Y&R Recap: What You Deserve.

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Faith is found, Jill challenges Joe, and Constance stuns Adam.

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At the penthouse, Adam tells Sage he'll come back since Constance is sick. In the corridor he passes Victoria. She visits Billy to choose a christening date. He says any date will be fine. Victoria also wants to make Katherine's name official - Katherine Rose Newman. They bicker. Victoria says the baby can have the last name Abbott-Newman. Billy guesses he has to be alright with it.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Avery he recognizes Faith's bike. Avery is about to call Nick when Dylan finds Faith hiding. She tells him she ran away from her dad.

At Sharon's place, she and Nick reassure themselves that Faith will be okay. Nick's about to go looking again when Dylan calls that they've found her.

At the park, Tobias gives Victor files to analyze. Victor says it's not good enough - he needs to get Ashley to confide in him.

At the Jabot lab, Ashley tells Ben she'll work late. She alludes to feeling passionate about things and flashes to the shower sex. They talk and agree the sex is affecting their professional relationship. Ash suggests they hit the reset button. Abby appears, ready to hit the office Christmas party. Ben and Ash won't attend. Ben leaves. Tobias appears and offers to work late. Ash promises he'll get what he deserves after Christmas and sends him to the party. Later, Billy arrives and complains to Abby and Ashley about Victoria's choice of last name and Victor's influence. Ash urges him to trust Victoria. Abby goes to the party. Ashley thinks Billy is upset because the name makes the end of his marriage seem final. Billy admits it, but insists he's happy with Chelsea.

At the Club, Cane and Joe discuss the opposition to the development. Colin and Jill appear. Joe's surprised Jill is against it. Jill muses about him knowing something the rest of them don't. What Joe knows is that he's never backed a losing venture. Jill warns that people will fight like hell against this. Cane and Colin both tell Joe not to underestimate Jill. They spot Victor, who lets Cane know he'll be at the party, but Joe cannot use his name. Meanwhile, Joe taunts Jill about Victor getting control of Chancellor. Colin wants to invest in Joe's deal. Joe joins Victor and Cane as Jill grouses at Colin. Victor tells Joe he won't be used to draw other investors and dismisses him. Victor and Cane talk business. Jill is upset to hear Victor will attend Joe's party. Colin complains about Victor taking Chancellor. Jill thinks they may be able to do something. Nearby, Victor has his back to Joe, who murmurs, "Everything is going according to plan."

At Crimson Lights, Faith talks to Dylan about the situation with her parents. Sharon and Nick arrive. Nick thanks Dylan. Later, Dylan tells Avery if their baby had lived they would have been great parents and their kid would have been amazing. Avery gets a text - the warehouse district can't get historic landmark status. Dylan feels someone with a lot of power is getting to those who can help them.

At Constance's house, Sage tells Adam, who wants to take her to the hospital, that she wants to die at home. Sage urges him to be Gabriel for her. He sits by Constance, who has to tell him something about his father. She says everything he worked for was stolen from him in the hostile takeover. It was too much and he committed suicide. "Victor Newman killed your father." Adam promises her Victor Newman will suffer for what he's done.

At home, Sharon tells Faith never to run off again. Faith says Nick wouldn't do as she asked. Nick reassures her the break-up doesn't affect how they feel about her. Faith rants it's the worst Christmas ever and it's all Nick's fault. Sharon asks Nick if they can't be a family, can they at least not fight? Nick won't drop the custody suit. Later, Faith makes another pitch for them to reunite. Nick says they can't give that to her. Sharon soothes, "It will be okay." Faith says it won't. Sharon tells Nick they must make her a great Christmas.

At Victoria's house, she and Ben establish that he will spend Christmas there. He talks about Jenna not taking his calls, but he sent Max gifts. Vikki will make sure he has a happy Christmas. Once alone, Vikki calls someone. "It's about Christmas."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

On the phone, Mariah asks Kevin, "What's going on?" Kevin tells her, "Just get over to the police station right away. I need your help."

Dylan brings Nikki a Christmas present.

Sharon opens her door to Victor, who looks in to see Nick in a Santa suit.

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