Wreckage From The Newman Jet!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Parts of the Newman jet surface, and William puts Evan under arrest...

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At the coffeehouse, Lauren and Gloria go over plans for Gloria's reception. While Lauren leaves to go visit Phyllis, Evan approaches Gloria and she says, "I'm tapped out!" However, Evan explains he's not there for more money and that he's met someone and says, "I want to give her something. I was thinking… jewelry." Although Gloria doesn't want to part with any of her possessions, Evan goes on, "Considerate it a farewell present."


On the patio of Crimson Lights, after JT asks Vikki to move into his loft, and gives her full range to make the place her own, Vikki says, "I can't. I'm not ready." JT expresses he's very patient and replies, "I'll wait."


At The Club, when Brad tells Colleen that Vikki and he are getting a divorce, Colleen isn't surprised and says, "Don't beat yourself up. You cheated on her, but she slept with JT while you guys were practically engaged. She's not a saint."

When Vikki meets Brad at home to discuss the divorce, she says, "I want you to resign your seat on the board. My mother deserves that seat." Although Brad refuses, Vikki says, "You can keep your board seat, but sell those Clear Springs properties to NVP at cost." After Vikki leaves, Brad gets a call from Abby and heads to the airport to pick her up!

At The Club, as Colleen talks to JT about Abby coming home, Brad calls and Colleen agrees to meet with him and Abby after work. After Colleen hangs up, she warns JT, for Abby's sake, to not be 'that someone else' for Victoria!


When Brad brings Abby home, Colleen is waiting for her. Although Abby asks about Vikki, Brad has yet to tell her about the divorce.


At the Abbott Manor, when Phyllis tells Jack she's going to hire a private nurse, Sharon comes in and says, "Nurse Sharon reporting for duty! Jack and I will take shifts." When Jack briefly pulls Sharon into the dining room, he says, "You have no obligation to take care of Phyllis." However, Sharon lays the honey on thick and insists! When Jack leaves for work, Phyllis asks Sharon, "Why are you being so nice to me?" With a smile, Sharon replies, "I'm doing what anyone would do."

At Newman, while Karen, David and Nikki discuss how to stick it to Jack, David says, "I created a video for such an occasion!" Although Nikki tells David to move forward with it, she thinks it's best if she doesn't see the video clip now!

In Jack's office, Ben shows him a current video of Jack and a mafia boss recently uploaded to his website! Jack is furious, demands that Ben shut down his website right away, then says, "We could sue for this!"


When Jack and Ben stomp into Victor's office, Nikki, David and Karen act as though they had no part in uploading the video to Jack's site! Suddenly, Karen gets a call from someone who wants a statement from Nikki! Although Nikki refuses to make one, Karen says, "The divers found a part of the wreckage from the jet." Abruptly, Nikki leans into Jack with heartache. Although Nikki leaves a message for Victor, she refuses to call Phyllis! While Karen, David and Jack suggest Nikki suspend the campaign for a while, Nikki refuses! Just then, Vikki arrives and everyone gives the mother and daughter some time alone…

Later, at The Club, David tries to comfort Nikki…


Vikki goes to JT's and says, "They found some wreckage from Nick's plane." Totally devastated, Vikki talks of childhood memories with Nick then says, "He's really gone."

When Lauren arrives at Jack's, Phyllis expresses how weird Sharon is acting. After Lauren offers Phyllis Gloria's old room - once she's gone - talk of Nick takes over until Sharon briefly reappears to see if Phyllis needs anything. Once Sharon is gone, Lauren agrees that Sharon is acting creepy!

Later, still at the Abbott Manor, Sharon gets a call from William asking to meet him to discuss Phyllis's trial. When Sharon suggests he meet her at the Abbott Manor, Will agrees!

At The Club, William tells Gloria he found out Evan is wanted for credit card fraud! Although Gloria acts surprised, she says, "At least he's out of our lives - for good!"


When William arrives at Jack's, with Phyllis still on the couch - her cell phone ringing - Sharon says, "Oh, Mr. Bardwell." After William says he's there to talk about Phyllis's case, Sharon suggests they go somewhere private, "I don't want Noah to hear us." Fear washes over Phyllis's face! After their talk, Sharon purposely lures William into the living room to collect some papers for him. When Will leaves, Phyllis asks Sharon, "What was that all about?" Sharon refuses to discuss the case, but replies, "It doesn't look good." Although Phyllis calls Sharon evil, Sharon keeps her composure.


Suddenly, Jack arrives home and tells Sharon and Phyllis, "They found some wreckage from the Newman jet." Filled with sadness, Phyllis says, "I was still holding hope. I wish you could turn back the clock…" In tears, Sharon leaves to put on some coffee…


Back at Lauren's, just as Gloria hands over some diamonds to Evan, William shows up and has him arrested! Not going down without a fight, Evan blurts out, "Your wife paid me to stay here and help her so you'd marry her!" William assures Gloria they'll talk about this later then leaves. Gloria turns to Lauren and says, "I just lost my husband!" Later, William calls and asks Gloria to meet him at The Club.

At The Club, William reassures Gloria that he didn't believe a word Evan said. However, when Gloria goes to find the waiter, William makes a call to see if the DNA results are in yet!


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