Y&R Recap: Fired By Dinner.

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Stitch confronts Victoria, a plan is enacted to help Chloe, and Jack romances Kelly.

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Victoria returns home and Billy says Johnny's with Hanna. They chat about Reed and she shows Billy a picture of him sliding into home. Billy says that's what being there felt like to him. He gets a call from Chelsea and assures her he'll be there soon. Victoria says it's none of her business what he's doing with Chelsea, and he leaves. Vikki notices missed calls from Ben.

At the Club, Jack overhears Stitch tell Kelly he wants her to be happy no matter what's happened between them. Stitch gets a phone message and leaves. Jack asks Kelly about her relationship with Stitch, who clearly upsets her. Kelly reassures him and then leaves to meet the condo manager. Jack phones the manager and hopes he can help him with something.

Chloe greets Kevin at the station. She has a note from the doctor saying she's been a good little mental patient. They discuss Gloria thinking Chloe is bringing him down. Chloe says that may change - and talks about how great her future is looking. Kevin is glad she's feeling stronger. She goes and Kevin gets a call from Chelsea asking him to come over right away.

Lauren is with Chelsea at the penthouse. They discuss being committed to their plan regarding Chloe. Later, Kevin arrives to find Esther, Lauren, and Michael there. They talk about saving Chloe. Kevin assumes they want to put her in Fairview and hollers, "No!" Esther agrees, and arguing ensues. Michael and Lauren get Esther on board, but Kevin protests that Chloe is looking to the future finally. Billy arrives and says Chloe's idea of the future consists of making another Delia with him. Chelsea confirms it's true. Kevin recalls the aphrodisiac and agrees to go along with their plan.

At the hospital, Chloe tells a nurse that she and her husband will be doing artificial insemination. The nurse agrees to explain the procedure to her in layman's terms. Chloe gets a call from Chelsea asking her to come over.

Summer encounters Austin at Avery's apartment and they introduce themselves. Summer tells him Avery is her aunt and her mother's in a coma. Avery arrives and apologizes for being late. Summer wants to talk about Jack. Avery shoos Austin away. Summer tells Avery that Jack's dating a woman. Avery listens and says it was brave of her to give her blessing. Summer agrees to stay and Avery tells Austin she's the new production assistant. Austin is on his phone and shows Avery something she won't like. It's another post from her creepy follower, ForMJ.

At Victoria's house, Stitch questions her about her nausea and symptoms. Vikki doesn't understand. Stitch tells her he knows she's pregnant. She's upset that he looked in her file. "I could have you fired by dinner." Stitch asks if the baby is his. Vikki admits she doesn't know - it could be Billy's. She explains about her infertility and how she got her miracle, but starts crying. Stitch holds her. She doesn't have any answers. He says he's there, whatever she needs. She asks him to keep quiet. He agrees. Vikki sniffs that it's a huge mess. Stitch reminds her it's still her miracle. He offers to be there for her in any way she needs. They embrace.

Kelly arrives at her new condo to find a white rose taped on the door. She enters and a romantic picnic is set up on the floor. Jack appears. They chat about themselves as he pours wine. Kelly reveals that her father died when she was in college - it was shocking. She says having Sam made everything better. Jack muses, "And then you lost him." Jack responds sensitively and they kiss. She tells him she's happy.

At the penthouse, Michael gives those gathered a pep talk, and Billy whispers with Chelsea about Victoria. Chelsea urges him to give her time. Chloe steps out of the elevator and hears them all talking about the intervention and how her therapist signed off on it through the door. Chelsea says if they don't do it, who knows what Chloe will do next.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery tells Austin her relationship with Dylan comes first and if the producers don't like that they can find a new host.

At Crimson Lights, Ian tells Dylan he won't be retried in Madison or anywhere else and will be free to enjoy the coffee in this fine establishment. Dylan smashes the glass sugar holders onto the floor.

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