Y&R Recap: Show Him The Path.

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Nikki's in need of rescuing, Victor is pleased in Georgia, and Mariah is stunned by Sharon's news.

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At the storage unit, Harding sends Clarence out with an officer. Nick and Sharon hover over Mariah, who says she couldn't stop Ian. Later, Mariah cries and tells them she's married to him. She says they were right about Ian. Nick asks if he hurt her. Mariah wonders why Sharon's being nice to her. A cop says Ian didn't show up at the drop. Nick tells him to get an ambulance. Mariah won't accept Sharon's help, only Nick's.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack assures Kelly he wants her there - taking it slower won't make it easier on Summer. This is our new reality. Phyllis is not coming back. Things get awkward when Kelly finds things of Phyllis' when trying to find a place for her stuff. Jack says, "This is your home." She leaves in a fluster.

At Crimson Lights, Avery tells Dylan that Joe saw the article about her new partnership and called to congratulate her. Dylan thinks it's weird. Avery says she was only on Joe's mind because of Dylan naming him online as a suspect when she was missing. Jack messages Avery. Dylan questions who it was. Avery tells him and says she doesn't like to think she's responsible for causing Joe anymore pain. Dylan gets it. Avery leaves to see Jack.

In Georgia, Victor tells Phyllis he came because she knows something he would like to know as well. Her eyes open. Victor gets the doctor. Phyllis stares. The doctor cautions Victor about expecting too much, but Victor didn't come this far to fail. The doctor says her perceptions could be off. Victor asks about her memory and is pleased to hear she should make a full recovery. Victor chats to Phyllis and assures her it's alright to come back.

At the ranch, Ian stops Nikki from calling the guard. He holds up a syringe and says the guard is unavailable. "You and I have unfinished business." Nikki plays along so she can get to the phone. He grabs it. She slaps him. They argue about whether she was his victim. Nikki's phone rings - Ian grins; it's Dylan. He warns Nikki. She answers and says she's fine and has total faith in his father. "Take care of that cold okay?" After, Ian tells Nikki it should have been her, but he had to find a replacement. She realizes he means Mariah and asks, "What have you done?" Ian tells Nikki he needs her and holds up the tequila. He wants what she owes him.

Avery arrives at Jack's place where he tells her Kelly moved in. She wishes him well. Jack says it's not going so well because of Phyllis' things. Avery offers to take them. They discuss the situation. Jack doesn't want to forget Phyllis, but wants to build a life. Avery cries that it's so hard because she's alive, but gone. They decide to move Phyllis' things together and find some sentimental items such as a lock of Summer's hair. They are reminiscing when Kelly returns. Later, Kelly reassures Jack that she knows Phyllis is a part of him. He wants her to feel at home so they can move forward.

Harding brings Clarence into the station to Paul, who suggests he think for himself and make a deal. He wants Ian, but Clarence was with the drugged girl. Clarence says a true believer stays on the path. Paul tells Harding, "Show him the path to holding." Dylan arrives for an update on Ian. He and Paul theorize about Ian's motives. Paul says he wants to show how smart he is.

At the hospital, Nick and Sharon wait to see what drug Ian gave Mariah. They learn she's stable and there was no sign of sexual assault. Nick and Sharon go in to see her. Sharon tells Mariah she said things to her that a mother should never say to her daughter. Mariah snaps that she's not Cassie. Sharon tells her Helen Copeland isn't her mother. "I am your mother." Mariah retorts, "No!" Nick confirms it. Sharon explains what Nick found out. Mariah cries about what Ian made her do. Sharon talks about the situation when she was pregnant and how Helen was involved. Mariah sobs and then asks to be alone.

Dylan appears at the ranch as Ian brandishes the syringe at Nikki and roars, "I want more!" Ian runs off and Dylan follows.

Avery enters Crimson Lights and finds Dylan jamming a bloody shirt into a plastic bag. He says he just cut his hand.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil tells Hilary he wants to get back to his job.

Abby listens as Jack questions Ashley about wanting to quit working for herself and come back to Jabot. Ashley wants him to make her co-CEO again.

Victoria asks Ben, "What were you and Abby just talking about?" He replies, "She kissed me."

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