Y&R Recap: One Ugly Outfit.

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Billy shares information with Victoria, Jack is irate, and Nick asks Sharon not to marry him.

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Sharon finds Nick in a 4th of July hat at home. He says Nikki called - Dylan's going to make it. They agree he's a good guy. Sharon checks out the art Faith did - she made a wedding picture. Nick wonders if they should talk about it. Sharon says they're never getting married again. Nick says, "Wow." Sharon says if they got married again, she would cause him more pain. Nick tries to make a case for marriage. Sharon likes things the way they are. Nick kneels and asks her not to marry him. She kneels and says, "I won't." They kiss. Later, Nick thinks everything's perfect.

At the cabin, Jack assumes Summer and Austin are engaged but she says they saw a judge and have a marriage certificate. Jack thinks Austin wants Summer's trust fund. Austin offers to sign anything. Summer is livid that Jack thinks someone could only want her for her money. Jack realizes it's so she can't testify. He hollers that Austin is going to jail and this marriage is going away. Austin asks about Paul. Jack tersely informs him he's better - no thanks to him. He wants to take them back to Genoa City. Summer tells Jack if he can't accept her husband, he should just go. Jack asks Austin what it's going to take to get rid of him. Austin won't be bribed into letting Summer go. Jack feels he can only bring her heartbreak and asks Austin not to put her through that. Austin won't walk away from her. Jack storms out. Summer and Austin agree they won't leave each other.

Victoria stops by Jabot to tell Billy that Paul and Dylan are doing better. Billy thanks her for keeping him from having to go to the hospital. Victoria is glad they can be kind to each other, but warns the divorce is going ahead. Billy tells her Stitch and Kelly are brother and sister. "They both lied to us." Victoria angrily says she won't be giving him a reward for this information or flying into his arms. "I'm done!"

At the penthouse, Chelsea searches the nursery for the source of a buzzing noise while Adam watches on the spycam. Later, Billy arrives and takes in Chelsea's strange attire and hat. "That is one ugly outfit." They bicker. Billy tells her he found out Stitch and Kelly are siblings and told Victoria. Chelsea singsongs that there's more to the story. Billy doesn't want to know what Kevin found out - Victoria's already mad at him. Chelsea wishes him a happy birthday. They discuss her outfit - she worries she's lost her mojo. He reassures her and she invites him to stay. She takes him up to look for the source of the buzzing noise in the nursery. Adam watches. They look up at the spycam. "I think it's coming from over here."

Courtney and Noah kiss at the Dive Bar. Later, Noah worries about Mariah running the bar. Courtney muses, "Speaking of criminals not to be trusted..." Austin appears with Summer. Noah runs over to confront Austin. Summer says he's her husband. Noah takes Summer to talk privately. Courtney reminds Austin she's the one who shot him - if anything happens to Summer she promises her aim will be better. Noah reminds Summer about him and Adriana. She says this is different and asks him not to tell Nick yet. They rejoin their partners. Courtney tells Noah they'll look out for her.

At the hospital, Kelly apologizes to Ben - she had to tell Jack they were siblings. Ben expected it to come out. They discuss Dylan. Kelly urges Ben to tell Victoria about them before someone else does. He teases her about hugging him and saying, "I love you." Kelly warns him to tell Victoria all of it - and then he'll see how much she really cares about him. She tells Ben he paid for what he did; he served his time. She'll never like what he did, but doesn't hate him. Victoria appears as they hug and confronts them about being siblings. Kelly leaves. Victoria wants to know why he kept it from her. Ben says Kelly didn't want anyone to know they were related so he followed her lead. Victoria thinks he knows he should have told her by now. "Maybe it was a mistake to trust you." Ben says he loves her - he knows he's not supposed to say that, but he does.

At Jabot, a steaming mad Jack tells Kelly that Summer married Austin. She stops him from calling Nick and says it might not be so bad. Jack snaps at her. Kelly refuses to see Austin as a lost cause; she believes redemption is an important concept. She reminds Jack he'll want to be the one comforting Summer when Austin does his time. Jack thanks her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Mariah yells at Ian, "You scared the hell out of me. What are you doing here?" He says, "You're not safe in this place."

Nick tells Victor he found the key to Ian's weak spot.

Billy reaches up to the spycam in the nursery.

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