DNA Retest: Gloria Bardwell!

Monday, June 4th, 2007

William secretly steals Gloria's hair for testing, Brad insists Vikki and he continue to have a civil working relationship, Kevin warns Daniel that he may be staying with him longer than expected, Vikki finds out she's pregnant, and Phyllis questions Daniel about what's really going on...

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At the Abbott Manor, Jack smiles when he wakes up to see Noah and Phyllis and offers to get Summer when she cries then comments, "It's nice to have family around." After Phyllis briefly calls Daniel to make arrangements to meet for coffee, suddenly, returning home early from her trip, Sharon arrives! "Sharon," Jack says. "I didn't expect to see you so soon." Looking at Phyllis, Sharon assumes she's there to help Jack with his campaign. However, Noah spills the beans and makes Sharon aware that Phyllis spent the night!


After Phyllis leaves, Sharon wants answers and Jack explains that Phyllis couldn't sleep and insists he couldn't turn his back on Phyllis and Summer. While Sharon isn't happy to have Phyllis in their home, she reminds Jack of how the press could have taken Phyllis's presence! Jack apologizes and says, "From now on you'll have veto over who stays here."


From the coffeehouse, Daniel leaves a message for Lily to call him. When Phyllis arrives, she questions Daniel about the naked photo on his phone and about looking at porn at work. Although Daniel denies the photo - and admits to looking at porn occasionally - he insists he's stopped.

After Daniel leaves, Jack arrives. Although Phyllis apologizes for causing problems between he and Sharon, Jack tells Phyllis that Sharon understood.


At home, while Brad and Vikki are having breakfast, JT calls to ask if she's still going through with the divorce. Not divulging any news, after Vikki hangs up, Brad asks why JT is calling and Vikki replies, "It's none of your business." Brad then says, "I hope he has a lot of room at his place because I want you moved out of here by this afternoon!" Later, Brad explains that Abby will be home for a visit and says, "I don't want her witnessing you moving out." Vikki throws Brad her house keys then walks out the door!


At Newman, JT shows up to hear that Brad threw Vikki out. Although JT offers her a place at his loft, Vikki says she already rented a hotel room. As JT is hugging Vikki goodbye, Nikki walks in and sees them! After Nikki clears her throat, JT leaves and Vikki says, "To answer your unanswered questions, yes, Brad and I are getting a divorce." Although Nikki agrees with the divorce, she warns Vikki to be more discrete in the office and of how Vikki's image could hurt her campaign. As they continue to argue, Vikki begins experiencing pains!

Later in the break room, the pain having subsided, Brad confronts Vikki and warns that they need to remain civil while at work. After Brad leaves, the pain comes back and Vikki calls JT then says, "I need you to take me to the hospital."

Still at Newman, Nikki runs into Brad and says how happy she is to be getting rid of him as a son-in-law. However, Brad reminds her not to set off fireworks just yet and says, "I'm still on the Newman board."

At the hospital, with JT waiting in the hallway, the doctor comes in and tells Vikki, "Good news, you're pregnant!"


Over breakfast at The Club, while Gloria is rambling about plans for a wedding reception, William thinks back to Evan's magic trick and wonders if Gloria pulled it when submitting her DNA! After William gets called away to work, Kevin shows up with a gift for Gloria - a clock - and says, "Time's a tickin' don't get caught!" Seeing as Gloria doesn't have access to William's money, she asks Kevin for a loan to payoff Evan! As Kevin is warning Gloria that Evan will continue to blackmail her for more money, Evan walks in! Despite initially turning her down, Kevin hands over some money to Gloria then leaves!


When Evan approaches Gloria's table, he threatens to tell William that she switched her DNA sample if she doesn't give him a substantial amount of money! Before their conversation can go any further, William arrives back! After Evan leaves, while kissing Gloria, her hair gets caught and she screams, "Ouch!" William distracts her and asks to talk about their reception, leaving Gloria unaware that he ripped out a strand of her hair!


On William's way out of The Club, he makes a call saying he's sending over some hair samples to be tested!


At The Boutique, after Lauren again warns Amber to steer clear of arguments with Lily, a man shows up to see Amber! Nervously, Amber stands there as 'Garret' introduces himself as Amber's cousin. Once Lauren goes to talk to Lily, although Amber asks the man to leave, he says, "I want you back." Just then, Lauren reminds Amber it's time to work and Amber agrees to meet the man from her past later. While trying to help a customer, the woman brings up Amber's bad press on Extreme Catwalk and says, "That was sick!" Lauren quickly diffuses the situation, agrees to help the customer, then Lily approaches and accuses Amber of ruining her marriage.

When Phyllis arrives at The Boutique, on Daniel's behalf, and begs Lily to give Daniel another chance, Lily snaps, "Your son is a liar, but having you for a mother…"

Later, at Crimson Lights, the man from Amber's past tells Amber how much he misses her - and her racy internet photos - then says, "I'm not leaving town without you."

At Newman, Jack gives Daniel advice and says he needs to get his life back. Over talk of Phyllis and Lily, Jack suggests Daniel do whatever it takes to get his wife back!


Although Daniel tries to visit Lily at the apartment, she tells him to go see a therapist, "You pervert," then slams the door in his face!

In the NVP office, Sharon confronts Phyllis and says, "Jack, Noah and I are a family and there's really no room for a second wife." With a smile, Sharon asks Phyllis if she's made sleeping arrangements for the night and Phyllis says, "I'm working on it."

Later at Jack's, although he feels bad for Phyllis, he says for the sake of his marriage, she can't stay there anymore. Trying to remain strong, Phyllis says, "I understand," then starts to pack up her things.

At The Club, Sharon rants to Brad about the fact that Jack allowed Phyllis to stay at the estate. Again, Brad says that Sharon made a mistake marrying Jack then admits that it was a mistake marrying Vikki. Brad then tells Sharon to admit her feelings for him - the ones she admitted to Brad on her deathbed!


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