices that it's a lousy dump like the one she lived in when she was on Victor's payroll. He wants to break in but she has a better idea. They sneak into a closet and get into uniforms before opening his door with a swipe card. They find stolen hard drives from the GCPD and a 3D printer with fingerprint molds for faking Sharon's prints.

Kyle, Summer and Abby sneak into Tobias' hospital room. After they wake him, he gasps 'Austin' and then flatlines. Yack arrives outside, peers in and smirks before strolling off.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"Somebody is working really hard to get us to believe that Tobias is the killer. Now, who would of that?" Kevin asks.

"You're not staying at a hotel, are you? You've been staying with Sharon," Avery says to Dylan.

"Please stop making excuses. You've got to stop drinking!" Victor orders to Nikki.

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