Y&R Recap: Human Wrecking Ball.

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Lily plots against Hilary, Jack and Kelly go to the next level, and Chelsea is upset with Victoria.

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Jack and Kelly take seats in the movie theater and are surprised when the action/romance movie starts with shooting and violence. They grimace and then leave.

At the Club, Neil says his family is going to have to accept they are a couple. He is puzzled about Devon's reaction, since he thought they were friends. Hilary doesn't get it either. At a table, Lily tells Devon she bets one million dollars would get rid of Hilary. Devon disagrees and wants to change the subject. Lily says there is no other subject. She doesn't believe Hilary has changed. Devon reminds Lily he offered her money before - it didn't work. Devon takes a call from Esmerelda in Belize - she thinks it's the perfect place for a wedding. Devon dumps her. Nearby, Neil and Lily argue about Hilary. Jack and Kelly appear. Lily complains her father is dating a human wrecking ball - his assistant. Neil and Jack step aside to discuss the situation. Jack supports Neil. Meanwhile, Kelly tells Lily she and Jack are dating. Lily thinks Kelly can influence Jack to get Neil to come to his senses. Kelly doesn't want to get involved. Jack rejoins them. Lily pleads with Jack to get Neil out of this before he's devastated. Jack isn't so worried. Upstairs, Neil tells Hilary that Jack had no objections but he acted formal and reserved. Hilary admits she kissed Jack once. Neil appreciates her honesty. They talk about her having to live with Lily and Devon. Neil asks her to move in with him - tonight. Downstairs at the bar, Devon tells Lily he broke up with Esmerelda. They do shots. Lily grouses about Hilary. She appears and says she's moving out. Lily is thrilled and offers to ship her things. "Where to?" Neil enters with Hilary's suitcases. Lily and Devon exclaim. Neil tells them it's their own doing. "Have a good night." Lily tells Devon this is war. She wants him to seduce Hilary away from Neil and then dump her ass.

Billy arrives at Victoria's house. He tries to joke with her and offers to bring her bagels from New York, but she is totally preoccupied. She finally tells him to have a good trip. He takes the lucky tie he wore to marry her and goes.

Chelsea spots Stitch at Crimson Lights and asks him about Victoria. He says she seems awfully interested in them - he thinks it's because of the child involved. She asks what child he means. He says Johnny, of course. Stitch talks about his son being gone - what he wouldn't give for another chance to be a father. Billy appears and asks if either of them have seen Victoria and noticed something off with her. Stitch takes a call from Vikki, who has cramps and is scared. He reassures her and says he'll be right there. Chelsea appears. "Is Victoria okay?" Stitch tells her and Billy that Victoria asked him to come by; she's not feeling well. Stitch goes, and Billy notices Chelsea's intensity. He asks if she knows something she's not telling him. Chelsea says she was just trying to help. Billy muses that he's suspicious of Stitch because there's nothing about him online. Chelsea laughs - she doesn't think he's shady. They talk about Chloe. Billy talks about Delia and how he and Victoria tried for another baby. Billy figures that Vikki wants to ask for a divorce and start over with Stitch. Billy leaves for New York and Chelsea thinks.

At Victoria's house, Stitch checks her over and thinks they should go to Memorial to be safe. He promises not to leave her side. Later, they return with the all-clear. Vikki's still worried about miscarrying. He offers to sleep on the couch. She accepts. He's grateful to be involved, even if the baby's not his. They kiss. When they come up for air, Victoria gets a call from Chelsea who has figured out she told Stitch about her pregnancy. She is outraged and threatens to tell Billy the truth when he gets back from his trip.

At the Abbott house, Jack kisses Kelly and tells her Billy's on a business trip. They kiss again and he takes her upstairs. They undress and kiss on the bed.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery admires Dylan in his uniform.

Summer asks Jack, "Is this a bad time?" Kelly appears, half-dressed and asks, "Hey Jack, do you have any crepes?"

Ian tells Victor he has some information that's vitally important to his family and to him.

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