Y&R Recap: Forget Me Nots.

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Victor visits Cassie's grave, Billy pushes Stitch, and Cane grills Colin.

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At Chelsea's penthouse, she tells Billy there is something he needs to know. He asks what this is about. She says it's about Victoria, but won't tell him. Billy is angry. Chelsea says he needs to get his answers from Victoria. She's there if he needs to talk after.

At the Chancellor Estate, Jill gazes at Katherine's priceless heirloom and realizes she loved her. Colin reminds her what's hers is also his - communal property. They bicker about whether the documents she signed will stand up. They notice a scroll tied with a bow and rip it while fighting over it. Suddenly the police knock on the door. An officer enters followed by Cane. Jill says Colin is back from his business trip. Cane dismisses the cop and then grills Colin. Jill blurts that he was in a remote part of Canada. Cane asks about the Bonaventure card in his wallet. He wants Colin to admit he set him up. Colin says, "Damn right I did. I did it for you." Cane hollers at him. Colin says they were doing good cancer research and he did it to bring them closer together. Cane asks if Colin knew about the illegal drugs. Colin says if he knew what he does now he never would have taken him down that path. Cane exits. Colin gives Jill the torn paper. It's a note from Katherine saying she knew Jill would find it. Colin laughs when Jill says 'we' have to have it appraised. She puts on the necklace. Colin marvels that the music box meant nothing in the end.

At the cemetery, Nick and Sharon commemorate the anniversary of Cassie's death. Nick says things are different this year because they've found their way back to each other. Sharon hopes Cassie knows that. Victor appears with flowers. Nick doesn't want him there, but he pays his respects anyway. Nick says he exploited Cassie's memory. Victor recalls her memorial service before leaving. Nick credits Sharon for being nice to Victor. Sharon talks about how Mariah gave them a glimpse of what Cassie might have been like grown up. Nick sneers that Cassie was nothing like her. Suddenly Sharon has a flash of a time when memories of Cassie got her through. She says whatever happened last year, Nick was a part of it. Sharon remembers him talking to Cassie about whether he was Summer's father. He tells her weeks later the paternity tests showed Summer was Jack's father. Sharon is puzzled - she thought she knew Jack was Summer's father before the test results came out. Sharon says Victor brought the perfect flowers - forget me nots.

Victor arrives at Chelsea's penthouse. She's not happy about what he did to Sharon. Victor reminds her he protected Adam. Chelsea asks about the secret and how far Victor is willing to go. Victor asks how far she would go to protect Connor. Chelsea tells Victor about Chloe going away. She mentions she and Billy have become friends. Victor's displeased. "He's a loser." He complains about Billy being irresponsible and partly to blame for Delia's death. He says he's glad Victoria's over him. Chelsea looks awkward.

At Victoria's house, she thanks Stitch for bringing food. She says she wants to call Billy and tell him - it won't be easy, but it's fair. Stitch offers to help in any way he can. He says he's more nervous than her because he knows the baby could bring her and Billy back together - it's not what he wants. They agree it's getting hard to stay away from each other. She undoes her blouse so he can massage her shoulders. Billy arrives and knocks. Stitch answers the door. Billy notices her buttoning her blouse and snarks that they could use some privacy. Victoria says there's something she has to tell him. Billy says that's why he's there. Stitch says he'll leave when Billy dials it down. Billy hollers that she must want to tell him she and Stitch want to be together. Billy starts insulting Stitch. He shoves Stitch. Victoria tells him to leave now and not to come again without calling first. Stitch worries about what will happen when she tells him she's pregnant. Victoria decides she'll wait for the paternity test - she'll keep Chelsea quiet.

At Newman, Cane and Victor discuss the possible penalties Victor may face related to Bonaventure. Victor says whoever masterminded this will lose everything. Cane leaves without saying anything about Colin.

Billy returns to Chelsea's penthouse and says he talked to Victoria. She tells him it will be okay. "Depending on how things go, when she has her baby..." Billy stares. "What baby?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon tells Hilary he thinks she wants him just as much as he wants her.

Victoria rants to Ben that she'll do whatever it takes to keep Chelsea from telling Billy she's pregnant.

Billy says to Chelsea, "Spit it out. Is Vikki pregnant?"

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