Y&R Recap: This Is Goodbye.

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Victoria lashes out, Austin visits Paul, and Summer talks to Sharon.

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At Jabot, Nick and Jack discuss Summer's marriage. Jack suggests they cut off her funds. Nick says it would only make her dig her heels in deeper - like Phyllis. Nick thinks Austin will go to jail and they'll get divorced. He warns Jack about making Summer choose between him and Austin. After, Jack makes a call to get legal advice.

At the Dive Bar, Austin tells Summer her dad thinks he just wants her money and to keep her from testifying. Summer reassures him. He says he has something to do and leaves. Sharon and Faith arrive. Summer and Sharon discuss what Summer will do if Austin goes to jail. Summer admits Austin hasn't told her he loves her yet. She thinks it's hard for guys to say the words. Sharon says Nick tells her all the time.

Victor enters Paul's hospital room as Nikki tells him she wouldn't have given away their son. Victor relays good news - Dylan is ready to be released. Nikki exits with Victor. In Dylan's room, Stitch tries to throw Ian out but Dylan says he can handle it. Ian tells Dylan they are both victims of the same irresponsible woman. Nikki appears and hisses at Ian to get away from her son. Dylan backs Nikki up. Ian leaves - and runs into Victor, who gets in his face. Ian needles Victor about a family friend being the father of his wife's son. Victor runs Ian off. In the room, Nikki and Dylan discuss Ian suing her. Dylan reassures her. Victor enters and tells Dylan he did a brave thing for Paul. Meanwhile, Austin enters Paul's room. Paul lashes out about Austin taking the law into his own hands. Dylan appears and Austin leaves. Paul tells Dylan he thinks the kid came to apologize. Dylan wants him behind bars. Dylan tells Paul he's getting out of there. Paul wonders what will happen when he also gets out. They joke around. Dylan says he fought to stay alive for the chance to get to know him.

At the Abbott house, Victoria squares off with Chelsea after learning she and Billy slept together. Billy tells Victoria this isn't her business - she's been with Stitch. Victoria wonders if this is a relationship and informs him she is taking Johnny with her to see Reed. After, Chelsea feels bad. Billy tells her she's been a good friend. She replies, "Not anymore." Billy asks if they're not friends, what are they? Chelsea says it wasn't just sex for her. She says she was shocked by how alive she felt afterward. Chelsea knows it can't happen again, and she can't start to care about him. "This is goodbye." Billy protests. She says after Victoria takes the test they'll reconcile. "Where does that leave me?" She can't take anymore suffering. Billy tells her they have suffering in common. She asks what that means. He doesn't want this to be goodbye. Billy pulls her into a passionate kiss.

At the Dive Bar Stitch questions Victoria, who is visibly upset. Victoria rants about Billy and Chelsea sleeping together. Stitch wonders if she's over Billy why is she so upset? Vikki just thinks Billy's a hypocrite. She angrily says her marriage is totally over and can't believe she got involved knowing Billy's history. Stitch is glad he saw her before her trip. She says she'll have the blood test when she returns and kisses him. Downstairs, Sharon and Mariah run into Ian. Mariah introduces them. Sharon sends Mariah to the roof. Ian thanks her for taking an interest in 'his' Mariah. Sharon says she's not his Mariah anymore. Nick appears and backs her up. He also wants him to leave Nikki alone and drop the lawsuit. Ian beams about Mariah's wonderful new future and leaves. Nick assures Sharon that with her on Mariah's side, Ward doesn't stand a chance. Ian finds Mariah and tells her both Nick and Sharon came to her defense. "Keep up the good work." By the pool, Faith learns that Summer got married. Austin returns and meets Faith, who tells him her daddy thinks he belongs in jail. Summer apologizes. Jack appears and mentions his talk with Austin yesterday. Summer asks, "What talk?" Jack says he's going to a judge to petition to have the marriage annulled. He hopes one day Summer will understand this.

At the ranch, Nikki tells Victor she knows he heard her tell Paul that if she had known Dylan was his son she wouldn't have given him away. Victor replies, "Then you and I would never have happened." He says their children wouldn't be born, or their grandchildren. Nikki cries and they embrace.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan asks Avery, "Why is Leslie texting you about Austin's case?"

Summer tells Abby she's getting married in a church today and she doesn't care if no one shows up.

Nikki hollers at Ian to shut up while Michael tries to calm her down.

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