Y&R Recap: Come Back To Us.

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Chloe says goodbye to her loved ones, Jill frees Colin, and Billy presses Chelsea about Victoria.

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Victoria arrives at Chelsea's penthouse to argue about her threatening to tell Billy she's pregnant. Chelsea wants Victoria to come clean. Victoria says she's trying to protect him - the paternity test is weeks away. There's a knock - it's Billy, who is surprised to see Vikki there. He worries something is wrong with Johnny. Vikki reassures him. Billy asks what it is then - he knows something is going on. Vikki says it's just Victor alienating the family. Chelsea says she and Billy need to go. Vikki leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch asks Abby how her mother is, and Abby complains about him pursuing Victoria and making Billy look like a sucker. She warns Stitch she's always watching. Stitch asks about Tyler. She says he's great - it's not like he has some dark criminal past. Stitch looks confused. On the patio, Michael and Lauren discuss Kevin and Chloe, who will be undergoing treatment in a facility in California.

At the Chancellor Estate, Jill asks Cane over the phone not to report Colin missing. Esther appears as Jill is yelling at Katherine's portrait. She says she called someone to take care of the rat in the attic. They bicker briefly until Jill apologizes - it's a tough day for Esther because of Chloe. Esther cries that all she does these days is say goodbye. Jill pats her. After, Jill visits Colin in the attic and they negotiate the terms of his release. He hums the tune from the music box and alludes to having found the sheet music. "So clever of Katherine..." Jill asks, "It's in the music?" Colin talks about the fortune and how Katherine wanted her to be happy. Jill reminds him he tricked his way into this money. He won't show her the goodies until she frees him. Once downstairs, Colin rejoices in the sunshine. Jill tells him he smells and asks for the information. She grabs the sheet music and it's a blank page. The exterminator arrives. Jill hollers that she wants the rat to suffer. Jill throws things at Colin and Katherine's necklace falls from the chandelier.

At home, Kevin cuddles Chloe on the bed. She tells him she needs to go get better. Kevin says he loves her. She asks him to make love to her. He says he's missed her so much and they start kissing.

Abby encounters Summer kissing Austin in the park. She asks his name and he says it's Austin Travers. He leaves and Summer insists she really feels she knows him. They get talking and Summer senses that Tyler hid something from Abby. Abby changes the topic back to Austin. Summer says they spent the night talking and he's Avery's cameraman. Abby warns he he could still be a freak. Austin reappears with coffee.

Kevin, Esther, Chloe, Michael, and Lauren meet at the police station, where arrangements have been made for her transfer to the facility. Chelsea arrives. Chelsea tells Chloe she's the best friend she ever had and that will continue. They hug. Chloe cries that she wants to get strong and be someone they can all count on. Billy brings Connor in. Chloe holds him and tearfully talks to him. He can see her because of Delia. Chloe takes a moment with Billy to tell him that what happened to Delia wasn't his fault - he was an amazing father. Billy says they'll never forget her, but her loss can't be the biggest part of her memory. Chloe tells him to look after Chelsea and Connor. They leave. Chloe says a private goodbye to Kevin, who urges her to go to Fairview. She needs to be away from Delia's favorite places. Kevin cries that she needs to come back to them. Chloe says goodbye to Lauren and Michael and leaves with Esther for the airport. Chloe waits at the elevator for Esther to pull the car around and looks at Billy's sperm sample in her purse.

Stitch brings takeout to Victoria's house. She thanks him for leaving early in the morning before Johnny got up. He assures her the father/son dynamic is sacrosanct to him. They talk about the pregnancy. Victoria says Chelsea knows and threatened to tell Billy. Stitch supports Victoria, but suggests she tell him so no one else beats her to it. Victoria says Billy will react differently than him. Stitch tells her he's not the guy in the white hat. He says Billy will blame her if he finds out some other way.

Adam watches on video as Chelsea and Billy return to the penthouse and she tells Billy how great he is with Connor. Billy chuckles. "This is weird." Chelsea agrees, it's weird that they're friends. Adam snaps his pencil in half. Downstairs, Chelsea thinks Billy would like another baby. He complains that Victoria is shutting him out and probably wants a divorce. Chelsea sighs. She tells him there's something he needs to know.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria, who is doing up her shirt buttons while Stitch looks on, tells Billy she's glad he stopped by. Billy muses, "It looks like you guys could use a little privacy."

Sharon tells Nick, "I remember it like it was yesterday. You were wondering if you were really Summer's father."

Jill hollers at Colin, "Look what you did!" The police knock at the door and want to come in.

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