Y&R Recap: A Very Bad Idea.

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Chelsea and Billy's evening takes a turn, Sharon makes an offer, and Paul and Dylan come face-to-face.

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After watching the fireworks at their front door, Nick wants to generate some with Sharon. She asks if he's okay with not marrying her. He is. They kiss.

Mariah is startled by Ian in her hotel room. He declares that she is not safe there and suggests she convince Sharon to get her out of there. They discuss Nick softening toward her. Mariah muses if they're opening their hearts to her, why not their home?

At the ranch, Nikki's been served with papers from Ian. Victor doesn't want her to worry about it. Nikki stresses out over Dylan and Paul missing out on so much time. Victor suggests she go to the hospital. He calls Nick to tell him about the lawsuit.

At home, Nick talks to Victor by phone about Mariah's connection to Ian. Sharon hears Mariah's name and demands details. Nick says Mariah has a special friend - Ian Ward. He explains she grew up at the commune. Mariah arrives and claims to have nowhere else to go. Sharon suggests she turn to Ian. Mariah says she's relieved Sharon knows about her past. Sharon states, "It's not the past." Mariah lies that she's avoided Ian. She tells them she doesn't feel physically safe at her hotel. Sharon blurts that she can stay there. Mariah doesn't think Nick would agree, but he does. Mariah thanks them and leaves to get her things. Sharon is suspicious of Nick. He says Mariah's not to be alone with Faith. Sharon thinks Mariah will win him over.

In Chelsea's nursery, Billy reaches up toward the spycam and wrenches his back. Adam watches. Chelsea jokes about Billy getting old and helps him out of his jacket. Adam clenches his fists. Adam's man assures him he can fix the buzzing. Downstairs, Chelsea celebrates Billy's birthday with an apple with a sparkler in it. They laugh as he tries to blow it out. Chelsea thinks she knows what he wished for. After, she massages him as he groans appreciatively. He sits up and pulls her into his bare chest. She husks that this is a very bad idea. He agrees, it's terrible. They kiss. She says this will hurt his back. He grins. "It better." They undress and make passionate love.

In the hospital, Dylan tells Avery about seeing Sully when he was in and out of consciousness and then asks if Paul was in there. He felt him close by. In the corridor, Victoria warns Ben she can't deal with anymore lying. Ben assures her there is nothing left to find out. He gets choked up talking about losing her. Victoria forgives him. In Paul's room, Christine warns him not to get out of bed without permission. Paul wants to see Dylan. Nikki arrives, followed by Victor. Paul and Victor discuss the revelation about Dylan. Victor warns that Nikki feels guilty, but Paul says he blames Ian. Paul marvels that the child he helped give life to did the same for him. Victor hopes it works out well for them; but warns Dylan may have trust issues. Victor assures Paul he's happy he's the father of Nikki's son, not Ian. Paul wants a favor. Outside the door, Christine and Nikki apologize to each other. Nikki goes to Dylan's room and fawns over him. She tells him Paul's doing well thanks to him. Dylan blames himself for Paul getting shot. Nikki and Avery reassure him. Dylan wonders how Paul feels about all this. The door opens - it's Victor pushing Paul in a wheelchair. Paul's eyes meet Dylan's. Everyone leaves. Dylan apologizes to Paul for not listening to him when he asked him not to go after Avery. Paul says if he hadn't, they wouldn't have learned he was his son. Paul thanks him for 'saving his old man'. They agree to spend time and figure this out. In the corridor, Nikki wonders to Victor if Katherine had any idea how this would end up. Victor takes a call from Nick, who says he figured out the key to Ian's weak spot, by giving Mariah the key to the house.

Ben arrives at Vikki's house where she's indulging in weird food cravings. She feels the baby move. Ben puts his hand on her belly and they smile. Once alone, Victoria feels the baby again. She calls Billy and leaves a voicemail wishing him a happy birthday.

Mariah goes to Ian's place where he gloats about being right about Sharon inviting her to move in.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

A wet Hilary shouts at Lily, "What is wrong with you? What if I couldn't swim?" Lily replies, "Well I was hoping that you couldn't."

Billy asks Kelly why she never mentioned to him, or anyone else, that Stitch was her brother.

Jack says to Austin, "I hope you are here to tell me that you and Summer have decided to get an annulment."

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