Y&R Recap: Take A Chance On Me.

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Nick hires Austin, Nikki visits Summer, and Traci advises Abby.

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At home, Sharon dreams that Nick says he and Faith are moving back from the tackhouse because she's keeping things from him. Sharon awakens and asks Nick not to leave her. He reassures her. Sharon is certain she will hurt him. He wonders if she's remembered something. Sharon flashes to the lipstick in the stairwell and curses the elusive secret. Nick won't discuss the secret. Sharon tells him why she loves him, and notes how he's taken Mariah in.

At the ranch, Victor makes calls regarding Dr. Cutler's impending airport arrival. Nikki appears and clucks at him for making travel plans - she can't leave town right now because of the lawsuit. Victor complains about Summer getting married - Phyllis never would have allowed it. Later, Dr. Cutler arrives and Victor talks to him about his perfect record of getting coma patients to respond. Cutler says Phyllis is a ideal candidate. Victor asks how soon she can get into his trial. Cutler needs her family's permission or he could lose his funding. Victor offers to fund the whole shebang, but Cutler still needs consent.

Abby spots Tyler flirting with a girl at the Club. She needles him about his lack of taste. They bicker about Mariah. Tyler gripes that Abby is the most insecure woman he's ever met. Leslie overhears and grills Tyler. She tells her brother Mariah is to blame for his problems with Abby. Tyler thinks women are complicated. Leslie gets a text about Austin's trial date. Meanwhile, Abby meets Traci at The Dive Bar for a spa day. Abby confesses she had a run-in with Tyler. Traci says it hurts because she still loves him. She gives Abby a pep talk and they discuss difficult love relationships. Traci opens up about Steve. She encourages Abby just to enjoy life for now and work on finding out what she wants and needs.

At The Underground, Austin tells Mariah he's looking for a job. He gets a call from Summer, who is at their new apartment. Austin remarks on her father's generosity with the apartment and tells her he's job-hunting. Austin worries to Mariah that he won't get hired because he's been arrested. Mariah commiserates - she thinks the owner might take a chance on him. Nick arrives and tells Mariah that Austin is Summer's new husband. She realizes he shot the chief of police. Austin prepares to clear out, but Nick offers an interview. He's impressed with Austin's schooling and resume and hires him. Mariah smiles at Nick. They banter. Nick tells her Austin is trying to own up to his mistakes. He knows what it's like to fall in love for the first time and worry it might be taken away.

Nikki visits Summer at her new place and confronts her about marrying the man who shot Paul. Summer defends her husband. Nikki learns that Jack provided the apartment. They discuss Phyllis. Summer says there's no change. Nikki reassures her that her family will always be there for her. Summer mentions Sharon helped with her wedding - she's been great. Austin returns with his good news and apologizes to Nikki for what happened to Paul. Nikki warns him not to hurt Summer or anyone she cares about ever again, and leaves. Summer makes disgusting sandwiches and Austin tells her his job is at The Underground. He mentions Mariah being cool. Summer snaps at him to stay far away from that girl. Austin brings up prison, but Summer's not having it. The doorbell rings - it's Victor.

At the hospital, Sharon has a memory flash of entering the lab and shudders. She joins her therapist to be hypnotized but it won't work. Sharon complains that she has everything she's ever wanted but is still scared she'll lose it all. After, Sharon runs into Nikki, who thanks her for helping Summer. They make amends. Nikki brings up Cassie's death and Nick not wanting to take the paternity test.

Sharon arrives at The Underground looking for Nick and tells Mariah she had another memory. Nick appears. "What did you remember?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Mariah tells Summer she won't move in on her man - she has her eyes on someone else.

Sharon tells Nick there may be someone who can help her figure things out and announces she should go to Georgia and visit Phyllis.

Neil asks Hilary and Devon why they were out there.

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