Y&R Recap: What Are You Smoking?

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Summer learns Jack is sleeping with Kelly, Ian makes the rounds, and Victor and Dylan plot.

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At Crimson Lights, Dylan, in uniform, kisses Avery and tells her he marched in the Memorial Day parade. Avery thinks he should be proud of the demons he faced. Dylan thinks he has a few more to face. Talk turns to Avery's appearance on "The Talk." It turns out Dylan hasn't seen it yet, but plans a 'premiere' that night. Austin arrives and grills Avery about the cameras on "The Talk" set.

At the Abbott house, Kelly and Jack kiss and cuddle after sex. She wishes they'd done this sooner. Jack thinks they have lost time to make up for. They kiss. Later, they've worked up an appetite, so Jack decides to go down to get them some life-saving sustenance. Downstairs, Summer comes in just as Kelly appears on the landing and hollers to Jack, "Do you have any crepes?" Jack apologizes. Summer says Dylan is airing Avery's "The Talk" appearance and she thought he'd want to be there. She goes. Kelly and Jack agree they've lost their appetites. Jack tells Kelly he's flying to London tonight. She calls him out for taking off right after they make love for the first time. Jack sets her straight. She apologizes. They kiss and start undressing. Later, he asks her to come to London, and doesn't understand when she declines. Kelly thinks they should take things slowly.

At the Club, Noah and Nikki talk about him living with Courtney. She clucks, "You two are being careful?" Noah chuckles and reassures her. They talk about her living there. Noah thinks she'll go back to Grandpa - she always does. They agree Sharon didn't deserve what Victor did to her. Noah thinks if Nikki can't get through to him, no one can.

At the station, Ian tells Detective Harding that he can't spot his mugger in the books. Later, Noah arrives in time to see Courtney wrangling with a perp. He agrees to wait for her so they can go home and play cops and robbers. Before they go, Harding tells Courtney to leave the detective work to the detectives. Noah sticks up for her, but Courtney says he's a jerk - it doesn't matter.

Ian enters Victor's office and asks if he's surprised to see him. Victor smirks - he wouldn't step foot in the building without him knowing. Ian tells him he reported his attack to the authorities, but he kept his name out of it. Victor chuckles. Ian suggests that Victor's indebted to him now. Victor invites him to head back to the police station. Ian clucks about what the stress would do to Nikki and asks, "Truce?" Victor wonders what he's smoking. Ian says his attitude is a pity - he has information vitally important to his family. Victor warns, "Be careful." When Ian refuses to leave, Victor calls him a sociopath. Ian says what he knows is worth its weight in gold. Victor tells him to go find a buyer and kicks him out. Victor calls Dylan to check in. Nikki arrives complaining about Ian being attacked and how Victor and Dylan can't control themselves. He grumps that Paul Williams can't do his job so he has to. Nikki leaves crying.

At the coffee house, Dylan tells Victor by phone that he hasn't heard from Willa yet. Avery is surprised to hear he was talking to Victor Newman. Summer arrives. She, Austin, Avery, and Dylan watch her talks show appearance. Summer says Phyllis would be proud. Ian creeps up behind them. He agitates and Avery tells him he needs to go. He goes on about how wonderful she was on TV. Dylan accuses him of being the cyber-stalker. Ian is saddened. Summer says he's evil and leaves. Austin follows. Dylan tells Ian they're closed - private party. Ian says he'll be back, they're making progress. After, Avery questions Dylan about Ian's face. Nikki arrives and Dylan says he has an errand to run. Nikki and Avery rehash the Ian problem. They wonder if Victor and Dylan are up to something. On the patio, Summer tells Austin about Ian and his cult and opens up about Jack and Kelly. Austin ends up kissing her and they leave together.

Noah and Courtney make out at home. He's still upset about the way Harding treated her. She assures him she can take care of herself. They kiss on the bed. She grabs her handcuffs...

At Newman, Victor and Dylan compare notes on Ian's visits. They're fed up with him mind games and Victor tells Dylan he'll offer a big payoff to Willa if that's what it takes to find out his secret. Victor hands over cash and they shake hands.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Colin rejoices to be out of the attic.

Chloe asks Kevin to make love to her.

Billy finds Victoria and Chelsea's and asks what's going on.

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