Y&R Recap: Teeny Tiny Bit Of Betrayal.

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Nick advises Abby, Billy learns a secret, and Lily pushes Devon to act.

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At Victoria's house, she tells Stitch that Chelsea will just have to keep her mouth shut about the pregnancy until the paternity test. Stitch tries to convince her to tell Billy. "He needs to hear it from you."

At Chelsea's penthouse, she tries to backtrack after mentioning a baby. Billy tells her to spit it out. "Is Victoria pregnant?" Chelsea squirms but eventually admits that Victoria is expecting. Billy is thrilled. His phone rings - it's Victoria wanting to talk. He leaves despite Chelsea saying he doesn't know everything.

At home, Sharon tells Nick that visiting the cemetery this time was harder than usual. They talk about her fuzzy memories. Nick leaves to get Faith and Sharon takes out her traffic ticket. Noah stops in and recalls she was acting weird the day she got the ticket. Noah goes and Sharon looks at her calendar from the ticket date. She does an online search and learns the date was when Phyllis' tragedy happened.

At Crimson Lights, Abby is with a made over Faith, who wants to know about her hairdo for the wedding. Abby mutters, "If there is a wedding." Nick arrives. Abby talks to Nick about Tyler helping Mariah. She explains why he felt obligated and worries about him hiding things from her. Nick advises her to kick Tyler to the curb. He feels Tyler put Mariah before her. Abby is outraged at his advice considering he took Sharon back, who did much worse. Nick says it's different, and says she knows deep down that he's right. Nick tells her to trust her gut and goes.

At the Club bar, Tyler tells Leslie that Abby didn't like him going to Portland - he wonders if he's still engaged. Leslie's with Abby on this one - he owes Mariah nothing. She tells him to cut Mariah loose. Nearby, Devon introduces Lily to his date, Lelani. Once alone, Lily complains that Devon is wasting time he could be spending seducing Hilary away from Neil. He tells her she can't guilt him into doing something so stupid. Lily insists there was sparks between them and tells him he just has to nudge her into a teeny tiny bit of betrayal. A skeptical Devon listens to Lily sketch out how the seduction might go. Devon imagines telling Hilary he thinks she wants him as much as he wants her, and then kissing, undressing and having sex. Lily snaps Devon out of his reverie. "Hello. So are you up for it?" Devon doesn't want any part of it. He feels they may just have to get used to this.

Neil and Hilary hold hands in the park. He talks about having a contractor expand her wardrobe space at his house. She reminds him this is temporary. He says it doesn't have to be. Hilary says it's too soon for permanent anything. Leslie appears. "What is going on here?" Hilary takes off. Leslie asks Neil if he's forgotten how Hilary hurt them. He counters that she's not the only woman to hurt him. Neil insists Hilary's not a threat and throws the doctor up to her. They agree to be friends as Hilary reappears. After, Neil asks Hilary how she feels about marriage. She realizes he wants to see if she's worth dating. Hilary describes how she used to pretend to be a bride when she was a girl. She tells him marriage is not out of the question.

At Victoria's house, she tells Stitch he doesn't need to stay. After, Billy arrives with flowers. Grinning, he tells her he knows she's having a baby, and insists he figured it out himself. She mentions the paternity test and his demeanor changes. He rants and hollers about the possibility of the kid being Stitch's. He decides it's their baby - he can feel it. Victoria warns they can't do a test until 14 weeks. Billy goes on about the pregnancy being a sign. Vikki says it doesn't fix their problems. She wonders how he'll feel if it's Ben's. "What kind of a sign will that be?"

Tyler arrives at Sharon's house - he came about Mariah, who got herself in deep this time. He insists she's not a terrible person, she just had it tough as a kid. He says her mom was a nutjob and she was basically abandoned. Sharon asks what he wants from her. Tyler says she needs someone to pay for a decent attorney. "She asked for you." Later, Nick returns and Sharon tells him she's going to Portland to help Mariah.

Stitch arrives at Chelsea's penthouse to let her know Victoria is telling Billy. Chelsea sighs that he already knows. They bicker when he accuses her of spilling the beans. Chelsea knows he doesn't like her because of Dylan, but asks hasn't he done something he regrets? He warns her out of Victoria's business. She reminds him Victoria's married. He wonders if she's cheerleading for Billy and Victoria to make up for what her husband did. She orders him out.

Tyler finds Abby at Crimson Lights. Nick's words go through her mind.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick won't let Sharon give her whole life away for Mariah in the hopes that it will bring Cassie back.

Tyler says, "Don't do this, Abby." She hands back his ring but he won't take it.

Victor notices Victoria's pre-natal vitamins and asks if she's pregnant.

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