Y&R Recap: Little Girl Dreams.

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Lily and Hilary argue, Austin visits Jack, and Anita finds Chelsea with Billy.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea wakes up naked with Billy. He says, "I think you fixed my back." They discuss why they had sex. Chelsea wants him to admit it wasn't crazy or impulsive - they had both thought about it before. She reminds him about their previous kisses. Billy tells her it was enjoyable, but he still wants to get back with Victoria. While talking they end up getting close and nearly kiss but Anita enters. Billy leaves. Chelsea stammers to her mother that they didn't plan it. Anita's thrilled - he's a catch! Chelsea insists it will never happen again. Anita's not buying it. Chelsea gets a call from Kevin. She says she'll check her email - it's Ben Rayburn's obituary with a photo of a young man who isn't Stitch. Anita and Chelsea deduce that Stitch stole the young man's identity. "He's got something to hide." Chelsea wants to tell Billy, but Anita asks if she's sure - it could cause Victoria to dump Stitch and go back to Billy.

At the Abbott house, Jack brings Kelly breakfast in bed. They kiss and discuss the situation with Summer. Jack feels in over his head. Kelly reassures him. They get to talking about her past and he asks a question about Ben. Kelly says she has to get to work. Jack wants to make love again first.

At Crimson Lights, Courtney tells Summer she's been busy catching bad guys while Summer's been busy marrying them. Summer and Courtney argue heatedly. Summer needs her friend, not a cop. Austin leaves them to it. Summer tries to explain that Austin was in pain over his mother's death and shooting Paul was an accident. Courtney reminds her she didn't know him a few weeks ago. Summer insists it's real. Courtney wonders what she'll do if he goes to jail. Summer say he'll come back. Courtney warns he'd be different. Summer says she'll stand by him and asks her to just be her friend. They hug.

At Jabot, Billy tells Jack he's a mess. Jack asks, "What's her name?" Billy sighs - last night was wrong. Jack can't see why when Victoria is seeing another man. Billy protests that Vikki will want him again. Jack thinks it's okay to get on with your life. Billy wonders, "Who are we talking about here Jack? You or me?" Austin appears. Jack tells Billy he's Summer's husband. Billy gapes. He warns Austin not to hurt her and leaves. Austin tells Jack he's there to say something that might make him feel better - if he's incarcerated, he'll divorce her and let her go. Jack suggests an annulment now. Austin refuses. If by some miracle he gets off, he plans to be with Summer.

At the Dive Bar, Cane and Lily, back from Paris early, send the twins into the pool. They discuss Neil's marriage. Lily will never be okay with it. In the dining room, Neil tells Hilary not to worry - Cane and Lily are still in Paris. Hilary spots Devon and tells Neil she wants to plan their honeymoon - they should leave now and go for a few weeks. Neil is taken aback. Thinking she's insecure, he reassures her. Hilary talks about her little girl dreams coming true and recalls the past. She's scared. Neil assures her those dreams will all come true. She leaves. Neil calls to look at a house - it's a surprise for his wife. Back at the Dive Bar, Devon joins Cane and Lily. Cane asks about the maniac throwing hundred dollar bills off the roof. Devon sighs that he did it while drunk. Lily thinks this is about a woman. Once alone, Cane tells Devon he assumes the money tossing was about Hilary. Devon fills him in on the elevator encounter. He worries if he doesn't get control, he'll break his dad's heart. Devon needs a project. Hilary arrives and Lily questions her not being at work. Hilary says she is working. Hilary remarks on how refreshing it's been not running into her. Lily knocks Hilary in the pool. She emerges hollering. Devon reassures her. She tells him she deserves it, and he knows why. Cane questions Lily's actions. Downstairs, Billy arrives and spots Kelly. He asks why she never mentioned Stitch was her brother. She asks if he really wants to do this again. He decides he doesn't. Kelly walks away.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil confronts Lily about shoving his wife in the pool.

Nikki tells Victor she can run her own life - she did not come home for him to be her guardian.

Stitch tells Chelsea that Billy backed off of the witch hunt, but she's still sniffing around. "What are you up to?"

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