Y&R Recap: Stud Bait.

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Chelsea keeps quiet, Kevin searches for more information, and Nikki warns Dylan of what's to come.

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Stitch is at Crimson Lights. He calls to check in on Victoria and offers to go to the test with her. She wants to do it on her own. She gets off the phone as Billy shows up at her door. He wants to tag along to her appointment. They bicker. She claims Ben is going with her. They argue about Chelsea and Ben. He notices she has taken down all of the photos of him. She asks him to go.

Chelsea's mom startles her when she shows up at the penthouse. She's not thrilled to see her daughter is still digging for dirt on Dr. Delicious. Chelsea has proof he's a killer. Anita orders her not to tell Billy for his own sake. Chelsea is sure he's harmless now. Her mom doesn't think so and hypes Billy, telling her daughter that she deserves something good. Anita packs up the kid for a trip to the park and explains that the 'cutie-pie is stud bait'. Chelsea thinks that needs to stop. Billy shows up, complaining about Victoria. Anita rolls the kid out. Billy tells Chelsea that he will take another shot with Victoria if he has one. She has no illusions about what's going on between them. When she walks off to her room, he looks through the high school year book. He spots Ben's picture as she returns. Billy wants some answers.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan notices Kevin is distracted. Stitch wanders over and they chat about Dylan having to testify. Kev wonders if Stitch has ever had to do that. Stitch is startled. Kevin rambles and then wanders off. Victoria calls Ben and asks him to meet her before going to the test. Barton arrives and congratulates Ben on likely being the next head surgeon. As he takes a call, Kevin swipes his ID card. As Dylan struggles to tie his tie, Leslie shows up and tells him that there are still ways he can help Nikki at the trial. Later, she sits with Barton and worries about Dylan. He notices his ID badge is gone.

Michael and Nikki are at the Club talking about the case. She worries about being judged. He wonders if she's ready for this. Nikki feels violated again but this is her only shot at defeating Ian. The lawyer tries to be reassuring. She stares over at the booze bottles. As soon as he leaves, the bartender tries to tempt her to drink. She runs. Ben and Victoria arrive. She's nervous about the test. They talk baby names. He suggests Egbert. She laughs. He gets awkward. Victoria assures him she wants to be with him no matter what.

In his office, Paul is on the phone arguing with a reporter about the case. He hangs up as Christine arrives. She tells him to stop putting Nikki first. Harding interrupts to complain about Kevin being late. Christine sends him out and gets back to arguing with Paul. He's decided to act as a character witness for Nikki. She thinks Nikki is a liar and he needs to stay out of this. He's still going to the trial to support her. Chris insists on going too. As they leave the office, they notice that Kevin has arrived. Paul makes a dig and leaves. Kevin uses the card to log into the hospital system. Harding starts lecturing him for being late. Michael pops up and interrogates his brother. Kev storms out.

Nikki and Dylan meet at the court house. She wishes he hadn't been dragged into this and warns him about the journal. Paul arrives and assures them that they will always have his support. He's sure this will be over soon. Michael and Christine come in and prepare to begin.

Kevin heads to the hospital and logs into their computer. He's shocked by what he sees when he looks up Ben's record.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"The only one making us all suffer is that man! Ian Ward!" Dylan says when he takes the stand.

"He called it New World. I called it hell on earth!" Nikki declares as she testifies.

Billy isn’t happy when it looks like Jack knows more than he's been letting on.

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