Y&R Recap: Little Black Raincloud.

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Stitch makes a decision, Victor learns of Victoria's situation, and Abby dumps Tyler.

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Victor spots a stressed out Stitch at the Club. He hopes his distress has nothing to do with his daughter. Stitch doesn't want to discuss it. Victor talks about loving Victoria and wanting the best for her. Stitch says he wants that too, but she'll decide what that is. Victor says he's a good man. At the bar, Stitch recalls his conversation with Victoria. Nearby, Kelly is flirting with Jack on the phone. She spots Stitch and asks about the little black raincloud he's sitting under. He admits he'd hoped to hear from someone. Stitch asks about her good mood. She feels like she won the lottery. He muses, "Let me guess, Jack Abbott?" She realizes he's waiting to hear from Victoria and warns him it won't last - how fair is it to her to get involved with a man who doesn't even exist? Stitch gets upset. She snarks about him hiding who he is and what he's done and urges him to just come clean. Kelly warns if Jack asks her a direct question about him, she won't lie. Stitch agrees he's playing with fire. "I can't let this go on." He cares about Victoria and will tell her about his past.

At home, Victoria asks Billy if he would be okay with the baby being Ben's. He says he would be okay with it, but then starts complaining about her getting it on with Stitch. He wonders if there are others. She tells him to stop. Billy says it will be hell not knowing who the father is, but they'll get through this together. Victoria muses that he always tries, but always breaks his promises. He asks her to go to therapy with him. She can't. She won't make commitments until after the paternity test. Later, Victor stops in. She won't discuss Billy. Victor spies the pre-natal vitamins. "Are you pregnant?" Victoria sighs and laments her circumstances. She asks him not to tell Nikki. When she mentions tests, he insists on knowing what kind. Vikki says, "To determine paternity." Victor seems pleased when she confirms Stitch could be the father. He warns her not to jump back in with Billy even if he's the father. Victor invites her to move into the ranch, and gives Stitch a plug before leaving.

At Crimson Lights, Abby tells Tyler that Nick advised her to cut him loose. He asks what she wants. They bicker about why he went to Mariah. Tyler says his debt is paid, she's Sharon's problem now. Abby is incensed that he went to Sharon before coming to see her. Tyler insists he wasn't blowing her off - he just had to deliver the message to be free and clear of Mariah for good. Abby thinks he'll go running if she calls again. She can't live like that. Abby returns his ring and takes off.

At home, Sharon tells Nick she is going to help Mariah in Portland. "She specifically asked for my help." Nick suggests she can specifically tell her to shove it. Sharon won't do that. They bicker about her connection to Mariah. Nick thinks Sharon's playing right into her hands and she'll take her for a bunch of money. Sharon just wants to go, but Nick says that's not okay. Sharon accuses him of wanting to control her and acting like Victor. She makes him leave. Sharon is calling about flights when Nick returns and apologizes. They express their love. He asks her to check in with her therapist and stay in touch while she's in Portland. After, Nick becomes Chef Nicola and prepares 'pizza a la microwava' and 'brewskis'. Sharon giggles. They kiss.

At the station, Kevin tells Chelsea that Chloe is settled in at the facility in California. He says he feels good about it. Chelsea says he obviously is unhappy that she chose to get help away from him. He admits it, but says they got close again before she left so he has hope for the future. Kevin asks why Chelsea's there. Chelsea admits she misses Chloe. Billy appears. He tells Kevin he wants help getting the goods on Dr. Ben Rayburn. Kevin says he's done with illegal searches. Chelsea warns Billy not to make this Kevin's problem. Later, Kevin types the name Ben Rayburn into the police database.

In the penthouse nursery, Billy says he's glad to know the truth about Victoria being pregnant. He thinks Chelsea's on his side to make up for what Adam did. They talk about Victoria, and the chances of Stitch going away. Chelsea puts Connor in bed. Adam watches.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Summer asks if Austin thinks she's a child too. He says he doesn't think she's a child at all.

Nick confronts Tyler about Mariah.

Cane warns Colin that he's the only thing standing between Victor Newman and a federal indictment.

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