Y&R Recap: A Walking Hormone Factory.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Devon takes a risk, Summer makes a shocking move, and Hilary makes a request of Neil.

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At the hospital, Paul complains to Nikki that Kevin and Michael wouldn't let him see Dylan. Nikki clucks that they both had major surgery. Paul feels something is wrong and Dylan needs him. They talk about conceiving Dylan together. Nikki cries that if she'd been in her right mind, she'd have realized Paul could have been the father. Paul doesn't blame her. He talks about 'what ifs'. Nikki says they can't go back. Paul's gut tells him Dylan needs him. Nikki admits there were complications and goes to check. Paul frets. In Dylan's room, Ben tells Avery that Dylan is fighting - the next few hours are critical. They discuss an endotoxin that could shut down his organs. Avery cries that what Ben's not saying is scaring her. She thinks Dylan's dying. In Dylan's mind, he sees Sully at the foot of the bed and they talk about Avery. Dylan flashes to Sully's death. Sully tells him it's his chance to come with them. Dylan's blood pressure spikes and he calls out to Sully. Stitch bellows, "Tell him Stitch said to stay away!" Avery talks and Dylan jerks around. Stitch goes for help. Avery begs Dylan not to leave her. Stitch returns. Dylan imagines Paul saying he wants to know him. "Don't go now." Imaginary Paul understands why Dylan went after Avery that day and urges him to fight. Dylan opens his eyes. Avery cries, "You're back." Meanwhile, Nikki finds Paul sleeping. She says she saw Dr. Chang and is very worried about their son. Paul awakens and tells her confidently that Dylan will be fine.

In the park, Austin thinks Summer's plan sounds risky - for her. She insists it's what her mother would do and is the perfect solution. Austin asks if she's sure she's ready. She ignores a call from Jack and says she's never been more ready for anything.

At Jabot, Jack mutters about Summer not answering her phone and chats with Abby. Neil wonders where Hilary went. Jack complains to Abby about Summer hooking up with Austin Travers. Abby doesn't think there's much he can do - Summer's a walking hormone factory. Abby warns Jack he needs to stop treating Summer like a child. Jack vows to try not to make things worse. In the stopped elevator, Devon tells Hilary he's trying hard to let this go. Hilary is worried about him - he smells like a distillery. Devon says he thinks about her all the time and it drives him crazy. They debate as Neil pushes the button outside. Devon tells Hilary he's in love with her - he should have told her sooner. They nearly kiss as he says, "I know you love me too." Hilary's butt hits the button and the elevator opens - Neil is there. Hilary and Devon both claim they were in other departments. Neil tells Hilary he's worried about Devon.

Summer and Austin arrive at the Abbott cabin. She's squealing about what they did. He calls her fearless. They kiss and make love on the sofa. After, Summer sends Austin to fill up the whirlpool tub. Jack arrives - the caretaker called. Summer clutches her robe around her as Jack yaks away. He wants them to discuss the Austin thing like adults. Austin appears in a towel hollering that the tub's full. Jack is livid. He orders Austin out. "I'm her father." Austin replies, "And I'm her husband."

At the park, Neil and Hilary plan to spend the day together. Hilary suggests lunch, and then suggests they start their own family right away. Neil is thrilled, but says there is plenty of time for that. Hilary thought he'd be more enthusiastic. Neil assures her he's down with it, but says there's no rush. He assures her his family will learn to love her as well.

At the Dive Bar on the roof of the Club, Abby sees Devon drinking. She urges him to tell her his problems. They talk about money making things more complicated. He grumbles about his sad, lonely life. Abby asks, "Who is she?" Devon admits he's in love with somebody who loves someone else. Abby can relate - Tyler was hung-up on Mariah. Abby advises that he won't escape what's bothering him by drinking. Abby tells him he'll figure it out and leaves. Devon climbs out on the ledge and throws away his money.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Billy tells Victoria that Stitch and Kelly are brother and sister.

Jack asks Austin, "What's it going to take to get you out of my daughter's life?"

Nick says to Sharon, "And this is a big step." Sharon tells him, "You and I are never getting married again."

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