Y&R Recap: The Fear Of Cows.

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Devon and Hilary are stranded, Kelly and Jack discuss their feelings, Victoria makes a choice, and Ben makes a confession.

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Billy is at Undergound getting a lecture from Nick. Billy thinks Victoria should be grateful for exposing Ben. They argue about his methods and Nick insists his sister doesn't want him back. Billy refuses to believe that. He accuses Nick of being a hypocrite. Mariah and Sharon chat in the corner. Sharon interrupts Nick's argument and Billy walks off. She has a shoot and tells Nick she'll be home late. Mariah watches them kiss. Cane and Lily arrive to see Devon but he's gone. Cane slips off to leave a message for Devon, reminding him that Hilary is his step-mother. He joins Lily for drinks. She's creeped out about the Cassie look-a-like. They get called to the Club to fix the dishwasher.

At the Club, Kelly and Jack bicker about trust. "I love you damn it!" he blurts out. He wanted to tell her in a more romantic way. After Phyllis, he never thought he'd fall in love again. She's touched but she's still upset about the Ben situation. She may not have forgiven her brother but she can't be angry anymore. He repeats that he loves her but won't push. She cries as he heads for the door, passing Cane and Lily on the way. Lily sees how upset Kelly is so goes over to talk to her. Kelly thinks she just chased off the best thing that ever happened to her. Lily encourages her to go after him.

Devon and Hilary are stuck in the middle of nowhere because his car has broken down and he has no phone signal. He thinks they should be stuck together. He tries reading the manual. She complains. They bicker. She decides to walk home but runs back to the car after a cow moos at her. He laughs at her fear of cows. Devon continues trying to fix the car but has no luck. She talks about the stars. He talks about the zoo and seven layer bars. After she goes on and on about how great dancing is, Devon offers her his hand and they dance.

Ben is at Victoria's door begging for a chance to explain himself. They argue through the door but she won't let him in.

Victoria heads to the hospital. Her doctor just left so she asks Dr. Andrea to run the test for her. "I need to control the outcome," Victoria says. Not the results, just who knows them and when. Suddenly, she changes her mind about the test since she doesn't want either man in her life. Billy just happens to be standing around the corner and eavesdrops.

Stitch shows up at Crimson Lights. Dylan tells him all about the hearing. Ben tells him about his day and confesses a few things to him. Sharon arrives. Her shoot was cancelled so she just came in for coffee. Ben leaves for air. Sharon senses the tension. Dylan can't believe how much people in Genoa City lie. She has a flashback of the infamous lipstick and then gives him a pep talk. He joins Ben outside. "You were my best friend," he says. He wishes he'd been honest with him. Dylan doesn't want to see his sister hurt.

Kelly sneaks into Jack's room at the Abbott house. She loves him too and climbs into his bed.

Nick and Mariah head home. He makes her a sandwich. They discuss their parents until Sharon arrives. She and Nick head to bed. Mariah stares.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"I ran into Tyler and he was with a woman," Abby explains to Traci.

"I could not have pulled it off without Sharon's help," Summer says. "Sharon?" asks Nikki.

"It's all a lie! Our family, our happiness… I'm done!" Nick shouts at Sharon as he smashes stuff.

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